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  1. Just finished The Mirror and the light. Mantel is a truly gifted writer and she really brings her version of Cromwell to life. She’s taken one of the most reviled figures in English history and created a plausible antihero. Over the course of the trilogy he is the true Man for all Seasons and not More, who is brought low by his inflexible religion. As I was reading it I found myself picturing Mark Rylance saying the lines. Hopefully the BBC will complete the Wolf Hall adaptation
  2. Not according to the match officials tho the small home support did enough girning on his behalf I’d give it him an assist for our second too. He went down in slow motion. He tried his best to punch a harmless cross into his own net too
  3. Whit’s the goalie daen- not just a user name but the central motif of tonight’s win
  4. Correct decision, despite the ill informed bumping of gums from some
  5. Stalingrad- Vasili Grossman Thoroughly enjoyed this, probably the best war novel I’ve read. Epic in scale, weighs in at nearly 900 pages but didn’t feel like a chore at all, apart from when lugging it about in bag. Next I want to read Life and Fate which continues the story
  6. Working in Kilmarnock at moment, well having a well earned coffee break, and looking outside it’s looking promising. Absolutely Baltic, but scarcely any snow lying to speak of. Is there any indication of when a decision will be made as to whether game’s going ahead?
  7. Struggling a bit for form at the moment though the dreadful weather conditions didn’t help. Nigh on impossible to play football in a nonstop gale. For all that we’re not hitting the heights just now, that’s 6 points gathered in last fortnight to keep pace with the Buffs. League is a two horse race & we’re sitting in very good position
  8. Very much doubt the game will be on. If the weather bods are right it’s meant to be snowing from tomorrow onwards
  9. Yes, think highlights are getting worked on and should be up tomorrow Goals and Andy’s save already up
  10. One of our poorer performances of the season but got job done in the end. Nearly paid the price for missing some sitters to kill game off. Looked like they were going to snatch late lead, I had it counted, but big Andy pulled off a wonder save and up popped Peewee with the winner
  11. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Whole film flew along at a cracking pace. Some great set pieces and delighted to see Ian McDiarmid back as Palpatine; hamming it up as the super villian
  12. Is anyone employed in Arbroath beyond smoking fish & importing heroin?
  13. Bravo. Fishermen’s Friends managed a draw against a team umpteen tiers below them. A commemorative medal beckons
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