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  1. FFS Beaver get over it, we’re in the final you’re not, we knocked yous out. Absolute bitterness, we’ve put up with your success for years.Away n gies peace
  2. IMO listening to my friends from Auchinleck and also to my fellow Cumnock supporters they don’t want to be any part of Lowland League so I think you can discount them
  3. Could do with some of these players for Friday
  4. I’m afraid the fixture secretary doesn’t have any common sense.
  5. Went as a neutral to your recent game against Glenafton and agree with your comments about Josh Louden, personally I thought he had a decent game and yes he took some stick from some of the more experienced players, I’m sure he’ll turn out to be a good one.
  6. Rob Roy 1 Cumnock 2 Moore sent off for celebrating in front of home bench
  7. Kirk Broadfoot to Glenafton, 37 yrs old, £500 pw
  8. He signed for Cumnock, and apparently the Meadow then offered him more money to change his mind, don’t know what happens now.
  9. Do the rules say it is ok to start a game with seven players? that in itself is farcical, can understand sendings off and injuries, but to start with seven against eleven is a joke.
  10. It’s an open forum and all about opinions, is it not?
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