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  1. Hope Tucker promotes a few of under 20s into match squad for Cumbernauld. We’re finishing 2nd win, lose or draw so the game’s a free hit.
  2. Does anyone have the Glens line up? I asked when I got in ground and was told it would be posted up by clubhouse but when I walked round at half time it wasn’t there.
  3. Yes, Cumnock are essentially Talbot’s feeder club. Keep up the good work
  4. Feck, and I thought was a pessimist. As a leftie hypochondriac, depressed at the lamentable state of the world and the appalling misjudgments of Pilger et al, I’d come onto P and B for a momentary lift over the Bot making their fecking umpteenth final only to find the usual whining. Rob Roy are a decent side, and on very good form, and yet we beat them, despite having faced an unbelievably tough fixture schedule
  5. Only thing Cumnock won is the ‘We beat Talbot at Beechwood trophy’. I see normal service was resumed today as you lost to the Glens. Cumnock - consistently underachieving so far this century
  6. Kill them all by John Niven. Very good and very sick - humour doesn’t come much blacker. Not recommended for the easily offended or Wacko Jacko fans Also started reading John Sandford Lucas Davenport series. Very addictive and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it adapted for TV.
  7. Big win for us today. Troon were right up for it and the game was physical and competitive from the off. Not much in it but longer the game went the more it swung our way and got the impression Troon were happy to see it out for the draw. Our away form in the league is something else. That’s us won at Cumnock, Rob Roy, Blantyre, Bonnyton, Meadow, Kilbirnie, Beith, Rossvale, Clydebank, Rutherglen and Troon. Only points dropped on road that I remember were loss at Buffs and draw at Pollok
  8. One of my best days as a Bot fan, and to be fair, there’s been a few contenders over the decades. This was no smash and grab act - a fantastic double save from big Andy aside - Hamilton were as toothless as a nonagenarian and the Bot completely deserved it. Now I’m ensconced in Hamilton it makes the win all the sweeter. There’s probably as many people live in Fairhill as in Auchinleck and Catrine would be swallowed by Earnock - Meikle or Muckle. As a working from home recluse I’m going to have to use Christmas shopping as an excuse to parade the Talbot top around town
  9. The Jesus and Mary Chain’s long delayed Darklands tour. Was worth the wait - brilliant rendition of my favourite album followed by a 2nd set of rarely played album tracks
  10. It’s noticeable that with the exception of the comfy win over Glenafton and the 2nd half against Hurlford, we’ve been better away from home than at Beechwood. Talbot have a large support by non-league standards but it’s quite a sedate, sweetie rustling type of support. For various reasons the travelling support is just more boisterous and supportive. The only real noise today came from the wee band of Forth fans at the back of the stand but that was fuelled as much by tonic wine as club allegiance
  11. Does anyone have Darvel team from last night including subs? As for the game itself, as others have said I’m not too disappointed. Not happy - just not too disappointed. Our form’s been a wee bit patchy this season and unbeaten run had to end sometime. Won’t do us any harm having a run of cup games away from the league.
  12. Can't even beat the whipping boys of the league..... I know, Bonnyton need to have a word with themselves
  13. Beating Bonnyton isn’t for everyone. Anyway, it was away from THE FORTRESS so must be considered a good away point
  14. Henderson does a power of whining. You could wire him up to the National Grid. I’ve no idea what he was complaining about. I thought, if anything, the officials were very generous to Hurlford
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