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  1. If you don’t care about REALLY listening to music and just want some tunes for your phone/background music then a basic Spotify/tidal/Amazon Music account is going to suit you just fine. Unlimited access to as much music as you’ll ever need at a reasonable price. Like the App Store 99% of stuff is pish or not going to be to your tastes though. If you’re more into music and want to sit and listen closely where sound quality really does make a difference then using a streaming service for discovery and then buying albums on vinyl/cd makes a lot of sense. I don’t think digital will ever replace the awesome imperfect sound of well mastered and pressed vinyl playing on a good setup, but it does have its merits. Doesn’t have to be either/or. Use both, find the music you like, pay for it, listen to it.
  2. Clearly nonsense. Tidal offers (as one example) “master” recordings at better than CD sample rates if you are prepared to pay for the top monthly subscription.
  3. https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/we-know-everything-and-nothing-about-covid Excellent article from the spectator which goes some way to explaining how important testing is in all of this and why countries that got an early grip on testing are experiencing a much more positive outcome. The summary for those that can’t be bothered reading the full article is that the virus is mainly transmitted in hospital and care home environments where the most vulnerable are situated. Get a grip on those environments and the virus is likely to die out itself. Explains why the infection/death charts all have the same shape even though scales are obviously different. Possibly lockdown and social distancing have minimal impact outside these environments anyway. I guess we will soon see if these insights are correct or not. If so then the govts complete failure to sort out testing and PPE supplies (especially for the NHS and care homes) is going to reflect very badly on them.
  4. Barely out of our own half. Absolutely brutal game. Will be only one winner unless a total change of shape, attitude and players at the half.
  5. Unless you go for a fantastic NAS like Nikka From the Barrel.
  6. A bit of a weird bunch on my drinking shelf at the moment. Quite peat heavy and no Speysiders to mention. Not a bad bottle amongst them though. Ardbeg Drum - Committee release Ardbeg Uigeadail Buffalo Trace - Single Oak Project 101 Hakushu 12 Highland Park Sigurd Kilkerran 8 CS Kilkerran 12 Kilkerran Peat in Progress Batch 1 Ledaig 12 Single Cask for Whisky Show 2018 Port Charlotte 10 Springbank 12 CS 2018 Talisker 57 north plus of course my Infinity Bottle which is sat about 1/3 full and isn’t too bad at the moment! Would like to add a couple of Speysiders soon. Any recommendations?
  7. Neither of these teams is going up and the players are playing like they know it.
  8. Steakngravy I remember the terraces and the ash clouds/asbestos cladding at the rear of the sheds! Biggest thing I miss at the football is standing. Would love to see the area in front of the main stand, or the in the railway stand used for "safe standing". Anyway if Simm is taking over and wants to make Starks sustainable for the long term I'd suggest replacing the main stand and including facilities such as a conference room, couple of hospitality suites/corporate boxes, a bar etc would be the way to go. The Pars have done this to good effect and many other smaller clubs around the UK. The biggest hindrance to the club is the ground, it's just no use for generating revenue away from football every two weeks. Btw Good to see a woman's game tomorrow night, hopefully a good earner for the club.
  9. Can't agree with this. Society is a good venue for this type of event. A mostly empty stadium wouldn't have had any atmosphere. I personally thought the event tonight was pretty good. Some fizz and food put on, good timing, just the right size venue to feel busy and have a bit of a buzz. Players and manager in good form etc Not being funny but the Raith Suite / 200 Club and all of the main stand "facilities" are like something out of the dark ages. I say knock it down and build something purpose built with a few bars/suites, one of which could be open and generating revenue all day, everyday.
  10. Should have shown the orange goalie shirt in that photo it's a cracker/shocker depending on your taste.
  11. They don't do walking away... but they do a fantastic line in losing cup games to part time teams. Glorious.
  12. Grantie is right. I remember there was a skydiver landing on the pitch before the game for some reason. That was the day I fell in love with the Rovers. More of the same this season please.
  13. Yep with Puma next season. Due to the company I work for sponsoring the rovers I have seen one of the mock ups and it's pretty classy. Maybe not as memorable as the Remember top, but quality all the same.
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