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  1. Unless you go for a fantastic NAS like Nikka From the Barrel.
  2. A bit of a weird bunch on my drinking shelf at the moment. Quite peat heavy and no Speysiders to mention. Not a bad bottle amongst them though. Ardbeg Drum - Committee release Ardbeg Uigeadail Buffalo Trace - Single Oak Project 101 Hakushu 12 Highland Park Sigurd Kilkerran 8 CS Kilkerran 12 Kilkerran Peat in Progress Batch 1 Ledaig 12 Single Cask for Whisky Show 2018 Port Charlotte 10 Springbank 12 CS 2018 Talisker 57 north plus of course my Infinity Bottle which is sat about 1/3 full and isn’t too bad at the moment! Would like to add a couple of Speysiders soon. Any recommendations?
  3. Neither of these teams is going up and the players are playing like they know it.
  4. Steakngravy I remember the terraces and the ash clouds/asbestos cladding at the rear of the sheds! Biggest thing I miss at the football is standing. Would love to see the area in front of the main stand, or the in the railway stand used for "safe standing". Anyway if Simm is taking over and wants to make Starks sustainable for the long term I'd suggest replacing the main stand and including facilities such as a conference room, couple of hospitality suites/corporate boxes, a bar etc would be the way to go. The Pars have done this to good effect and many other smaller clubs around the UK. The biggest hindrance to the club is the ground, it's just no use for generating revenue away from football every two weeks. Btw Good to see a woman's game tomorrow night, hopefully a good earner for the club.
  5. Can't agree with this. Society is a good venue for this type of event. A mostly empty stadium wouldn't have had any atmosphere. I personally thought the event tonight was pretty good. Some fizz and food put on, good timing, just the right size venue to feel busy and have a bit of a buzz. Players and manager in good form etc Not being funny but the Raith Suite / 200 Club and all of the main stand "facilities" are like something out of the dark ages. I say knock it down and build something purpose built with a few bars/suites, one of which could be open and generating revenue all day, everyday.
  6. Should have shown the orange goalie shirt in that photo it's a cracker/shocker depending on your taste.
  7. They don't do walking away... but they do a fantastic line in losing cup games to part time teams. Glorious.
  8. Grantie is right. I remember there was a skydiver landing on the pitch before the game for some reason. That was the day I fell in love with the Rovers. More of the same this season please.
  9. Yep with Puma next season. Due to the company I work for sponsoring the rovers I have seen one of the mock ups and it's pretty classy. Maybe not as memorable as the Remember top, but quality all the same.
  10. Ha! Every cloud has a silver lining and all that. Could you take Davidson as well now please?
  11. Great interview by Davie and Raith TV, the whole service has Improved massively in the past couple of seasons. A big positive for the club, especially in these difficult times when communication between club and the fan base is vital. Keep up the good work! On to the interview and I think there are a number of observations that give cause for concern. However one over whelming positive has to be that the board have clearly decided to not only protect the development team, but to further raise its importance. I'm fed up of the one season mercenary loanees coming into the club looking for a chance to raise their profile. I feel strongly that the need to impress their parent club adds pressure and also takes the focus off working together as a team with their new colleagues. See the Brechin games as a good example of our disjointed, but supposedly more skilled, individuals up against a well drilled team playing to their potential as a team. I'd rather have a couple of seasons down here, but blood the youngsters, than rely on over hyped loanees. Let's have a 5 year plan and stick to it rather than yo-yo-ing from one short term fix to another. Credit to the chairman for doing the interview, but frankly he doesn't have the media savy to be in front of the camera. I'd question if indeed he has the right skills for the role of chair. He clearly admits on numerous occasion the board did not make their employees accountable for their actions. Most clearly with Locke's recruitment policy and Hughes bullying approach, but also in allowing Drysdale free reign to make numerous recruitment, governance and resource gaffs throughout the season. Perhaps as he says the time isn't right, but both chairman and CEO should be considering their positions regardless of how much love they have for the club. We are talking about failing in the most basic of duties. The lack of ability to own their mistakes/failure is concerning as well. Locke wasn't a mistake? Even with the benefit of hindsight? Come on! I disagree with some posters that we don't need the role of CEO as we are likely to be a hybrid of part and full time next season. Now, more than ever, we need strong leadership and someone who can grab all aspects of the day to day running of the club/business and organise them around a long term vision of sustainability and success. We need someone who is more akin to a start up business CEO than a middle manager. A jack of all trades, someone who can inspire and organise and bring back room, office and playing staff together. It's not going to be easy to find that person, but the right one is not only worth paying a salary to, but a good salary. They along with the first team manager need to be the most important leaders at the club and committed long term to what will be a challenging project. Drysdale clearly doesn't seem to be that person, although his commitment and passion for the club cannot be faulted. Time for change from the top down. A final point is that the chairman should never be stating that players who decide to down tools will be allowed to leave the club. We should be stating the opposite, that our prize assets are not for sale and if a player wishes to play hard ball they can sit in the stand and watch their career go south as other exciting young prospects take their place. The Bates situation and now this statement show that we don't have a board that is capable of exploiting these young players we are spending so much time and money developing. Sure we, like most other clubs at this level, need to ultimately sell talent to survive, but that does not mean we need to be a charity for the old firm/Hearts/Hibs etc. TLDR: very frustrating. It looks like a very long road ahead.
  12. Hope to goodness that some of the dross that's signed on already for next season have relegation release clauses in their contracts. The bright side of this could be a fresh start with the core of the team based upon Mathews, Vaughan and Court, with hopefully a few more from this seasons successful development team making the step up. No more 37 year old journeymen bought in because they are mates of the boss. Rebuild and do it properly and for the long term. Yeah and get some of the young talent on three year deals so we can get some stability for a change. The directors seem happy to put in a bit of money to sign dross, I'm sure they can keep the club afloat for a couple of seasons in division 1 with a full time youth movement.
  13. What a difference a year makes when you hire a fanny like Gary Locke. This is ALL on the board. A shambles from the moment McKinnon got tapped up by Utd. Did they get any decisions right this season?
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