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  1. Albion Rovers v Clyde 30/3

    If Barrowfiled77 is still interested in taking up hospitality at Cliftonhill on 30 March I suggest he gets a move on. Interest in the game is likely to have rocketed since this morning's re-allocation of points.
  2. Albion Rovers v Clyde 30/3

    Hospitality is mentioned on the Rovers' official site - under Commercial/Sponsorship - near the bottom of the page - see http://albionroversfc.co.uk/sponsorship-opportunities/ An unofficial Rovers site - https://www.albionrovers.info - confirms that not only do Rovers have Match Sponsorship and Match Ball sponsorship "opportunities" both these packages are still available for the said Clyde match.
  3. A new Dundee Hibernian online store was launched yesterday at www.dundeehibernianmemorabilia.vstore.ca In tests to date this new site seems to have avoided the gremlins which plagued an earlier Dundee Hibs shop. The Dundee Hibernian "Collection" now contains five Dundee Hibs items, with the recent addition of a DH mug. There is also now a Dundee Hibernian Facebook page to help keep you up to date with the latest Dundee Hibs offers - just go to Facebook and type in Dundee Hibernian. Finally a couple of days ago a simple one-page website was launched at www.dundeehibernian.co.uk