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  1. When you say minimum, is that based on the physical restrictions of the stadium, or down to SPFL rules regarding allocations? I'll be honest, my comment comes from nothing more than seeing several hundred Saints away fans crammed into a corner while the stadium they are in accommodates 60 odd thousand.
  2. OF fans complaining about the away experience, whether that be allocation or treatment, clearly haven't visited their own grounds as an away fan.. and it shows. What percentage of Celtic Park or Ibrox, per capacity, do we get? Give them the same at Greenhill Road.
  3. A "complete and utter embarrassment for Scottish football", he says?
  4. Don't be an arse and assume, wrongly, that my utter loathing of the royal family is, for some bizarre reason, a "performative art" for the benefit of some random people on line.
  5. I mean.. that is suggesting that I am both, (a) employable, and (b) employed.
  6. Are you a lick spittle, are you crying into your Queenie pillow while wearing your Diana jammies? Your concern, and assessment, are both irrelevant.
  7. Calm yourself, if the police lifted everyone who had malevolent intentions towards the royals they'd have their cells full by midday. If I could get away with it, I'd do a Guy Fawkes* too!
  8. Best not to, maybe give it 300m or so.. I'll be honest, I actually expected her to die during the next indy ref, with her dying words being that "her kingdom" must stay together, and the sentiment would be enough to f**k any chance of independence. So in many ways her dying just after meeting Liz Truss, someone who was recorded in her fallow Lib Dem youth phase saying how much the Royal family should be abolished, certainly has an element of comedy to it.
  9. f**k her, f**k the new one and f**k the whole elitist arrogant anachronistic bullshit. Nothing should change, no armbands worn and no flags at half mast. She was not an example we should put forward as a positive one, she embodied the absolute opposite of meritocracy, afforded every single privilege that her subjects weren't (and at the expense of the taxpayer) yet the smooth brained idiots lapped that shit up for breakfast. f**k them too, I hope every single royalist is feeling utterly devastated. Lickspittle c***s, tugging their forelocks because a rich woman who had nothing ever to worry about and who had the power and finances to make this country considerably better yet chose not to, has finally shuffled off.
  10. Not sure, but I reckon it'll be tight for the first 10 minutes.
  11. Hibs 0 - 2 Kilmarnock Motherwell 3 - 2 Dundee United Livingston 0 - 2 Hearts St Johnstone 0 - 65536 St Mirren County 1 - 4 Aberdeen
  12. Main was a shit keeper, there may be a situation where he flapped at goals to let them win but that wasn't a rare occurrence for him. Ultimately we were relegated due to two main reasons. The ability of teams to buy outside of the (then, not envisioned) transfer window and our own poor play over the season. The first thing we could do nothing about, United had the spending power, we didn't. As for the second, we only won 6 games that season (out of 38) and easily had the worst goal difference. No point in trying to blame anyone else, it was our fault. Just like it was St Johnstone's fault they got relegated the next season. St Mirren fans blaming Main for our failure, is a bit like Hearts fans blaming us for them losing the title in 1986. Now after that sort of sensible chat, I hope the farmers have managed to harvest the tatties from their field before we turn up.
  13. We've not added to our squad in the last week, but St Johnstone have. FWIW I think Clark is actually a decent addition, not outstanding but knows the league and can score goals at this level. I would presume he goes straight in the squad for Saturday's game. For us, it'll be interesting to see if Shaughnessy gets a game. He's been a great servant and you know he'll give 100%, but on the flip side I don't see Robinson changing a winning side. If he does keep it as it is, then that would mean Gogic not starting either. I feel we have too much for the farmers, but I've said that before and we've still managed to orchestrate a loss.
  14. Quietest window ever? I'm sure we'll get mentioned with some out of contract players, and to be fair there's normally a few decent ones out there round about this time. Otherwise, I'm interested to see what Robinson does about Shaughnessy. He has been our strongest player at times, some of that is down to ability, but equally some of it will be down to the consistent run in the team. If he's going to be in and out, then I'd worry he'll lose sharpness.
  15. Sounds more like his agent panicking. He's been touted to everyone it seems, yet nobody has bitten.
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