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  1. Playing really well at the moment. I was originally thinking the euros has come a bit too early for him but now I think he should be brought in. Offers so much more than O'donnell.
  2. Whatever brave John Kennedy wants should happen. What a fighter this guy is
  3. Goal for Dykes! He's really on some decent domestic form. Last 5-6 games
  4. Great club, in the playoffs position. Loads of Scots down here follow them
  5. Goal for Dykes!! Thought the big man struggled a bit in the most recent qualifiers but seems to be doing better for QPR now
  6. Does anyone know if we're playing any friendlies before the euros?
  7. This is great news. Delighted that folk realise that travelling 2-3hrs, 14 times a year is doable... The more dundee/angus clubs in the Highland league, the less travelling for said clubs
  8. Last time I checked Tierney and Robertson were playing in the Prem. If you think our level is drawing with Israel then you may as well give up. I bet you're one of those tartan army footsoldiers who applauded the side when we lost 3-0 to Morocco
  9. We have a team full of premiership players who are playing well for their individual sides. Of course we're massively underperforming. Using world ranking as a way to justify your point just shows how bad scotland have performed over the years. I'm not happy with defeat. Too many people have a defeatist attitude when it comes to Scotland. This side could be so much more.
  10. The nations league tournament has meant that we have played more games against a lower standard of opposition than what any Scottish manager has gone through before. We are massively underperforming. This campaign is effectively over already.
  11. Steve Clarke's record is P18, W7, D5, L6. That is nowhere near good enough considering the quality of player now in the squad and also the standard of teams we've played. This campaign is over after 2 games. Austria and Denmark will beat Israel home and away
  12. Hope so Good team that. We should be winning this game fairly comfortably. If we're ever going to progress as a side wins against Israel should be a given
  13. Does Armstrong not play wide right for Southampton? Could be an option ahead of O'donnell and palmer
  14. Think it may be time to give gilmour a go
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