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  1. There is no chance the B teams won't be involved next season with Park now sponsoring the league
  2. Exactly the same stereotype and stats can be applied to the SNP. Only 30% of the electorate voted for SNP at the last election
  3. Blackford and his supporters harassed Kennedy in Parliament, in his office, his home and by email, phone calls and letter. Horrible behaviour but unsurprising from Scottish Nationalists.
  4. Think if we see Rangers and Celtic finishing in the top 2 places there'll be a lot of pressure to promote them and expand league 2. Which actually might not be a bad thing if it opens up more promotion and relegation places.
  5. Superb result that puts Rangers in prime position at the half way point of the season
  6. Who could potentially get promoted to the Highland league this year regarding licensing
  7. Classic Sevconian behaviour. Well played. In Wee Nippy we trust.
  8. Positive performance and great to see Alex Lowry back playing and scoring goals.
  9. True, it is now sevco Vs st Patrick's sports academy
  10. League 2 should be expanded to 18 teams with 3 tier 5 leagues, LL East, LL West and Highland feeding into it. All with automatic promotion from each plus a playoff between the 2nd places and 15th in League Two. Easy! Haha
  11. What this all about then? Not sure if this means more promotion places to league 2 and don't know where the colts would fit it. Has anyone seen the proposal?
  12. That is absolutely appalling from the HL.
  13. An excellent result and performance in the end as Rangers B move to the top of the table
  14. Well it would be in the interests of sporting integrity if the winner of the league was to enter the play off position
  15. Yes, I have heard similar. It was always likely to be the outcome after the teams entered the LL.
  16. League 2 is to be expanded to 18 next season with a further 4 sides each from LL & HL so it is likely that Rangers B and Celtic B if they are in the top 4 will go up.
  17. I'm sure they'll catch up mate. Theyre playing in Europe
  18. Other than Fort William is anyone close to getting a licence?
  19. Rangers B complete the wee cousins double
  20. Congratulations to Clarke for the most recent result. He's a complete rollercoaster of a manager. And the last two summers have been horrific but everytime he is under pressure he comes up with a big result. And round and round we go. At least mctominay is back in midfield and he's changed away from that awful formation
  21. Not sure who else could really step in but with Robertson injured it's time to ditch this 541 and start playing players in the correct positions. Gordon. Patterson Hanley McKenna Tierney. Mcginn mctominay McGregor Armstrong Adams Fraser
  22. It is absolutely impossible to judge the ability of McGregor until he finds some ambition and moves south. He has regularly underperformed in Europe also. Mctominay is playing well at a far higher level. But the great tactician Steve Clarke will play him at centre half. Baffling
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