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  1. Or that utter fud still thinks we cheated Failkirk out of the title.
  2. Because your hilarious attempts to wind up Rovers fans about the hugeness🤣🤣 of your club really is irrelevant, just like your club in a Raith Rovers Thread
  3. Think you need to read what Raith1974 said. You’ll get the full picture. I just forgot to multi quote
  4. Just waiting for a defensive Pump Fake and we’re all set.
  5. I’m looking forward to seeing our new signings. John McGlynn has the magic touch when it comes to players with a bit of bad luck. Welcome to the Rovers.
  6. Ethan Ross would be an excellent signing, I’m sure the likes of Killie and Partick will have an eye on him too. If Killie and Thistle fans are watching or reading these threads. Fernandy Mendy is available too😉
  7. Sorry I thought Spencer was part time. My mistake if he wasn’t.
  8. I still don’t see why we went back to a full time model. After that amazing season just gone. Our part time players looked just as awesome as the full timers. We were really lucky we had the best PT players in the league.
  9. I’ve watched that Rovers masterclass against the Pars about 5 times. Not that obsessed 🤣🤣
  10. Of course they would. Their fan base is huge too. They just keep hiring absolute shite to manage them
  11. Welcome aboard Liam (if it’s true). A cracking player, and one I’m looking forward to seeing next season (if we’re allowed back into Starks)
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