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  1. Let it be known that’s it’s not just me saying it. Maybe you and the rest of the fan base are happy to wait it out. But I and some others are a little worried that’s all. Opinions matter. Ok mines are a little outlandish, but who cares
  2. It’s the impression a lot of people have. The quietus is deafening
  3. Like you say, we’ve released at least 10 players and replaced hardly anyone. The worry is that we’re really slow to replenish the problems in defence. Brody Paterson seems to have dropped off the radar. He would’ve been a great signing. Especially to compete with Dick at Left Back, that’s not hard if I’m honest. People I know are a little worried that we haven’t pinpointed players to replace those that left the club. The loan market should be key for a club like ours especially bigger clubs sending out their young up and coming talent.
  4. Let’s see how calm you are when Murray doesn’t address the issues we need sorting out. Get back to me when I’m proven wrong
  5. Don’t worry yourself, I merely have a childish sense of humour. Nothing wrong with mixing shit up. I think your a wee bit too serious sometimes.
  6. He really isn't... I’m certain I read that he was signed to Queens
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