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  1. No, but the post read as you had to get rid of McInnes regardless of who the next manager was, that anyone was preferable to him. Not sure why that's the case.
  2. Other fans told you to be careful what you wished for tbh. It was the Aberdeen fans saying McInnes was shite.
  3. not just shite,absolutely fucking shite Hiya pal. Get it up you.
  4. Paul McGinn held out for a win in Austria but Patterson comes in here?
  5. Booing their anthem Embarrassing.
  6. 8,000,000,000 people. 3,333 thugbirdz. You do the maths.
  7. So you guys are telling me I should sell my SOL monkey for $50k and my thugbird for $15k? Do you think I’m a charity?
  8. I hadn't used ETH for weeks until this morning when I tried to buy an NFT.. gas was over $100 at 9am. f**k that shit, back to SOL for me.
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