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  1. Well done to hearts and Partick. Time to drain the swamp
  2. Imagine celebrating 9 in a row because Neil Doncaster couldn't check his junk folder on time.
  3. Ah so it wasnt the moment your team changed its mind, after submitting a vote into a junk folder, through pressure/bribery. Ending a season when 42 out the 47 European leagues will be back playing.
  4. I would have thought that initially but it is quite a lot of money on offer, some might go for it
  5. It's back!!!! And this time it might actually go through. To be honest, as a Rangers fan I'm not even too sure about it. Let the rage commence https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/52941423?__twitter_impression=true
  6. Do you think this has been handled well?
  7. Are you happy with the behaviour of Neil Doncaster and the SPFL board over the last month? There has now been 9 clubs to publicly criticise them but you make this about the big bad Rangers again!
  8. Inverness now confirming that bullying did take place by spfl board members and was reported. I don't see how Doncaster survives this
  9. Have you actually read Rangers points? Is this how you want Scotland's governing body to behave? How anyone can be happy with how the whole Dundee vote was handled is beyond me. That is just one of the many appalling actions the spfl have taken recently
  10. Opinions like this is one of the reasons we're in this position. Every point that Rangers made has been proven to be accurate and has been corroborated by other clubs. But people just revert back to Sevcoing.
  11. That's laughable nonsense. Rangers raise legitimate issues with the SPFL = bad, other clubs do it = well that's fine then
  12. Have you read it? There's a whole series of events that the Spfl have acted appalling in. People are so blinded by their hatred of Rangers that they will discount anything that comes from them even when it's staring you in the face! Why did the spfl write to uefa saying that the majority of Scottish clubs wanted to end the season before any vote had occurred? And that's before we consider the whole dundee debacle. You should listen to Sportsound tonight. I'm surprised that any football fan wouldn't want an independent investigation. What have the spfl got to lose if they have done nothing wrong?
  13. Hilarious that all the St. Patrick's Academy fans now think Neil Doncaster is the great, competent leader. I thought the SFA were all Orange, Proddie, masons? A lot of people on this thread are going to end up with egg on their face when this is released tomorrow
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