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  1. Don’t you worry about Murray, his level of ambition is a freshly laid turd. Ayr deserved it. Christ we struggled against a bunch of villagers last week Lumme!!!!
  2. BINGOOOOO. Apparently it’s different in transitional periods, silly me!!!!
  3. Words are so offensive. Press ignore if you don’t like it. Just some folk are fed up with the crap we as fans have to endure, because some fans call it a transition. I’m calling BS.
  4. Everyone wants a striker, players aren’t falling over themselves to sign for us.
  5. Hey it’s a transitional season. Defeat isn’t important at this stage
  6. Brown has done well for us imo. I concur. It’s just everyone in front of him
  7. At least you’re taking it well. Murray isn’t the answer. He’s learned f**k all since his time at St Mirren. League 1 is where he should’ve stayed. I miss McGlynn, yup I’ve said it.
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