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  1. Might hold off or leave getting a season ticket for the first time in about a decade. The prices are a joke and I feel more than ever that the fans are being taken for granted regardless of how badly the club is run. Also with so much else going on the last few years I've not been getting to enough games to justify it anyway.
  2. I hope they get Jack Ross but I suspect it'll be another shambles like gavin Strachan.
  3. Cheers. I'm going for as short and as genuine as possible whilst still getting all the standard stuff mentioned.
  4. My wedding is now in less than two weeks. My involvement so far has been sorting the cake and getting told where I have to be and at what time. Luckily Dundee are straight down so I don't need to worry about missing any playoffs. I was hoping for more inspiration for my groom's speech from this and the best man thread but I have nothing so far.
  5. I don't know the guy and have never physically been to the shop but I get deliveries from them and the foods been great. I only know of them because they deliver gluten free meals across scotland on set days so I order when their coming to Dundee. I think they're really popular for this because it's hard to find a reliable gluten free Chinese. Hopefully I'm not supporting a complete arsehole.
  6. Why is our pitch so bad? I know it's not the most important thing but I was great for years.
  7. I'd say it was a lack of patience from fans that we weren't doing well. This led to infighting and jealousy about whoever happened to be one of the suits in the club. Then there was a general turn towards thinking it was acceptable to let someone takeover if they were willing to throw money at it. That's what I remember from the time but I might be wrong. I don't think we'll go fan owned again or at least not until the owner gets bored and leaves again.
  8. I'm the same. Mcpake was taking us down so I don't mind a gamble if it's short term. Regardless of how well Nelms back his managers it would be hard to attract someone decent in our position after the transfer window has closed and your stuck with shite players. None of that takes away from the absolute shambles this all is and how bad nelms is at this.
  9. I'll be giving him a chance based on he surely won't be worse than mcpake (?). Absolute shambles though and another one to add to Nelms' list.
  10. One of the luckiest halfs I've seen as a dundee fan. I'm enjoying the rarity of it before it runs out.
  11. I didn't know Ryan conroy still played.
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