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  1. Musselburgh Athletic F.C 2018/19

    Casey, there ain't many people out there better than McGlynn. The lad that is there the now is a good player in his time and from the sessions I've seen a good coach. But it is a Big step up to the managers job.
  2. Musselburgh Athletic F.C 2018/19

    Surely would be madness not to phone McGlynn up and have him in place tomorrow. He took the club forward playing some fantastic football, league, cup wins and a Scottish Junior Cup final. Experienced - knowledge - contacts. That's needed now. Dont worry though if he does come back i wont be following him...... unless the wages are good!
  3. Newtongrange Star

    Just a stand off by the looks of it from the outside looking in One party doesn't realize how much work the other party has done to get to where they are now. The other party are a wee bit unsure where the other party want to go from here. Naybody talking. Every day that passes is another wasted. No parties.
  4. Newtongrange Star

    Merry Christmas - nearly a month old.
  5. Goal Scorers EOS

    Anyone have the Sauchie and Tynecastle goal scorers from Saturday please
  6. Alex Jack Cup 2018-19

    Anyone help with Sauchies goal scorers please
  7. Goal Scorers EOS

    Thats the plan also hoping to do apps as well - just waiting on the clearance
  8. Goal Scorers EOS

    272 goals scored so far. 130 at home 142 away Top scorers with 7 goals: Kieran Anderson, Graeme Young and Kayne Paterson. We are looking for Tynecastle x3 scorers from Wednesday please
  9. Goal Scorers EOS

    If my sums are right that's 172 goals in the 1st @EastScotlandFA week! Looking for: Tynecastles 3 scorerss Arniston Oakley Leith Ath Preston All from last night's games. Kayne Paterson of Tranent leads the charts with 7 goals.
  10. Goal Scorers EOS

    I will get it confirmed Thanks for those who helped week 1
  11. Goal Scorers EOS

    Week 1 Looking for: Tranent x6 Hawick x1 Lothian Th x2 Eyemouth x1 Dunipace x3 Tynecastle x1
  12. Goal Scorers EOS

    As always the plan is to keep a list of all the goal scorers to aid Programme and website guys. Help would be most welcome.
  13. EoS Conference A chat 2018-19

    SOME junior clubs have seen 25% reduction in crowds/gate money from last season in this group despite all of them improving on the park from the previous season. Supporters want Local games and proper organisation - these 8 clubs have listened and acted. Expect Initial improvement in crowds if clubs communicate and promote themselves
  14. Fife and Lothians Cup Final

    I was at the Irvine game think 4th round Talbot 4th round Some reason I thought Bonnyrigg was a 5th round! And despite them trying to forget it Linlithgow definately got the furthest of any. You are right though more level than I made out/thought. Maybe there is a record of Scottish games won by junior teams out there to clear up. Which only exaggerates the West Bias in the SJC