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  1. You’d think the pars were heading for extinction the way they’re going on. Bloody hell. Get a Grip
  2. It’s good to see the Pars taking the tropes of Falkirk fans. “We’ll get beat” “the rovers will easily pump us”. And inevitably win.
  3. We were totally on the ropes at the end. Thank god the ref blew the whistle. McGlynn loves giving teams a sporting chance
  4. I had a this is gonna be another Hamilton scenario. Why do we love gifting goals at Home.
  5. It’s a quality album. I’m going through a wee Mastodon phase at the mo. But Celtic Frost are in my top ten of favourite bands.
  6. Especially when McGlynn spouted the we want to be here twice next season and Ibrox. Dear god. The way the club are going we’ll be lucky to stay out of the relegation spots
  7. Every club is looking for that mate. Gullan knows the club, knows how McGlynn operates and knows the players. It’s a no brainer.
  8. You may have a point. But to let him go when injury’s happen, and they occur quite regularly at San Starko for some strange reason. If he does have a plan to replace him then he has to be experienced and not another kid
  9. Erm…. He signed Mendy. He was absolutely useless. Nice guy. But couldn’t kick his own arse
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