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  1. Has anyone any kind of knowledge of how training is progressing, and how these unknowns are adapting to the Scottish game?
  2. Same with me, I’m a bus driver and we can’t enforce the wearing of masks. Just advise.
  3. Depends where its coming from though. Another anelka type fiasco is best avoided regardless of the amount on offer. I was meaning the Penman family
  4. It’ll be foolish to turn away money, especially in such short supply.
  5. They’re both Rovers men at the end of the day. The club comes first, and why wouldn’t it. A proud and distinguished history of joy and pain.
  6. Just woke up to this news, a bit devastating to say the least. In the 27 months of tenure, he was certainly a force to be reckoned with. But alas it’s the Rovers way to bollocks things up. Hope it hasn’t anything to with Sim!
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