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  1. They're really trying to make this happen.
  2. Rangers have been absolutely robbed by the ref here. Embarrassing performance from Collum.
  3. It’s the blue blue blue sea of Ibrox, it’s the greatest sight that I have ever seen WATP [emoji636] [emoji636]
  4. That’s a disgrace should have just gone for McInnes if we’re going down the bland “reliable” route.
  5. Pretty funny that people see “crypto” as one thing and can’t differentiate between Bitcoin and something like Luna. BTC is down 57% from all time high which means it’s holding up better then Netflix, PayPal, Spotify and plenty other tech stocks which are getting hammered. Stood the test of time for 13 years, never been hacked, 99.99% uptime, controlled by nobody. BTC remains king [emoji41]
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