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  1. Watching rangers B team outplaying hearts 1st team in the last 30 minutes was something special. Have to think that these guys all playing together every week in the Lowland League has made a big difference. All comfortable with how each other play.
  2. Congratulations bonnyrigg rose.
  3. You have just ignored all my factual points and just expressed your opinion.
  4. What success??? Increased attendance, increased exposure, increased sponsorship. For Rangers, Lowry, King and McCann developing by playing regular competitive football and now playing in the first team. A few have broken through from Celtic as well. Many playing in Scotland under 21s/18s and doing well
  5. 100% spot on. The more B teams that build on the success of the Old firm B teams the better.
  6. Scotland doesn't need a strong Rangers. Sell out Saturday
  7. I think it will be even better with hearts and Hibs involved next season. Some great central belt derbies
  8. Great result, hopefully bonnyrigg go up
  9. A positive end to a successful campaign for Rangers B. Hopefully next year we can go one step better.
  10. Surely the Highland League will accept them. If not the North caledonian league
  11. Looks like the under 20 rule has gone now as well. It will help the youth players to play alongside some senior pros
  12. Hopefully the league will be increased to 20, and Rangers, Celtic, Hearts and Hibs have colts in them. Will be great for sponsers
  13. I'm as much a friend of Dutch coaches as Marten is a Dutch man
  14. Would be good for the Highland league as well if Dundee, Dundee United and Aberdeen add their B teams into the league. Will add some prestige.
  15. I am friends with a few Dutch youth coaches and they are very strong supporters of B teams and they said they have an excellent batch of players coming through right now. Scotland is such a backward place sometimes.
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