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  1. I quite like it but that's usually my stance with all of them because I'm not that bothered and the same goes for what badge we're using. Does anyone know if it's just the hamilton game that's discounted or is it all 4 of the remaining home fixtures? I think it's only the Hamilton game so far but I thought I read a comment somewhere unreliable saying it's all 4.
  2. The season ticket prices are a joke again. After having one for as long as I can remember it'll be a second year in a row of picking and choosing games again for me.
  3. Bowyer seems to be quite good at getting a decent balanced squad. Then very bad at using them properly.
  4. Just utter utter shite. Surely can't wait until 78 minutes to make changes this time.
  5. Looked like it came back off his hand, but we don't deserve any better.
  6. Are the ppv mics so bad it's unlistenable or is it just me? I've not used this since the covid shutdown when it was free with a season ticket.
  7. Mulligan playing out wide is infuriating. Playing Marshall is also disappointing but more understandable if Fisher can't play. We're still struggling against a very poor side and not putting the game to bed. As per usual they will take one of the half chances we still gift teams.
  8. Mulligan to lose it and get sent off would be the icing on the cake.
  9. I feel like we're getting a lot of unwarranted decisions. Hopefully the ref focuses on giving them some cards but please don't give us any penalties.
  10. Why is he still putting mulligan out wide? Just bring on Robinson ffs.
  11. I might be wrong but I think it's just set pieces we're bad at defending...so it could be worse.
  12. Robinson not starting is annoying. Other than that the rest of the team is what I'd go with.
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