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  1. I was with Kello rovers and Muirkirk between the ages of 16/19 then played for Kirkconnel amateurs for 2/3 winning most things down in the Dumfries league, I also helped a lot of teams out when I could, I worked constant nights and had to give it up for a wee while, recently I was playing Sunday football with Kello Holm just to get my fitness back, but the travelling was a killer
  2. Anybody got a contact number for them
  3. Having been out of football for a year I'm looking for a team to either train with or sign and play, recently moved to newmilns, any help would be great
  4. Hull city the wankers , had Sheffield Wednesday, Bournemouth, hearts and St mirren
  5. In the wonderful world of new cumnock there a young boy called mccoist ferguson, dad's a scag head and a complete moon trumpet
  6. Backed St Johnstone tonight at 9/5 as a single, must be due a win
  7. My good friends band Up In Smoke are starting to become big, Look for High on sound cloud, not my scene but that's a cracking tune
  8. Not exactly myself but i will always remember my dad going to a gig and The Mouldy Peaches were headlining and The Strokes were on before them
  9. Been past 3 years and its an amazing place to go, no bother at it and everybody is more than helpfull, really didnt like the cash bands
  10. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/auchinlecktalbot/news/talbot-unveil-new-away-strip-1450597.html Tried to post the new Talbot away top but failed massively
  11. Not seen a thread for this yet, After reading the new football kit thread on misc other football was hoping people could post there teams new kit or that of others.
  12. Andreas kopke Cafu/Desailly/maldini/Carlos Poborsky/Zidane/Youri Djorkaeff/Ronaldinho Trezegeut/Fat Ronaldo Took me at least and hour to think who was class back when I started to get right into football. Could have many more. I always loved Jardel. Scored goals for fun. Euro 96 is my earliest memory of watching football. There were some amazing players back then
  13. There must have been some amount of rain last night
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