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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Whole film flew along at a cracking pace. Some great set pieces and delighted to see Ian McDiarmid back as Palpatine; hamming it up as the super villian
  2. Is anyone employed in Arbroath beyond smoking fish & importing heroin?
  3. Bravo. Fishermen’s Friends managed a draw against a team umpteen tiers below them. A commemorative medal beckons
  4. Lanark keeper had a mare and I certainly thought the 2nd goal was down to timid keeping
  5. Was expecting a lot more from Kelty. That was as routine a win as the last time we scudded them in the Scottish Junior cup. Dundonald Bluebell gave us a much stiffer test
  6. That was surprisingly easy Kelty faffed about with aimless possession before pinging it long and our defence gave them nowt
  7. Good bit short of our best but 4th gear was more than enough. Camelon competed well but in all honesty I don’t remember Andy making a save
  8. Any thread to do with Talbot quickly degenerates into a free for all whine fest from the sad and embittered. Which is nice
  9. Really enjoyed that win today. Dundonald were a decent outfit and played some good stuff but a bitlike Largs in last year's final, they lacked it in the final third. The two crucial points in the game for me were the sitter Callum Smith passed up to makeit 2-1 and Talbot's well worked 3rd. Second it went to 3-0 it was as good as game over
  10. Clinical finishing today from us in 1st half. Once we went 3 up result was never in doubt but just in case a handy wee fluke made it 4 at half time. Understandably the 2nd half was a non event
  11. Mr Epstein. Here's a candygram from Donald
  12. The whole Irvine Celtic farrago sounds like the old Cumnock chant at Talbot. You only sing in the chapel. Cumnock speak for not fund raising for the UVF. Replaced now by a combination of Trappist silence and Burns must go chants
  13. I was trying to find out who scored their second goal but had no success. You tried asking them on Twitter? Several times and once on Facebook
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