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  1. We now have the siege mentality now. Protect Ross Munro at all costs. Fucking love this team
  2. We muck things up good and proper. Got an absolute pasting by utter shite like Queen of the South at home and the return match was played at a canter. Massive gulf between League 1 and the Championship without a doubt.
  3. TxRover sitting with his tactics board in his basement haha.
  4. Wish I had a gif from Montypython right now. God be praised Aberdeen didn’t shite it against Sevco
  5. Clyde 2 - 1 Forfar Dumbarton 1 - 0 Montrose Least Fife 0 - 3 Falkirk Peterhead 1 - 1 Stranraer Rovers 0 - 1 Airdrieonians
  6. Dunno, I started the thread and a moderator has locked it down.
  7. This’ll be a cracker. Two grand old clubs, also clubs of a similar size. I’ve always loved these games. I’m so happy Airdrie are back as the Airdrieonians
  8. All credit to Airdrie, what an incredible run of form and deservedly top of the league. This game however is a must win. If we have any kind of designs on winning this league. These games have to be won. We’re in shite form, but somehow getting points. Hopefully we’ll see some of our injured players coming back. Miller and Hendry, but caution on the latter.
  9. Hopefully we’ll be passing you with a Raith win in your relegation play off finals. One can only dream
  10. Tx your wasting your life in the States, have you ever thought about football management lol. It’s like your writing on a tactics board at the NFL. Just waiting for phrases like doing the Hail Mary and play it to the wide receiver. No offence btw. Your an enjoyable read
  11. I was super reluctant to start this, with the mounting injuries and McGlynn’s tactics in question. What are your thoughts on this. Montrose seem to be on a great run. We seem to be winding down every single time the clocks go back. I was in attendance for the Peterhead game and last nights game. My opinion is we’re utter dugshite. Hopefully things improve on Saturday.
  12. I remember when Thomson saved that, I thought the ref was going to blow for the penalty to be retaken as he was way off his line. I think Thomo thought that too when he looked back as he ran. Greatest day of my life
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