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  1. If they were in with a chance of winning the South Challenge Cup or the Junior Cup I’m sure they’d be promoting a different view on social media etc.
  2. They wanted back in the junior cup now hes saying its shite, what a slap in the face to the sjfa. Because Darvel have been knocked out suddenly they make comments about the competitions being small and over-rated. If that is the case why enter them? They entered the Junior Cup to try and win it. You can be assured that they wouldn’t be saying it was small or over rated if they got to the final. John Gall yet again illustrating that he’s a classless asshole.
  3. But it’s such a long way from Darvel to Auchinleck
  4. He’s not that loyal a Killie fan anymore. He’s now simply a sponsor like many others.
  5. Why are Darvel even commenting on the alleged racist slur? If the comment was ‘monkey’ and it was made at a black person there would be a case to answer but given that everyone in the Darvel game was white where is the slur? I don’t see what they are trying to gain apart from an attempt at shit stirring when there is no shit to stir.
  6. What is the point of investing all that money if you can’t generate a crowd? The players are hired hands so will take the money on offer as long as it is available but they must question the lack of fanbase. The manager must also wonder what the whole thing is about unless he is using it as a stepping stone to something else. Easier to manage a team with money to spend and hoovering up the best players from opposing teams. The manager is a failure given the money he has had to spend.
  7. 50 away fans for a Scottish Junior Cup tie against a team considered to be one of Darvel’s main rivals. Seriously what is the point of pumping all that money into a team that will never generate a crowd. You’ve got John Gall running about celebrating when he beats Talbot, a manager who thinks he’s Mourinho, players with teeth like Rylan and tats a plenty. What is the point of it all apart from a vehicle for egos and for players to be paid exorbitant wages. It would be different if they were building a fan base but if anything fans are turning away from the club. The sooner the circus comes to an end the better for all the other WOSFL clubs. On Saturday’s viewing the team is playing worse than last year despite all the money spent on it.
  8. I suspect that’s right and is why he has ended up putting money into Darvel.
  9. John Gall is a disgrace. Thank goodness he isn’t involved at Killie apart from as a sponsor as he would be likely to bring the club into disrepute. I’ve seen his behaviour at Killie games before and it’s cringeful at times.
  10. And for your owner Gall ( it's all about me and not Darvel) hence you are not a community club anymore to stand with a clicker counting the fans entering the ground to ensure Talbot were'nt ripping him off beggars believe. Odious individual.
  11. Yes. John Gall is an odious person. He seems to want to create controversy at every opportunity.
  12. Jordan Allan was out of control for the challenge on Wardrope and there was no booking. It was dangerous play. There was also a late tackle on Wilson where the ref didn’t even give a foul. Mackenzie was having a go at various Talbot players off the ball. Flat track bullies. Money doesn’t buy class and there is nothing admirable about Darvel as a club.
  13. Some of the stuff that the Darvel players get away with is mystifying. Mackenzie fouls all the time and leaves his foot and other parts of his body in challenges. Jordan Allan should have been booked for a swipe at a Talbot player before he got sent off. Referee had a shocking game and the linesman on the enclosure side was just as bad. They both missed lots of off the ball stuff that was going on.
  14. I’d like to see their accounts to see turnover, wages etc even though they’ll be 9 months behind.
  15. Is it a 2.30 KO on Sat? Talbot website has it as 2pm but SJFA website has it as 2.30.
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