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  1. Social media does tend to amplify the malcontents
  2. It’s noticeable that with the exception of the comfy win over Glenafton and the 2nd half against Hurlford, we’ve been better away from home than at Beechwood. Talbot have a large support by non-league standards but it’s quite a sedate, sweetie rustling type of support. For various reasons the travelling support is just more boisterous and supportive. The only real noise today came from the wee band of Forth fans at the back of the stand but that was fuelled as much by tonic wine as club allegiance
  3. Does anyone have Darvel team from last night including subs? As for the game itself, as others have said I’m not too disappointed. Not happy - just not too disappointed. Our form’s been a wee bit patchy this season and unbeaten run had to end sometime. Won’t do us any harm having a run of cup games away from the league.
  4. Can't even beat the whipping boys of the league..... I know, Bonnyton need to have a word with themselves
  5. Beating Bonnyton isn’t for everyone. Anyway, it was away from THE FORTRESS so must be considered a good away point
  6. Henderson does a power of whining. You could wire him up to the National Grid. I’ve no idea what he was complaining about. I thought, if anything, the officials were very generous to Hurlford
  7. Craziest game I’ve attended in long time. We looked dead & buried at 2 down only to go in level at the break. Pollok then regained lead only to get whittled down to 8 men. Last 20 mins was like a high tempo training exercise - defence v attack. Pollok withstood a lot of pressure late on & Longmuir had an outstanding game- pulling off a couple of outstanding saves. Happy with the point, which keeps us top, with a game in hand. Will be interesting to see highlights. TBF I couldn’t see what any of the penalties were given for and a few fans I spoke to at game & after were equally baffled, both Talbot and Lok fans
  8. Great 2nd half fight back from Talbot. Turning point was Faulds failing to score when clean through on Leishman. Should have put Medda two up but big Andy came out on top. Once we equalised Medda folded like a deckchair
  9. Yep, Cumnock are defensive giants. This is why you conceded 3 goals to a Talbot team who only turned up for the 2nd half
  10. Why would a bigger playing surface suit Cumnock? Your defence are basically traffic cones
  11. No idea, but the Bot support comfortably in the majority
  12. Going for the General Melchett line in blind optimism. Do continue
  13. By the by, an absolutely pitiful turnout from Mordor today. Even when they were two up and cruising it was so quiet from home end you could hear the sweeties getting opened. In terms of atmosphere and crowd, games v Bankies, Pollok and the Glens are bigger. Cumnock populace appear to have given up on the Nock
  14. Yep, it’s Cumnock’s nasterplan to be so shit they don’t have to worry about the dangers of promotion
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