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  1. Work commencing in June acording to the hierarchy at the club
  2. So the stats say for the 28th Musselburgh 4 Dunbar 1 and Tranent 4 Camelon 1 Although the top one maybe 2-2 as well
  3. I disagree, can't see major movement at either end of the table
  4. It won't be nip and tuck. Dunbar will not be relegated.
  5. ' Give the new boss a chance to build' Bradley 2 league losses in 6 - Sacked New boss 3 league losses in 4 and in the cups - hammered by Falkirk, hammered by Camelon, beaten by Whitehill who dominated. 9 points in the 1st week of the season. 6 points from then till mid December. No impact from the new manager who was a baffling appointment at the time. Signing a name rather than someone who knows the league and the history. The only thing that might save Linlithgow is the number of home league games left to play. No doubt the name Linlithgow and the venue will scare a few visiting teams which should give the required points for SAFETY. But for many teams the fear factor of playing Linlithgow has gone. Teams setting up to win the games rather than contain. If I was a supporter I would be worried.
  6. Still Can't get my head round this. Absolutely devastating
  7. Can't believe your no used any of the stats. Musselburgh at home last 44 games - won 37! - Unbeaten in 8 league games v Camelon. - Musselburgh have went 13 months at home without failing to score. - Despite the Shan form have won 6 of their last 7 home games. Be Positive. 3 points
  8. Now I have had to come back to agree with you! 😄
  9. I think maybe I answered that point there. I was questioning if the team maybe were missing a bit of motivation for the run of the mill league games. Not any one individual.
  10. What I was trying to say is we shouldn't be classing teams that are similar to us as bigger teams otherwise based on your post above that doesn't leave many teams who we are better than and means that we should expect to lose every game - I am not sure a team that was in the Super League for 7 odd years reaching 2 Scottish Junior Cup finals twice in the last 10 years should be classing themselves as not bigger than teams like those listed above. You yourself rightfully mention attendances as well - way ahead there as well. I am not sure what you mean at the start about MK i am maybe reading it wrong or missed something. Anyway Huge LEAGUE game next week. I would put Camelon in the same boat as Hill of Beath (established big club) but can't see them winning the league. There for they are there for the beating
  11. Brian 1st of all what a excellent ballanced post. I tend to forget we are on the same side! I do worry about a few things but certainly not the captain's motivation and i wish him well on that milestone as I did the last. Things I worry about: 1) if we are classing Hill of Beath and Jeanfield as 'better teams' then we have issues. These teams are mid table at best - In that they can't produce it every week. For example Dunbar have beat both of them and we should be looking at 3 or 4 points a season from teams around us. 2) I look at the paper this morning. I see the headline 'use home advantage' burgh boss urges. Brian our next game is away at Sauchie? That brings me back to the 1 game at a time point I made earlier. There are quotes about 6 of the next 10 are at home and another mention about the Oakley game. I understand supporters get excited about cup finals - we have covered that earlier, but the next game is all we should be looking at. We have a good record against Sauchie, we are a bigger club than Sauchie, have better players than Sauchie but they need to go and show that. From one supporter to another have a quiet word. Sauchie Next. that's the next cup final. plenty of time left to get a high league finish but those games run out fast. Enjoy the game. Might see there
  12. With the greatest of respect, last season the games against Hill of Beath has no bearing on anything as there was no problem with either relegation or indeed top 5 finish in the league. The examples of Jeanfield in 16/17, Newtongrange 16/17 and Boness this season are more relevant due to the league position. Casey, let me throw this at you. I was standing with someone at Boness in the league game a few weeks ago and he said this Musselburgh either: 1) Are underestimated by the so called 'bigger' teams who maybe think they are a soft touch 2) When playing the 'smaller' teams - the opposition up their game 3) Have difficulty getting up for games against the smaller teams, especially in the league and their game is more suited to bigger teams who attack them leaving spaces on the break for their counter attack style. I have only seen them 5 or 6 times this season and don't think it's point 1 or 2. I tend to think the point passthebaw made about team selection stands up but I have to say any team that beats Boness and Linlithgow (historically big teams) but loses to Preston, Crossgates, Blackburn, Tranent, (smaller teams with the greatest respect to them) maybe has motivational issues. I think if the injury luck doesn't improve soon maybe me and you can dig out our boots!
  13. Not sure I accused them of doing anything wrong. I have had a look at the club Facebook and i can only see about the bus for the Oakley game copied from the supporters group. I made the same mistake when we reached the Scottish Junior Cup Final in 2015 - difference is the club were 3rd or 4th in the league and safe. Got to say i have noticed a few changes in the team line up as well. Injuries happen absolutely but was very surprised to see Liam Reid and Gary Cherrie out on loan (and in Cherries case) sold on, As both had great seasons
  14. What would you put 2 wins in 11 league games down to then? Keeping in mind those 2 wins were: against the bottom side in the league and in my 25 years of watching football all over the place - against the worst team performance from any team at any level I have ever seen. (i am being kind to Linlithgow there as well)
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