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  1. I'd give Griffiths a miss and concentrate on getting a fullback preferably on the right obviously.
  2. Yeah your probably right. It's more likely that tiredness and needing to be back in Dundee for 5ish will put me off.
  3. Anyone know how reliable this is? https://www.smidgeup.com/midge-forecast/ I can't see how it could be but I have been letting it be the decider for where I'm going after a bad few hours on Ben Lomond last year. It's most of the reason I've been putting off the glencoe munros until it gets colder. But I've got limited time on Saturday so I've narrowed my options to buachaille etive beag or nothing. Also I'm assuming it'll be busy and I have been taking a weekday off work most of the summer but I've ran out now so I'm just going to have to get used to the crowds.
  4. I did Ben More and Stob Binnein yesterday. I started at 6.45 and was surprised that there was already a few cars there and more not long behind me. I knew it's a popular one because the layby is always full on my way home, but I was surprised because it was a weekday and I've passed around that time at weekends and not seen any cars. I was prepared for the relentless steep climb and although I could have said differently at the time I think I prefer that to hours of walking towards the start. Thankfully the sun wasn't out until about 900m up because I really would have struggled with that start in the heat. The views were worth waiting on a decent day for. I’ve usually been doing less "rated" munros when it's going to be cloudy. After the first summit I was ok until midway up Stob Binnein then knackered again and really feeling the heat when I was out of the wind. The top of Stob Binnein had a cloud of midges moving around so I didn't stick around to watch a guy with his drone (he did ask if I minded him but I didn't). In the end I got back to the car in about 7.5 hours from the start. Being in the hot sun that long made the last few hours a slog. I'd gotten through 8 bottles of water and was glad I'd started taking that much after getting heatstroke a few months ago after feeling fine during the walk. I guessed it had been 20 degrees and sunny for the last 5 hours. The car said 25-27 degrees on the way home but I'm assuming it was slightly cooler on the hills.
  5. Always return to the trolley area. Reminds me of this entertaining YouTube channel. Amazing how wound up people get at being told basic manners.
  6. I'm too lazy to figure out how to post the Helen lovejoy think of the children gif but you get the jist.
  7. Shite scenes after the game with some motherwell fans successfully goading others into a fight. No police anywhere.
  8. The ticket situation appears to be more of a shambles now. If they had no intention of sticking to handing them out in order of season ticket purchase date why not just wait for councils decision on capacity?
  9. Cheers. Wasn't sure what the situation was but noticed my confirmation email said "Tickets will be delivered prior to the start of the season". Will give them a call nearer the first game.
  10. Did any of you buy your season ticket online? Has it been delivered yet? I'm wondering when I'll get mine but everyone I've spoken to bought in the shop and got it that day. I'll give it another week and then phone up.
  11. I think I heard that mashup episode but it must have been quite forgettable. I'm not into films but might give it a try.
  12. You would have passed when I was at my worst so I can't remember you or anyone else sticking out I was in grey shorts and long sleeve black t shirt. I'd put photos up but there the same as yours. Yeah I did notice that and I think a few other places looking packed. I'm hoping mid weeks and if I can get up early enough will make it better. One thing I forgot to mention is I'm going to pay more attention and save up munros that you can do a fair bit of on a bike for later. Walking an hour or two on a decent road or path is quite annoying when better informed people cycle past you.
  13. FWIW I thought I was going to get back into hillwalking after the above but I started university as well as working full time and a lot of other things so I only managed 3 munros in 2020. This was my first munro of 2021 yesterday too so I may have seen you. I managed it in about 5.5 hours so you probably passed me looking like I'd regretted going. I was at the top at around 11 and the views were much the same. When I got back to Dundee there was complete sunshine but if it had been like that during the walk I'd have struggled more. All I've learnt from yesterday is either hillwalking is a lot more popular since I was out more in 2019 or the munros I'm now doing further away from Dundee / the A9 are more popular. I had a mixture of feeling it's good to see people enjoying what we have access to in Scotland and why can't all these people stay away when I'm out so I can enjoy the feeling of isolation. I've now got about 8-10 mid week days for hillwaking this year so hopefully it's less busy then.
