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  1. Love nothing more than a Hibs collapse. Papped out the Scottish on Wednesday next then failure in the playoffs. It's an absolute certainty.
  2. In what must have been a season of many lows, you boys deserve to enjoy your night tonight. Well played.
  3. I don't. I'd much rather it was your shitey b*****d neighbours.
  4. His running off the ball is starting to be appreciated by the fans. His constant chasing of defenders is helping us win the ball high up the park. He absolutely deserves his place in the starting line up and I'm delighted for the lad as he seems like a level headed, hard working guy.
  5. On to the topic of relegation, and not I'm honestly not meaning to patronise, I genuinely hope Partick stay up. There are far inferior clubs in the division and the league would be better with you in it. On the evidence so far however, I fear for you. Hopefully you can get your shit together.
  6. Anyone else have the pleasure of witnessing the junkie tramp hanging out his window where the buses parked giving it 'Hibees, Hibees'? Hope he fell from his top floor and is now eating through a straw, tbh.
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