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  1. ^^^^this. Unfortunately they keep hiring shite managers. Craig Leven was awful, then they doubled down and hired Stendel. By that time the rot set in. There was no way that team were turning around their fortunes. That’s why they’re here and blaming everyone else.
  2. I admire your honesty, and most of the Hearts fans have been gracious. It’s just a wee GiRUY that’s all.
  3. Not offended, just annoyed at the arrogance from Georgie way. The just turn up and win shtick gets on my goat.
  4. But your team chose not to capitalise on our tiredness. Says more about your team and management decisions than our performance. We got everything right. Hearts didnt
  5. Enjoy it brother. The Hearts fan at work is getting it tight tomorrow yaaas.
  6. How can he blame the ref for time wasting when we got 9+ minutes of ET, the man is an arsehole, shite managers go to is blame the ref for every loss.
  7. We haven't had a game since our truly awful performance against qots on the 29th of December. Half a squad have been isolating for 10 days. There's having faith then there's being delusional. 1 point from our next two games would be good, unlikely as it may be.
  8. Maybe have a wee bit faith, Hearts barely scraped a win against Alloa at Tynecastle a few weeks back
  9. Don’t disrupt the defeatist narrative. Luckily I trust John McGlynn and the team we have. Ok we might get beat. I don’t think we’ll get pumped.
  10. Yup, the Capital looks amazing from a distance too. The Grassmarket is my Mecca. Bannermans literally calls to me
  11. Wonder if there’s any cash left to bring in an experienced CB. Davo, Bene and Mendy give me the fear Eta, any news on JMac
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