  14. This will be a very long post but might be helpful for someone in the same position as me. I've just read through all 35 pages of this thread. After working from home since Covid and now suddenly also not having a lot to do outside of work I've been listening to a lot of podcasts. I was out of ideas but now I've got a lot to go and try. Here are some suggestions from me: The Adam Buxton Podcast - Probably my favourite but is already covered a lot in this thread. I'm genuinely dissapointed when a run ends and we have to wait for more. But I realise it's probably better than him doing a weekly patreon based system that he wouldn't enjoy and may be lower quality. Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster - I don't know if I got into this from here but it's my second favourite for now. I think I started by picking the episodes of guests I liked but have now listened to all except one (I can't stand with Nish Kumar's laugh so he's been skipped). I wasn't really into either of them, based on clips from Mock the Week etc, but I'm now a big Acaster fan. Repertoire on Netflix is great and regularly rewatched but judging by his latest stand up I don't think he'll be doing anymore anytime soon which is unfortunate but probably best for him. Athletico Mince - Hilarious every so often and I now look out for everything Bob Mortimer is doing (Gone Fishing with Paul Whitehouse and he has a book out later this year). One of 3 podcasts I donate to on Patreon. Grounded with Louis Theroux - Big fan of his TV work and was good to see his more relaxed and funny side on Adam Buxton's podcast. This podcast feels a bit awkward or not in depth sometimes and in the Leah Remini I think there was so much he couldn't say to avoid getting into any trouble. I've listened to his autobiography so did hear some of his past problems with Scientology. Crime in Sports - Two american hosts, one full time but not well known comedian (now full time podcaster really) and the other part time comedian (and some sort of trade). They go through a different person every episode that have had some sort of career in sports and then they go in detail into all of the crimes they were involved with or commited. I was initially put off by not finding them particularly funny and it's maybe 90% american sports so I just listened to them doing a sport or person I'd heard of maybe every 15 or so episodes. There were a few footballers I'd heard of but can't be arsed looking them up to list now. For a while they tried to understand non American sports or cultures they weren't familiar with but now they just openly say we don't know and please find our ignorance charming. After a few I decided I was enjoying them enough to go back and listen to them all even if it's mostly basketball, american football and baseball which I have no interest in. They do occasionally go into tangents based on their personal lifes but I'm ok with that now too probably because they seem like genuine relatabale guys. It has been interesting listening to them achieving some success from it going from recording in their dodgy apartments and considering giving up, to hiring radio station studios, dealing with and falling out with podcast companies and now using their own studio in one of their houses. They now tour their podcast shows in comedy clubs. They say it's more crime than sports and I think they make an effort to make it that way to get more listeners but they sometimes get too invested in the sport which I'm used to now. Small Town Murder - The same hosts as above. After a while of doing Crime in Sports they announced they were trying this show and based on their comments and podcast tours it must be much more popular. Each episode they describe a particular murder in a small town (almost always in the USA). First they describe and generally slag the small town then cover the murder with some jokes around the circumstances but deliberately trying their best not to make fun of the victim or the victim's family. I do enjoy it but I have noticed I now can't listen to or watch any other true crime stuff because I'm wanting some jokes. The last two are the opposite to Adam Buxton in that they do maybe 4 hours of free podcasts a week (and another few for certain patreon levels) so I used to be slightly annoyed at there being so much to listen to and not being able to catch up. At the same time I'm inclined to support them for doing so much and presumably not being majorly succesful outside of podcasting. Part of the reason I've written so much about it is because I was sure I'd got the recommendation from this thread or P&B in general but I can't see it anywhere, so either it dissapeared if whoever wrote it got banned (if that happens?) or I got it somewhere else. Below are all hit and miss so only listen based on guest / subject: The Blindboy Podcast - I was probably led to this after seeing some of The Rubberbandits videos rather than whoever suggested it in this thread. It's essentially an Irish comedian/author/TV writer talking about whatever he wants for an hour or so. Usually about random topics he's been reading about online, or mental health or inteviewing someone. Stuff You Should Know - A 10 or 60 minute overview of a particular topic. The Big Interview of Graham Hunter - As has been said I'm generally weighing up how interested I am in the guest and how annoying his arselicking/enthusiasm can be. The Daily - NY Times news podcast. Griefcast - Cariad Lloyd talking about guests experience of grief. Obviously not very cheery so depends on who's on and what mood your in. The Terrace. My Dad Wrote a Porno. Desert Island Discs. The Horne Section. TED talks etc.
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