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  1. I can't believe st patricks academy would mess it up so much that Sevco would win the league
  2. I think Sevco will just have enough to edge out St Patrick's sports academy this time around but it will be close. Another 2-1 I think. Morelos x2
  3. Will the season start without anyone knowing whether the winner will get promoted to the Highland league
  4. Absolutely appalling performance. What happens to these Premiership stars when they pull on a Scotland shirt
  5. Bye bye Steve Clarke. If this continues this will be the worst result in the scottish national teams footballing history
  6. I can't understand this really. I would have thought in recent times, Edinburgh City would have been the main tennants of Meadowbank stadium, nothing else was happening there on the same scale. The Edin Council has effectively chucked them out. Disgraceful
  7. Sorry if I've missed this but what is happening with Meadowbank? Are edin City still homeless?
  8. Any further forward with NCL becoming Tier 6?
  9. Have the Jacobites got their freeeedumb yet from that West monster?
  10. Well done to hearts and Partick. Time to drain the swamp
  11. Imagine celebrating 9 in a row because Neil Doncaster couldn't check his junk folder on time.
  12. Ah so it wasnt the moment your team changed its mind, after submitting a vote into a junk folder, through pressure/bribery. Ending a season when 42 out the 47 European leagues will be back playing.
  13. I would have thought that initially but it is quite a lot of money on offer, some might go for it
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