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  1. It really will be something that no amount of money could replace...
  2. Fair enough! All i will say in response is Olivebank is a lot closer for fans than Rugby Park! If you need any flags by the way.... Ryan
  3. Brian are you joking? 1934 what's that 86 years and this will be the biggest game in that time without a doubt 10,000 tickets wouldn't be enough
  4. Does anyone know when the Scottish Cup draw is being made (this season's 1) ? I would like to wish Musselburgh all the best for the biggest moment in their history. I am sure there will be thousands...10s of thousands of fans wanting a ticket. It really will be Something that no amount of money could replace. Good luck and All the best.
  5. What colour of strip did Nitten wear last season? and the season before? and the season before? They have been using those colours since 2013 and managed to survive ok Kit looks good. Nice touch with the scenery. Don't want to be the 1st to mention the price because I will get slated but I can't see myself buying 1 for my daughter at more than double what folk would expect. Nice kit though
  6. Work commencing in June acording to the hierarchy at the club
  7. So the stats say for the 28th Musselburgh 4 Dunbar 1 and Tranent 4 Camelon 1 Although the top one maybe 2-2 as well
  8. I disagree, can't see major movement at either end of the table
  9. It won't be nip and tuck. Dunbar will not be relegated.
  10. ' Give the new boss a chance to build' Bradley 2 league losses in 6 - Sacked New boss 3 league losses in 4 and in the cups - hammered by Falkirk, hammered by Camelon, beaten by Whitehill who dominated. 9 points in the 1st week of the season. 6 points from then till mid December. No impact from the new manager who was a baffling appointment at the time. Signing a name rather than someone who knows the league and the history. The only thing that might save Linlithgow is the number of home league games left to play. No doubt the name Linlithgow and the venue will scare a few visiting teams which should give the required points for SAFETY. But for many teams the fear factor of playing Linlithgow has gone. Teams setting up to win the games rather than contain. If I was a supporter I would be worried.
  11. Still Can't get my head round this. Absolutely devastating
  12. Can't believe your no used any of the stats. Musselburgh at home last 44 games - won 37! - Unbeaten in 8 league games v Camelon. - Musselburgh have went 13 months at home without failing to score. - Despite the Shan form have won 6 of their last 7 home games. Be Positive. 3 points
  13. Now I have had to come back to agree with you! 😄
  14. I think maybe I answered that point there. I was questioning if the team maybe were missing a bit of motivation for the run of the mill league games. Not any one individual.
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