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  1. How embarrassing you care so much about what other threads people post on..
  2. Crank, Starring Jason Statham This film looked decent in the reports and reviews.. it was awful So unrealistic, far-fetched and at points embarrassing. The ending is just so ridiculous i found myself laughing.. 3/10
  3. He will do very well, did well in pre-season and I was disappointed when I heard he was getting loaned out
  4. We passed it well, first half was decent. But its the same old no finishing product.
  5. I don't rate Craig atall. Bringing Byrne on with 2mins left was a bad decision I would Give him a try with mcmenamin
  6. True. We also always try and play it through the middle, use width!! Fitzpatrick is a much better left back than Morrison and he hasnt even been named in the substitute bench. Our striking problems are still clear, Craig is just a lazy no good has been and mcmenamin was ok but he should of got that header on target imo.
  7. Well... today? First half I thought we played really well, passed it well and munro was running the show. When they got their second goal we started to become sloppy in passing and the general lack of enthusiasm was frustrating Steven craig also commented to the fans that apparently we were shit all day. Give us something to cheer about then!!!!
  8. I think he is a centre attack midfielder but can play out on the wing aswell. The only thing I can think of is we signed him to put in the wide areas or Quinns injury is worse than expected.
  9. It's expected an announcement will be made by Ross County today regarding the signing of mark carrington
  10. A midfielder most recently played for hamilton, has played for mk dons and I think he was on trial at caley.
  11. What I thought also. Unless he can play on the wings I don't see why he is needed. Plus I thought he most recently played for Hamilton.
  12. There's news we have signed mark carrington. His Twitter says: just signed for Ross county delighted, this is an epic moment for me
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