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  1. Other than Fort William is anyone close to getting a licence?
  2. Rangers B complete the wee cousins double
  3. Congratulations to Clarke for the most recent result. He's a complete rollercoaster of a manager. And the last two summers have been horrific but everytime he is under pressure he comes up with a big result. And round and round we go. At least mctominay is back in midfield and he's changed away from that awful formation
  4. Not sure who else could really step in but with Robertson injured it's time to ditch this 541 and start playing players in the correct positions. Gordon. Patterson Hanley McKenna Tierney. Mcginn mctominay McGregor Armstrong Adams Fraser
  5. It is absolutely impossible to judge the ability of McGregor until he finds some ambition and moves south. He has regularly underperformed in Europe also. Mctominay is playing well at a far higher level. But the great tactician Steve Clarke will play him at centre half. Baffling
  6. Playing really well at the moment. Clarke really needs to play him at centre mid. Mctominay/Gilmour/mcginn.
  7. Not so sure. I can see League 2 being expanded to 16/18 teams and if a colts side is at the top they'll go up
  8. Deservedly top of the league. Well done the youth
  9. Old firm postponed. Very last minute this
  10. Rangers once again restoring pride to Scotland. Thanks for all the kind words and support. Scotland loves us.
  11. League 2 should be expanded to 16 teams. With then 2 automatic relegation places and a play off for third bottom. Automatic promotion for winners of LL and HL and a play off between 2nd places who then play 3rd bottom of League 2
  12. Sorry I don't think Chelsea were playing
  13. Sorry don't understand this
  14. Another step to the title. Looking like Dalbeattie will get relegated
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