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  1. The SFA / SJFA have already issued guidance on the CVJR scheme to clubs which came from their accountants. Only clubs who operate a PAYE system will be eligible and who also furlough their players. Those who still use brown envelopes will find it impossible to use the scheme as will possibly those who have already stated publically that they are not paying their players.
  2. Yeah, seems to have completely disappeared from Twitter and Facebook. You can't have posts on your website since pre-Season (which have now also disappeared) stating Semi Final Dates and then change them in the week leading up to Quarter Finals, especially when it creates an 8 week gap with the Final then going to be late May / early June which has been the problem trying to get a venue. I thought the whole point of early Semi Finals was to then have an early May Final and have more choice for a venue (and tie in with the Pyramid Calendar).
  3. Beith Juniors have made striker Sean McIlroy available for Transfer. All interested clubs should contact Chris Irving (Secretary) or Bryan Young (Manager).
  4. No, not at all. Purely a personal decision by John. Undoubtedly did a GREAT job.
  5. Beith Juniors have placed attacking midfielder / winger Joe Bradley on the Transfer List. Interested clubs should contact Chris Irving (Secretary) or John Millar (Manager).
  6. Because it would be even more strange to want to hit one of your own players with the ball. And the Largs fan with the bottle of MD doesnt seem best pleased. However, if he is a Largs fan, it's an even more bizarre situation! Arnie didnt seem pleased with him and he potentially got his own Manager sent off then!
  7. What about the Pollok fan who picks up the match ball and hits the red carded Largs player with it [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] As much as I don't agree with it.... it's hilarious given how planned it is from the way he sneaks around to get the ball!
  8. Bradley should have definitely walked. The McIlroy incident would be a good one for VAR - the keeper touched the ball but only because it hit off him as it went through his legs when McIlroy prodded it past him. Is that a genuine attempt to play the ball?? Regardless of the card to be shown, it's a pen all day long.
  9. Still can't believe the Ref gave a foul to Glencairn when McIlroy knocked the ball past the keeper!! Stonewall penalty and Red Card. [emoji85] Also, Bradley very lucky to not be sent off for losing the plot.
  10. No trip to the North Region for around 15 years for Beith then get drawn up there two rounds in a row this Season!
  11. 2nd onside. Never ever a penalty. Why does Buffs CH always wear 15 rather than 5?? Have they lost 5 a year ago and never replaced or is there a sentimental reason behind retiring the no.5 shirt?
  12. 2 x Superleagues, 2 x Wests (+ 1 x Runner Up), 1 x Scottish, 1 x ET Cup, 1 x Ayrshire Cup in his two spells - approx 8/9 years since approx 2008 off top of my head.
  13. By your logic, we won 3-1 after 83 minutes [emoji2371]
  14. He was very poor and had to double check it was the same player who has been put on a pedestal on here. Maybe playing beside Danny Boyle had an effect as he is honking. Darvel are a very good side who will do well in the Premier WHEN they are promoted this season. Just need to sort the discipline out as I suspected this could be their downfall at crucial times. Delighted with a good result today, difficult place to go, but should have won more comfortably.
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