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  1. You see, the thing with GBP is you're basically just hoping someone will buy it off you for more than you paid for it before the music stops and it eventually crashes to zero. I just prefer to hold more stable assets like bitcoin I guess.
  2. The problem with GBP is its just a ponzi with infinite supply and no intrinsic value. Looks like the bubble is finally bursting.
  3. The McCrorie one is one of the most blatant penalties you'll see. He sees the ball coming then bats it away with an outstretched arm. Guess Goodwin didn't have a good view of it or something.
  4. Doesn’t hurt as much as getting pumped 3-1 amarite
  5. Having a couple of pints in the Harp and you know who just walked in? None other than todays match official David Dickinson. We made eye contact and I gave him a wink, he promptly returned the favour. Nothing sinister of course, just enjoying his Saturday evening in the local.
  6. I love seeing Hearts lose. It’s become my daily medicine, my weekly energy, my monthly inspiration and my yearly motivation. Them losing is the only reason I’m still alive. I was born to love and enjoy the failure that they have achieved.
  7. Gushing about group stage football all summer and can’t even sell out your first game
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