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  1. What a plonker ... The only 'ridiculous statement' on display was made by you 'Yellow Cards don't matter' .... Edit > When did you start following City. When Sheik Mansour took over. Did you ever visit Maine Rd, don't think so ... You know it , I know it, you have jumped on the City bandwagon. In the same way similar muppets jumped on the Chelski bandwagon when Abramovich took over.
  2. Touchy, have I hit a nerve ... as I said IMO ... Yellow Cards don't matter ? ... they do when you have picked up as many as he has for a 'striker'. You have discussed this in more depth elsewhere .... are you his agent, boyfriend ... both ?
  3. My team is Rangers, but have followed City from the days of Asa Hartford .... Agreed he is a good player, who can score goals. Last night he cost City the tie, as Kiev didn't look that clever. City could/should have scored 3 or 4 goals if he stayed on the pitch. He has played 23 (5 as of those as a sub) games in all competitions this season, yes he has scored 10 goals, but has picked up 10 Yellow and now 2 Red cards. IMO, he is a liability who could cost City a decent position in the EPL this season.
  4. He must have still been thinking about the 'bibs' last night ... that was an absolute shocker. Man City should get rid of this clown ASAP
  5. Great result for Ireland, not only did they beat England, but managed two world records in the process. Also, what a great day for the O'Brien family, I watched the interview his mother and father gave from the stands in Bangalore, his brother is also in the squad Seemingly, England could poach Kevin O'Brien from Ireland ..... see here .... and the bookies are already in on the action.
  6. Sorry CH, hope I didn't cause any offence, I come from a long line of military men. Without going into the history books, my G-Grandad was a B&T, who was in Ireland as a law enforcer, to aid the RIC. He was trained in trench warfare, not policing. Ireland during that period was in turmoil, brothers fought brothers. My G-Grandfather worked and died alongside RIC colleagues, mainly Irish ...

  7. To clear up any misconceptions regarding my profile name. I have chosen the name out of respect for my G-Grandfather who served, with distinction, on the Western Front during WWI, with the 9th Scottish Division under the command of Sir Hugh Henry Tudor. After the division disbanded, he linked up with Tudor again, this time in Ireland, where he lost his life to a bullet fired from an unseen coward.

  8. That was an atrocious performance from Murray, but you need to give Baghdatis respect. When he is on his game he can play some great tennis. Hopefully, Murray's slump won't last too long. I see he has pulled out of Dubai, next week, with a wrist problem. Thankfully, he only has 45 points to defend. Next up is Indian Wells, all going well, where he got knocked out in the QF's last year, so has 180 points to defend. Then the ATP tour heads out to Miami where Andy managed to get beaten in straight sets in the 2nd Round, so fortunately he has only 10 points to defend. The dullard which is Robin Soderling got knocked-out in the semi's in both Indian Wells and Miami, so has 360 points to defend at each event. If Murray is on his game he should easily mange to regain the no. 4 spot again.
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