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  1. Looked decent for Airdrie last season imo [emoji1303]
  2. IMO you do not get more time on the ball at a higher level of football. It might look like you do but it is because the players are better at finding space at that level.
  3. This Ricky Gomes situation reeks of Beau Busch........
  4. Be interesting to see if Rutherford is actually a striker..........
  5. Ex AFC Youth Team player, played on loan at Lochee Utd last season from Forfar FC.
  6. Well said! Compared to the utter dross that played as trialists on Saturday the 3 Young Lichties deserve a chance!
  7. Im sure the new Boss will bring in some of his own players and improve our current squad. The less said about the trialists the better..........
  8. I have 999 on speed dial in case any if those trialists are spotted in a DD11 postcode ever again!! Simon Murray looks a good addition.
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