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  1. Really looking forward to this Old Firm final. It will be close and might go to extra time but I think Sevco will just have enough to defeat St. Patricks Academy. That Columbian Internationalist is more likely to score than the French Youth player so I think that will edge it.
  2. Another good result for Rangers in Europe. A draw was probably a fair result although our defending for their 2nd was incredibly poor
  3. There's zero evidence of that. As I said I'm a bit doubtful myself but if the Juniors don't want to be part of a West feeder then what clubs then fill the void? So there is a bit of logic on that basis
  4. Well who knows but I would imagine the likes of Glasgow Uni and Strathclyde Uni would want to be involved in a West feeder league however that materialises.
  5. Take this with a pinch of salt but was chatting to someone heavily involved with Rangers youths and apparently Rangers and Celtic are currently in the process of canvassing support to set up a West of Scotland League at tier 6 for their colts to play in. Been talking with some Junior sides and Caledonian Amateur League teams.
  6. Agreed there should be at the very least 2 automatic relegation places from the LL.
  7. I've really enjoyed supporting sevco recently. Do I have to now go back to Rangers with Naismith and Whittaker?
  8. I feel bad for the real Celtic fans who have been caught up in this mess by the actions of the militant, pro IRA supporters group called the Green Brigade. I thought Lawell banned them?
  9. Are people forgetting that the SNP lost 400,000 votes between the last two elections? If that isn't a collapse I don't know what is. Nobody has any idea what so ever how this election will turn out. The old traditional boundaries and community loyalty is gone. Anything could happen
  10. There'll be no losers in this game. We can all just bask in our Presbyterian superiority
  11. When was the last PWG meeting? There doesn't seem to be any real progress for over a year. It can't be that difficult to set up a West of Scotland league. If the Juniors don't want to move en masse then set up a WofS league and asked for applications. Guaranteed some Juniors will apply and the rest can be filled by other amatuer leagues, like the Caledonian with teams like Glasgow and Strathclyde uni https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caledonian_Amateur_Football_League
  12. I'm glad we got that Kilmarnock manager in to restore some pride back to the national side. Better than that Rangers scumbag, traitor Alex McLeish. Who knows where we would be if he was still in charge.
  13. What a performance and result from Rangers. Did Scotland proud
  14. Sorry if this has been mentioned before but has there been any movement on the stadium? I notice meadowbank is due to finish in Autumn 2020. Is the plan still to move back there?
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