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  1. Cheers man, that’s all I wanted to know. That’s all it took to get that info in the auld noggin
  2. The manager has to make sure it’s the right player for the required positions. Maybe I’m old fashioned. But hey I’m in the subset of Rovers fans that deserves ridicule eh??
  3. Did I say they’ve signed anyone, they have a manager making “inroads” like any manager I suppose. Our manager might be gathering information on new players or identify players for Dundee. If we have others within the club identifying potential signings what’s the point in having a manager?
  4. The longer we wait, out of contract players will slip through our fingers. What a time to be a Rovers fan. I see the Pars are making inroads for new signings whilst we have to sit quietly and wait on Murray.
  5. There’s a subset of Rovers fans asking questions and giving opinions on the possible replacement of a manager or players and the usual suspects jump in with smart arsed comments thinking they know more than everyone else, when they know Jack shit. Their patter seems to be better and more news worthy than anybody else’s. Nae body like Rovers fans eh!!
  6. Dundee United look to be down. That’s Ross County beating St Johnstone.
  7. He does take his time evaluating what’s best for the club. He won’t get that at Dundee, it wasn’t a criticism.
  8. If Murray goes, and I hope he doesn’t. I want him to finish the job. Do you think Berra is ready for management. A young hungry go getter at the helm is what’s needed. Murray is a nice guy. But he’s a slow worker. If he goes to Dundee he’ll have to drastically change his work ethos.
  9. Jack Ross imagine being turned down for the job to hire Gary F Locke I think the words Ross would say is F and Off!!
  10. There’s hope in that then. Is Rhys McCabe been tied down for this season. Asking for a friend
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