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  1. Yeah, fair point. I'm against colts for all the obvious reasons, but the idea that anyone not only supports the idea but is happy to see them at the top level is crazy.
  2. More than 1 in 10 would happily see colt teams in the top division? That would literally sign the death knell for the Scottish game.
  3. You feel that if Gerrard had more cover at right back he may be less keen to throw out the overblown rhetoric. I've got no issue them appealing the decision. After all, a 4 match ban for breaking regulations he was very well aware of and ones his teammates (in Jones and Edmundson) fell foul of earlier in the season, may or may not be about right. However trying to use the "he's a good player so he should be given a break" logic is embarrassing stuff.
  4. Just listened to his post match interview on the BBC and, while certainly tetchy, he's not "going off on one". I don't know who Gordon is on the SSB interview (a Radio Clyde reporter?) or whether that one came before or after the BBC one. I presume the "expletive laden" one came right after the final whistle and the BBC one was when he'd calmed down a bit.
  5. Jinkies, that's quite the rant. The question, I suppose, was that a penalty? I never watched the game so I've got no idea.
  6. Got to say, I'm surprised that people are not looking at this through the prism of Neil McCann being a tactical genius. You should all be ashamed for the lack of recognition being shown.
  7. I never thought the lack of crowds or the inability to go to games would have affected me as much as it has, but I'm at best ambivalent to football as a whole just now. Not sure if that will return. Sure, I still support St Mirren and want them to do well but I'm now at the point that I don't really care to watch the stream even if it's available.
  8. It's true, if those living in the agricultural hinterlands are renowned for anything it's their urbane intellectualism.
  9. I don't think I've met many footballers outside of a football stadium. As I mentioned in another thread, Derek Whyte nearly knocked me down in his car in Aberdeen, that was about 20 years ago mind and to be honest he never got to say much other than put up with a somewhat uncouth but entirely justified rant. Spoken to Jim Goodwin, at Glasgow Queen Street station. He had his bike with him and he was returning from some long cycle up in the hills. Despite not needing to, and clearly just wanting to get home, he took a couple of minutes out of his day to chat. This was when he was still a player with us. Came across as a very pleasant person, but maybe that was his public side who knows.
  10. Jinkies, Tam, you're starting early today. Reckon you'll get many with that bait?
  11. Apparently this is outside her house, although I have no idea if that is actually her house or not. Clearly some people don't understand what "successful businesswoman" means.
  12. Only just realised the Championship sides were playing today, just in time for that Irving own goal. That's an absolute peach, only to be followed up by a disallowed Hearts goal. This truly is some succulent lamb indeed.
  13. It's even weaker sauce than that... "He's a big name", "he's a pundit so he must know what he's talking about" and "he's played under both Alex Ferguson and Brian Clough".
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