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  1. Saints TV commentators Porteous gets an arm in the face = nothing in it Saints player gets an arm in the face = obvious elbow
  2. Tricolours everywhere. Big Porto loving it. Beautiful.
  3. “We came here, it is a big game for Motherwell, you could see at the end the way they were celebrating,” said Neilson What's this guy's obsession with teams celebrating/enjoying winning games of football?
  4. Beterbiev is unified at 175.
  5. And Makabu is a draw? It’s a clear cherry pick at an easy world title in another weight class. Can’t really blame him for it but that’s what it is. He could’ve fought Beterbiev to become unified at 175 but chose not to.
  6. Fair play to him for ducking Charlo and Benavidez and still convincing people he’s talking a tougher fight.
  7. Gary Birtles absolutely seething at every mistake someone makes here.
  8. Just like USD then? And no middleman on decentralized exchanges.
  9. ZkSync are supposedly doing an airdrop. Follow the steps here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZNU22J3G_4&t=170s No money needed, or a small amount if you do the extra transaction at the end which I did just in case.
  10. Yeah I meant gas, good shout. Might need to set up a few burners too.. ETA: supposedly only works on ETH mainnet
  11. Definitely worth getting mugged on the swap fee then.
  12. Any estimation of the value of the drop? The demand for this will be insane. Same with OpenSea if they do one.
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