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  1. The Record had him as definitely moving the the NI job, now the Record says he's definitely moving to the Luton job. Considering neither of these things will happen, it's probably the case that the Record definitely talks utter shite. As for the odds, it's as everyone else has said, it's only about redistributing the numbers so they don't make a loss (you never see a skint bookie), not actually tracking what is or isn't likely.
  2. You'll be providing that link for all to see then?
  3. That's not untrue. I understand why people dislike VAR but claiming it is somehow inaccurate is fundamentally false.
  4. I am, if you had to give a definition, a happy clapper. In general, anyway. However, last night, while I am not annoyed at the final scoreline (after all, we'd been on a bad run and lost to this same team 3-0 just a few weeks back, so a draw is hardly the worst result), but the manner we conceded was dreadful. Absolute amateur night. Despite Robinson putting on 2 defenders in the last moments, despite us having all the time and space we needed, despite it all pointing towards closing the game out, we managed to f**k it up. It is just down right negligence, and stupidity. That's not to say we deserved the 3 points, I think we did purely because we were the better team overall, but I am sure you could argue a draw was fair. VAR worked as it should, punished us with one hand (pun!) while rewarding us with the other. Both decisions were right, just a shame both were ignored by the referee, then 2 other referees took far far longer to get to the actual correct decision. It only goes to show what an absolute fucking state our officials are in. Still, as I say, I felt we were the better team overall, but it's not the final scoreline I'm pissed about but the manner in which it came about.
  5. On performances, Strain is well ahead of Atkinson, that said Atkinson has been part of the International squad for ages, and Strain hardly a sniff. No idea why. Real surprise Rogic is not part of the squad, we know his quality from playing in Scotland for so long. Great for Baccus to get the recognition. Not that I'll be watching a single second of the tournament, it's a disgrace.
  6. In order.. Sitting on the bench waiting for January. Doesn't fit into Robinson's formation. Ditto. Injured, mostly, it would seem. Because 60% of the time it works every time. ..but they are valid questions to be asked. Are we haemorrhaging money? Are we in debt? Have the accounts been published?
  7. Do we think there is more to our form or is it just teams finding out a way to play against us and/or us not performing? There is a lot going on behind the scenes, from the SMiSA/Kibble/BoD stuff, to the side-lining of one our best players, and Robinson's own future with the NI job still open, just to name a few. It could be as simple as Robinson just needs to shake up the formation away from home, or it could be something more general within the club that is affecting staff and players, and as a result, the performances on the park. Just to confirm, you all know I am not ITK in the slightest, and I'll be honest I'm happy about that, so I'm just talking (writing) off the top of my head.
  8. HT: Well, I'll not lie, I'm surprised we are ahead. FT: Well, I'll not lie, I'm not surprised we lost. Really can't get my head around our away performances. You don't expect 100% consistency when supporting St Mirren, so even if the home form is good you can accept the odd bump on the road, but we just don't seem the same team away and I can't see a reason for it. Perhaps we shouldn't rely on teams to come onto us like we do at home, but the actual performances from the same players (albeit a shake up in defence this time round) is markedly different.
  9. County have been the better team, but we've had some pretty poor luck and some questionable decisions. That said, and there is a long way to go in this game, we certainly don't deserve much if this is how we're going to play for the 90.
  10. I think both Highland teams have made poor goalkeeping choices. At least with Caley, and Ridgers, they can get away with it a little more in the lower leagues, but I have never been convinced with Laidlaw even when he was at Hibs.
  11. I can imagine your expression when he just skied it there.
  12. Is there a reason for the water break? Is Dingwall basking in a tropical heat or something? The cynic in me thinks advertisers would like to make breaks like that standard, so they can cut to an ad mid half.
  13. I mean County have looked fairly tidy, but yeah, whoever was holding that line was caught out. I presume it'll be VAR checked, but he looked onside when the ball was chipped in. As for the equaliser, that looks more a keeper issue than Strain's quality. Would need to see that again from different angles.
  14. I think Fraser is capable of that position, but I wouldn't ever call him confident there. He's only ended up there on very few occasions, mind, so there's not much data to draw on. Obviously the big call seems to be the Shaughnessy/Gogic debate. I understand if Robinson is playing Gogic to get his form/sharpness up, but I also think most of us, based on what we've seen so far, would prefer Shaughnessy in there - at least for now.
  15. I was looking through YT to see if I could find that screamer Adam scored against us (..when he was on loan at County), instead I found this 9 goal thriller from a decade ago... It's got everything you want; bad defending, bad refereeing, bad goalkeeping and of course the odd goal or two. Obvs, I'll be happy(ish) if the same scoreline happened today.
  16. I'd love to know your definition of "moving forward" if you are applying it to Killie and Utd ! Lost their last 5 league games between them with defeat number 6 incoming at Darkheid today !!! In the sense they both looked shot when the league started, both have shown much more in the last couple of weeks. You can't say they haven't improved, and as such.. "moving forward".
  17. Sure thing bud. Tell me at what point when you've been convincingly shown to be a slavering idiot, you decide to down tools claiming you've had enough? It's what you did the last time, then the time before then... well, let's just say there is a pattern developing here.
  18. All you have done is demonstrate my point perfectly. You agree with me that the referees are making an absolute hash of things, but you still want to berate the system set up that has allowed us to see how bad they are. You are effectively blaming cameras and TV monitors for the decisions made by referees, which is a crazy position to find yourself in.
  19. Concerning level of injuries going to face a team that not only knows they really need to start putting points on the board (United and Killie are both showing signs of moving forward) while also being a team that if they get a bit of confidence in the game and manage to pull ahead, are a real problem to play against. I dislike McKay as a person based on his inability to accept that (most/all?) people didn't like his racist bullshit, but he has a good eye for a player and, perhaps too infrequently for the County fans, can put out a team that causes other trouble.
  20. You are absolutely right, VAR did it's job perfectly last night, and I absolutely loved the Hibs fan berating VAR checking their goal for offside claiming "it's obviously offside, this is a waste of time", only for the VAR to show he was onside after which the same poster then complained that VAR got it right. Some people simply hate VAR and so intensely blinded by that they don't realise the problem here isn't the ability to check incidents, in real time, with multiple angles and slow mo. No, the problem is the utterly incompetent referees and officials who are unable to see what everyone else sees in those replays. A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link, and it's becoming abundantly clear that the weakest link is overwhelmingly the inability of referees to interpret images correctly. The time taken is also hugely down to the officials. What's more we always knew that many officials get key decisions wrong, we see it almost weekly in the Sportscene studio, all VAR has done is given the officials enough rope to hang themselves with, they are being found out, in real time, by fans watching on big screens. It really is a reckoning that is overdue for officials, and in many ways VAR should be congratulated for that.
  21. I appreciate they may still have me on /ignore, but this answers their question...
  22. I know we've differed on the use of it, but on this I really do agree. You can accept some delay, but the time taken needs to be reduced considerably.
  23. It seems you are far more keen to play semantics with me than call out what looks like clear referee failure. If your knowledge is that it's not, and that those decisions are correct, now would be the time to point it out, would it not? As for an answer, if you genuinely can't figure out the difference, after all the discussion that's gone on, then I doubt anything I say will bring you enlightenment.
  24. As I say, I'd love to hear the reasoning behind it. I've always had sympathy for officials having to make spit second decisions, but several people spent time looking that over and I can't see how that ends up a red.
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