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  1. Club Licencing

    Broxburn accepted. Well Done guys
  2. Musselburgh Athletic F.C 2018/19

    Man of the Match...Casey Jones. Anyone who can even attempt to describe the 'entertainment' witnessed on Saturday deserves that accolade. I was slightly disappointed with the change of style in the last 7 or 8 games from the last 25 years of being an attacking pass and running team to what we have now which can politely be described as...long ball but difficult to argue with the results even against very limited teams. Massive surprise to see so many leaving before the end but their loss. Still a chance for the league, guaranteed promotion and with a favourable draw could win a cup. All to play for.
  3. Newtongrange Star

    Brycey man pictured turning his hand to linesmaning so he may decline Would be a great job for anyone to take on as there is an outstanding bunch of players there as you found out on your last visit. However as you equally would have noted last week an experienced manager or someone who knows something about football is also needed to give these players tictacs. Sorry tactics. - that rules me out. Although I do know never to give up and keep attacking teams - that's the difference between McLeish, Shand, Harvey etc and the rest. The only other thing I hope the Committee do is give whoever is appointed a year and a half or 2 and a half year contract. See clubs that give managers the job to the end of the season - does my tits in
  4. Goal Scorers EOS

    Brilliant thanks very much!
  5. Goal Scorers EOS

    Looking for help with missing goal scorers please. Clubs include: Bonnyton, Tynecastle, Eyemouth, Sauchie, Lothian Th, Hillfield Thanks in advance
  6. Newtongrange Star

    Wish whoever is running the place all the best. I have to applaud the current committee - not only for the hard work to keep the place afloat that has been going on for years but also the speed at which they have completed all the interviews in just 2 working days to appoint the best people to take the club forward on the pitch. What a effort. Rob, we were looking for you yesterday, you may have been in Tweedmouth or we couldn't see you. Hope all is well
  7. Newtongrange Star

  8. Musselburgh Athletic F.C 2018/19

    Casey, there ain't many people out there better than McGlynn. The lad that is there the now is a good player in his time and from the sessions I've seen a good coach. But it is a Big step up to the managers job.
  9. Musselburgh Athletic F.C 2018/19

    Surely would be madness not to phone McGlynn up and have him in place tomorrow. He took the club forward playing some fantastic football, league, cup wins and a Scottish Junior Cup final. Experienced - knowledge - contacts. That's needed now. Dont worry though if he does come back i wont be following him...... unless the wages are good!
  10. Newtongrange Star

    Just a stand off by the looks of it from the outside looking in One party doesn't realize how much work the other party has done to get to where they are now. The other party are a wee bit unsure where the other party want to go from here. Naybody talking. Every day that passes is another wasted. No parties.
  11. Newtongrange Star

    Merry Christmas - nearly a month old.
  12. Goal Scorers EOS

    Anyone have the Sauchie and Tynecastle goal scorers from Saturday please
  13. Alex Jack Cup 2018-19

    Anyone help with Sauchies goal scorers please
  14. Goal Scorers EOS

    Thats the plan also hoping to do apps as well - just waiting on the clearance
  15. Goal Scorers EOS

    272 goals scored so far. 130 at home 142 away Top scorers with 7 goals: Kieran Anderson, Graeme Young and Kayne Paterson. We are looking for Tynecastle x3 scorers from Wednesday please