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  1. You do realise that’s the majority of their support.
  2. Talbot wouldn’t be appealing to the SFA unless they thought they had a case.
  3. The biggest achievement of the pyramid has been the improvement of facilities as clubs have had to spend on infrastructure to be licensed. If the issue is young players getting competitive game time then rather than colt teams entering the pyramid the SPFL clubs should loan players to Tier 5 and 6. This was what used to happen years ago and was part of player development. The standard in the leagues is much better than it was 30 or 40 years ago as shown by results in the Scottish Cup when Tier 6 teams face SPFL teams. There is also little difference in quality between players at Tier 5 and 6 and players released from SPFL youth systems. The player pyramid for youth development would be Tier5/6 then League 1/2. If players were thought to be able to play at a higher level they could be loaned to clubs above this level.
  4. Will Cumnock v Talbot game be on given Cumnock have an artificial surface.
  5. Mick Kennedy was a success at Colville Park as they had more resources than other amateur teams. He’s been a success at Darvel because he has had more resources than any other team in the leagues they have been in since he got involved. If he gets an opportunity at senior level it is unlikely that it will be at a club that has more resources than others in the league they are in. At that point we’ll find out if he is a good manager or simply a manager that has had more backing than others he is competing with. Bathgate are an example of a team that were backed by a wealthy individual, signed players from a higher level and paid higher wages than anyone else and we know how that ended when the money man walked away. IH8Rangers suggests that players at Darvel aren’t there because they are being paid better wages or signing on benefits than elsewhere. Rangers adopted this same model under David Murray so I wonder what his view was on that? I expect it is similar to fans of a lot of teams that compete with Darvel but the thing that makes the Darvel situation less palatable is the artificiality of it as they have a very small support and it isn’t growing despite their success. Darvel is a vanity project for Gall, Kennedy and some of the players. I don’t grudge the club their time in the limelight but some of the stuff over the last few weeks has been cringeworthy from staging the team talk for the cameras, Gall’s interviews etc. Gall may be a successful businessman and wealthy but he lacks class or humility. I’m glad he isn’t involved at Killie apart from as a sponsor. Michael Kennedy is involved with lots of companies from available information at Companies House.
  6. Fantastic result. I told Aberdeen fans on the train to Glasgow after Killie beat them that Darvel were a good team and that if Aberdeen went there with the wrong attitude an upset was on the cards. A few of the East Coast based Aberdeen fans talked about the Tranent result and suggested Aberdeen would beat them. I explained the level of player that Darvel had and that they had a better squad then Talbot who had caused cup upsets but they didn’t think they’d get beat or didn’t want to accept they might get beat. Aberdeen were terrible and have been for weeks but regardless Darvel deserved the victory which is remarkable given the gap between the teams.
  7. John Gall on TV saying crowd will be just over 3000. Capacity increased to 4,000 by doing works. I presume without doing the works the original capacity would have been cut to accommodate the TV equipment.
  8. Such a great view that Aberdeen have told their fans they might have a restricted view. The folk at the front will have a decent view. Not convinced about anyone beyond a couple of rows given the elevation and the fact that you have to look down onto the ground.
  9. Population of Darvel is closer to 3900 as of 2019 according to EAC Planning.
  10. If they are lodged with Companies House you can access them.
  11. Looks temporary rather than permanent. Don’t know what the capacity of the flat elevated area is but it could be a terrible view apart from the front 2 or 3 rows.
  12. Pictures of the ground on the Aberdeen website. Other end has temporary wooden terracing with barriers made that look like scaffolding.
  13. The area behind the goals at the banking has been levelled but has no grading so it is flat and not sloping. There is a safety fence before the slope down to the pitch. Darvel have created a flat elevated platform above the pitch at one end. It is 20 feet above the pitch according to comments made to the media by Gall. This must be why the tickets say that the view may be restricted as if someone stands in front of you it will be difficult to see the pitch as you have to look down. If fans were to take umbrellas in and put them up there is no way those behind them could see. BBC weather has no rain in the forecast.
  14. Darvel Legend how are Darvel set up? From comments on here they appear to have previously produced accounts or financial statements. The manager mentioned accounts being produced at a year end like any other business.
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