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  1. Since being furloughed, I’ve been trawling through some of our Scotland games from days gone by. When you see some of the names of players we produced, wow. The King, Jinky, Harvey, wee billy bremner, Souness etal. Makes you proud. Sorry if this offends. When you compare and contrast with what we have today. How far this country has regressed is beyond depressing
  2. Your idea was brilliant, the top 4 teams go up. Airdrie and East Fife definitely deserve to be there. It’ll be disappointing if it was just 2 clubs going up as I feel EF and Airdrie has a sporting chance at the title.
  3. Can you just imagine a 2 club town in the leagues. What’s the support like with Kirkcaldy & Dysart. Do they still play at Denfield?
  4. If we had this team right now we’d be an established Premiership club
  5. That’s what I’m saying. The clubs directly below by a few points would be aggrieved. If I’m honest I wouldn’t blame Airdrie and East Fife to take it to court. Up till now it was all to play for.
  6. I’d go 2 up and no relegation. Unfortunately the clubs directly below Us and Falkirk will feel aggrieved about that decision as they are merely a few points behind. It’s a sticky wicket if you ask me. League reconstruction might be a solution. Make the leagues bigger and invite lowland, highland and the junior’s into the league and make that the new 3rd division. Just an idea.
  7. Have to admit Bayview Park was a great old ground. Aye and Central Park is a shit tip
  8. MacCallam is probably one of the best keepers in the league. Coupe has scored twice against us that I know of. McGlynn loves signing players that do us damage
  9. Well if you remember or not, we took a keeper from lowly Forfar called Scott Y Thomson, and we also signed a youngster called Craig Brewster from the same team. Some teams like ourselves in the past had good players in them and were still relegated.
  10. Just watched the highlights, and yea I know it’s not a good insight of how the game was played. But even as I watched it we looked half arsed. The amount of wasted chances was evident. A good win though. Munro didn’t have that much to do and when called into action he served us well. If and that’s a big IF we do go up we seriously have to have a look at Jamie MaCallum and Connor Coupe from Forfar.
  11. Starks used to have a great pitch. Yea it was slanted. But the drainage was the best at the time.
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