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  1. For those WWFC fans suffering withdrawal symptoms, taken a week ago whilst out on daily walk, sorry meant to post it sooner.
  2. Compact and bijou. if game on, take advantage of above £20 deal.
  3. If the laddies football is cancelled, I’ll definitely take you up on this. Expect a late call. Newky might even buy a round!
  4. What’s Andy Dunleavie”s stats for Bo”ness. Great player and scored a few goals in his day.
  5. I’m almost certain they were different players, but will let others who know better confirm.
  6. About 30-35 years ago there was a hot food takeaway right across the road from the club. I think it was originally associated with Henderson’s slaughterhouse and if they couldn’t make it work with direct access to cheap meat, I’m not sure if it would be a money spinner now. I think it was open for lunch as well as evenings til late. The club was a lot busier then and the takeaway regularly got a few quid from me and others on our way home. In saying that school kids probably eat more takeaways now than back then, so it might be viable during term time.
  7. We haven't played anyone of Beiths pedigree yet - I'm not convinced we're as good as hammering the likes of Ormiston and Craigroyston has made us look on paper. Only match I've seen us tested in this season is vs Camelon and despite having all the ball I don't think we ever looked dangerous enough to turn it round. Add home advantage to that and I reckon Beith have to go in as, if not heavy, then certainly clear favourites. Similar to yourself Ron, I’m concerned we may lose and in my eyes rather easily/heavily. Hoping I’m wrong but will wait and see.
  8. Hope bookies are wrong tomorrow. Also cannot believe Linlithgow vying for favouritism at Beith who I believe should win comfortably. Massive step up from the EOS opposition we've faced so far.
  9. Beware changes to Ladbrokes Totally Scottish coupon, Berwick 8/15 from Evs and Elgin 1/12 from 1/4. Possibly more too.
  10. Hope you guys and Kelty both win as on yesterday at Hills at 7/1 and 11/1. Yes both are underdogs against possibly stronger teams but over 90 mins the prices were way over priced. Hills presently 9/2 and 7/1 so at least got the value. 6/1 and 10/1 still available at other bookies, see oddschecker website.
  11. From oddschecker Talbot away to Cove odds currently between 9/2 and 13/2, Kelty away to Peterhead between 6/1 and 10/1 and Beith v Linlithgow both 6/4. Took Talbot 7/1 and Kelty 11/1 with Hills yesterday. Couldn't bring myself to betting against my own team.
  12. Have to agree with you, I also thought he should’ve been red carded. But football being football he’ll probably get sent off later in the season for a fair tackle. Good wee set up there with space for future ground improvements.
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