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  1. The state of play with 2 games to play over the weekend in the King and EOS League Cup Waiting on 2 attendances from Celtic B v Rangers B and Tweedmouth v Thornton from last night
  2. Not sure i understand the posting of inaccurate numbers. If you under cut then sponsors will be more harder to attract If you over do it then players can ask for more wages or expenses plus will surely be a discrepancy in the accounts I can only comment on the many games I've been to and I've been close enough to trust the number. Disappointing
  3. In total Lowland League EOS Premier EOS Division 1 (A, B & X) Lowland League Cup EOS league Cup Scottish Cup King Cup Alex Jack Cup South Challenge Cup EOS Qualifying Cup Lowland league play offs. Re last night. 3 people at the game were counting, I hope they didn't count the others supporters.....lol Good crowd.
  4. On the 3 games you have picked out I can add the following bits of info. Penicuik: I was present. 2 people did a walk round. 1234 and 1236 were the numbers given. For this game - there was no Hibs, Hearts, Rangers or Celtic - the club were on all the above clubs chats telling folk to come on down - the social media (which I ran at the time) were posting to all the clubs not playing, national and local papers - we also did 3 radio interviews and were putting out posters through doors at my own expense. The number was also backed up with the gate takings. Both Tranent and to their credit Penicuik put well above average work into that game in the hope it would kick on. The Linlithgow game again I was at. I got 650 but went with the number the club sent. Jeanfield was another game the club put lots into. A huge amount of people arrived around kick off for that game and again the club sent that number. I didn't have a chance to go round as I was filming as usual during the game and busy at half time. Fully confident in those three games in the same way I'm confident that the 160 and other lower attendances are correct. I would hope that clubs are being honest. I have taken in over 100 games this season and on most occasions have been within 5 - 10 of what the club have sent. I have seen clickers at Armadale, walk rounds at Whitburn and tickets at other venues. I am confident the numbers above are +-10 and I thank all the clubs, officials and contacts who have taken the time to collect the info.
  5. I was at both. Tranent issued 550 i counted roughly the same St Cuthbert Wanderers are checking. I counted 290
  6. This table includes the following stats. The complete league table The home attendances - Total - games and average The away attendances - Total - games and average The cup games are the next section and finally the totals. Please remember there are still 2 Bonnyrigg, 1 East Kilbride, 1 Bo'ness United and 1 Gala Fairydean Rovers matches to go to complete this table. Once again sadly we have no Fraserburgh v Bonnyrigg Rose number but hopeful of getting it.... Again thank you to the clubs supporters and guys on here for your help
  7. Morning, here is the updated table for attendances. Sadly incomplete with 1 missing and although i have called this an update rather than complete i don't think we are going to get the number for that game. Would like to thank those on here who have sent in crowds to aid with this and can promise you i have done everything in my power to ensure that we got to this stage despite it being incomplete.
  8. This figure was given by a paying supporter as some clubs are not willing or able to send info. Please feel free to send rough head counts as I want numbers to be accurate to +/-9
  9. Incomplete? It was up to date. Maybe even used to push on. Hopefully gain the victory on Saturday
  10. 'Officials incompetence' am I the only one looking at the above freeze frame and not seeing the ball over the line? Have to admit I found it strange that the same referee who officiated in the reverse fixture (gave Musselburgh a penalty that day) was appointed for this game. Musselburgh have played 41 games and that referee has been in charge of 25% of their wins. Had I have been Penicuik i would have been appealing the choice. What I will say is that I have watched them a few times this season and they do seem obsessed with the Officials and really do push the limits with their conduct towards them. I think they were up there with the pre season favourites for the league but have been disappointing. 3 wins in 17 now with 2 of them against teams at the bottom of the lowest league. Really good squad, some great young players but 10 points from the relegation places and potentially 33 from the top.....
  11. Hi, looking for help regarding recent attendances. Musselburgh v Heriot Watt Musselburgh v Pumpherston Any help would be great
  12. So the EOS qualifying Cup finalists go into the City Cup semi final? Thanks for that
  13. League Form guide 2022 1. Hill of Beath - 8 played 17 points 2. Tranent - 6 played 16 points 3. Sauchie - 5 played 13 points 4. Penicuik Linlithgow Jeanfield 6 played 12 points 7. Nitten Crossgates played 6/8, 10 points 9. Broxburn Hillfield 6 played, 9 points 11. Blackburn 5 played 8 points 12 LTHV Dundonald 8/5 played 7 points 14. Musselburgh Tynecastle 6/7 played 4 points 16. Camelon Whitehill 6 played 3 points 18. Dunbar 4 played 1 point 2022
  14. Let me go over the point again. At the start of the season the gate went up to £8 from £6. I was quick to critise your club. I get your point that you think its still great value, but either way I felt it was a big increase. Fast forward to Saturday, the gate was reduced/changed whatever you want to call it. Surely it is only right for me to praise the club (not praise you personally (unless it was your idea))
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