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  1. Looking for attendance info if anyone can help all from Saturday South Challenge cup - edit i have irvine vics, Muirkirk and hurlford
  2. Issues with The South Challenge Cup. 28/90 attendances missing. This is clearly not good enough. I dont want to let David down. Anyone with any help for the missing games would be great. Edit: Thanks Casey Jones picking up Irvine Vics (50) Muirkirk was 70 Kind Regards Ryan
  3. Literally got it a few minutes after I left. Thanks Casey
  4. Normal performance in that on another day Tranent should have been out of sight by half time. The games I have seen Tranent in Broxburn (a) Blackburn (h) Musselburgh (h) Camelon (a) Nitten (a) Whitehill (h) Dunbar (a) All of them Tranent have created double figures of chances (treble in the Musselburgh game) and should have won easily. That said every one of those games poor finishing / good goalkeeping has let the other team back into the game. Blackburn & Broxburn had chances, Whitehill & Musselburgh were only 1-0 in the last 15 mins and let's be honest here Dunbar should have won the game with Swain making a worldy save when everyone in the ground thought it was going in. I expect someone to get a right battering when they do take all the chances. Was good to see the hard work the supporters have done at NCP with the area looking great. Shame about the traffic warden stopping cars parking on the grass. Think he will only be happy once the rugby club move into the football ground.
  5. Just waiting on Thornton, Musselburgh and Uni of Stirling will post on Thursday moving it to every 2 weeks as not in the office as much
  6. Updated: @OfficialSLFL & @EastScotlandFA League and Cup top goal scorers chart to 30/9/21 With 2,322 goals scored in the 559 matches covered.
  7. For those wanting the league attendance tables. All updated to 1/10/21 (Lowland to 30/9/21) Feel free to use in Programmes or websites.
  8. Attendances complete for September. Overall 452/452 games in the East of Scotland Premier, Division 1 A, B & X, The Scottish Cup, The King Cup, The Alex Jack Cup, The East of Scotland Qualifying Cup and The South Challenge Cup Overall 87/107 games in the Lowland League. Hugely disappointing and far from the 100% set out at the start of the season. Totals 539/559. Here are the attendances by league and month. Lowland 1st. EOS Prem, then EOS Division 1 A B and X. All the Above cup matches, then the totals.
  9. The reasons given were even worse. There is no superior inner knowledge, I would have thought a look at the comments on your Facebook after the event made that clear. If you genuinely would be happy being sacked from your own work the way your club went about it with Geoff then fair enough. Others would have been going down a unfair dismissal route Nothing against any of the management team I wished them well. They may need it. You wouldn't know the way your lot are celebrating being 15 points off the pace with 1/3 of the season gone. Maybe our objectives were too much in my short time there.
  10. Should also add another match from the previous week Dunbar v Camelon will be looked at on Monday. Both 545 and for yesterdays 409 will stand and will clarify asap
  11. Sounded a great crowd, we had Derek Hall and Tom Thornton covering for radio. The cheers for every home penalty were certainly loud.
  12. Will look into it mate, I message all the clubs and leave it for them to confirm. I will chat on Monday (when they have sobered up) will hold the 409 in and edit if/when required
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