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  1. Summer transfer speculation 2019

    Then you've never seen Shankland. Shankers is comfortably the best set piece specialist in the Junior grade.
  2. Talbot crumble

    I think Cumnock's squad is safe from the Talbot scouts
  3. Tonight Games

    5-0 Gordon Pope delivers again
  4. Tonight Games

    4-0 Ross Harvey Great way to seal title
  5. Tonight Games

    3-0 Talbot Jack McDowall
  6. Hi Can anyone from Cambuslang provide their starting 11 and subs from last night's game? Thanks Murray
  7. The normalisation of the far-right continues

    Shapiro's voice is right up there with the prostitute from The Man With Two Brains. Duke duke of oil
  8. Last Book You Read....

    Close your eyes- Michael Robotham. Crime novel set in south west England. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Characters were well drawn and sympathetic and a good whodunit. Read it by going through list of Gold Dagger winners/nominees. Glad I did as the book I'm currently reading, Force of Nature by Jane Harper was also on list and is an excellent read
  9. Yes and a definite yes again
  10. Talbot v Hurlford Sat 27th April.

    Couldn't make the game today but when I saw Robertson was red carded I just assumed it was for two dives.
  11. Talbot v Hurlford Sat 27th April.

    Going to Townhead and being spared the usual Nock defeat must count as a gala day
  12. Talbot v Hurlford Sat 27th April.

    But half full of what? I'll go for Tennents Suoer mixed with wood alcohol
  13. Natalie McGarry- Again

    The Sheridan technique
  14. Manager Moves

    He certainly is available but for what. A bit of media work to keep his hand in and in a few months he'll be ready for his next challenge; either a Scottish version of I'm a celebrity or ghe Cumnock job
  15. Tonight's Scores

    Frustrating night for Talbot. Should have had game won but couldn't get 2nd goal and Meadow took their only chance