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  1. The depths people descend to defend Steve clarke is hilarious. Has he had one good win since becoming manager?
  2. Seen absolutely zero gloating. Just anger at another under performing side. Rangers and Celtic fans don't put up with this. The Tartan army love a defeat for some reason.
  3. Is your argument genuinely, could you do better than Steve clarke? Hahahaha. Are you in a playground?
  4. Haha, the defeatist attitude from the Tartan army is one of the reasons we're in this position. As Souness said today, expect mediocrity you will achieve mediocrity.
  5. It is ridiculous that people think that having 2 home games in a major tournament against 2 beatable sides isn't a massive advantage. I find baffling how many accept poor performance, the wrong tactics, the wrong starting 11 from a manager who's record is genuinely appalling. Sack Steve clarke
  6. How often do you play 2 teams at home in a major tournament? Once in a 140 years?
  7. Could not have had it any easier in a major tournament. Two games at home and we concede 5 goals. Steve clarke needs to go. Embarassing
  8. Sack Steve clarke Alcoholic tramp. He is getting nowhere near the level of ability from this squad.
  9. Great fixtures This league will have so much interest in it this year
  10. Performance? I expect you mean "mistake"? Other than that his performance was absolutely fine. Sorry, other than being almost at the half way line to concede the goal that knocked us out the tournament he was perfectly fine
  11. David Marshall is a complete embarassment. Should never play for Scotland again after that performance
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