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  1. That’s one hell of an inferiority complex you have, not once have I read, or heard anyone disparage Alloa or Arbroath for being diddies. We are well aware of our most recent past in that when it’s good it’s good, when it’s bad it’s bloody horrible.
  2. I’ll ask the question again, since Raith Rovers cheated their way to the title, in your opinion. Should we have stepped aside for Failkirk.
  3. Good game of football, it was inevitable really, after Tuesdays exploits we could’ve been a bit stiff. The first half was brilliant. But the players looked a little jaded. But well played Rovers. Took a team doing well in the Premiership to extra time. I still love the glamour of the cup. Good luck Livi. Onwards and upwards Rovers
  4. We were fantastic last night, I finished at 9pm last night and didn’t look at the result. Tbh, I couldn’t take my eyes off the action. I can’t believe we produced such a dominant performance. I was ecstatic to see Lewis Vaughan back on the score sheet. Wonder if Gullan could be persuaded to sign on next season. You can tell Regan Hendry is away at the end of the season. Loads of teams will be vying for his signature. What a difference in Bene. Musonda really is bringing out the best in him.
  5. Brian Graham should be the next target, the interview alone tells you he wants to be at Stark’s. Or is that just me 🤣
  6. I’d take Graham back in a heartbeat. Zanatta is definitely a step backwards imo. But we’ve got to trust McGlynn, he must see something most of us don’t.
  7. I don’t think you’ll have much to worry about. We haven’t been at the races when it comes to goals. We had to rely on a defender to score on Saturday
  8. I think you’d be pretty safe with that comment. If dissenting voices like mine said it, I’d get the vitriol of fake outrage pointed at me. This lot are pretty choosy with their hate figures.
  9. Timmy falls on his arse too much, but he does have pace to confuse defenders
  10. I predict a devastating defeat now, that clown Davo has to go at the end of the season. Sick to death of the needless challenges.
  11. We should be winning this, but we always freeze against ICT
  12. Nah, not having this. Queen of the South played a 16 year old school kid in goals and informed us we would run riot and we failed to get a shot on target. They proceeded to rocket up the league. ^^^^^absolutely this
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