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  1. Power is an absolute waste of a wage, unless he is on utter peanuts. Interestingly everyone is comparing him to JDH in the assumption that Power is his replacement, however nobody thinking he's the replacement for McGrath... Edit: Just thinking if I have reacted as negatively to previous Goodwin signings, and while not all of them have worked out, I'd say Main and Power are the first players Goodwin has brought in that I actively don't want at the club. If Stubbs had brought them in, this thread would be in meltdown.
  2. Perth's city status was bestowed upon them by winning a competition, it's like finding a plastic star in a Christmas cracker and claiming you're now the sheriff.
  3. I reckon that's a decent signing for Killie. Lyons always struck me as a player that could have done with a season or two in the Championship.
  4. Always felt Gdansk was a very pleasing, almost mellifluous, placename to say.
  5. I'd say questioning the appraisal of a player, by someone who has watched almost every second of his time in a St Mirren shirt when you haven't, is definitely St Johnstone-esque.
  6. Nice to see United signing their interim manager, as soon as Courts is out (say, 3 months) as sure as eggs are eggs you'll have Mulgrew stating he only came here to play and that he was loyal to Couts who only needed a "bit more luck" and a "rub of the green". As for JDH, it's down to money as it seems as he's already said he was happy with the team, the training and his game time while stating he'd improved as a player during his time with us. If United pay him more then I'm not sure I'd call that a "signing coup". As I said in the St Mirren thread, if he goes to another team in the premiership, and he rocks up in the team about to play us, I'd not be overly worried about him. Certainly a decent player but nowhere near good enough to push out the boat for him.
  7. Now... don't take that as me wrapping myself in a saltire and shouting nationalistic slogans. I've spent maybe a decade on and off working and living down South, from Wiltshire to Kent to the Midlands. Just not overly keen on the place, tbh.
  8. A touch too English for my liking. Much like a lot of England.
  9. JDH is clearly holding out for more than we are willing to pay him, if United are willing to pay that then fair play to them. A decent player he is, I wouldn't be concerned if I saw him on the United team sheet. Connolly is just Corcoran all over again; can run fast, can't deliver a ball. Goodwin offered him a deal but at the same time delivered the "you must become more consistent". The fact he decided against that, jumped ship to a club that is kicking about League Two, that tells me one of three things, one being that he simply wasn't up to the challenge and shat it, two being Northampton made him a bumper wage packet, and three he's desperate to escape the West of Scotland for the metropolitan highlights of Milton Keynes and Lemington Spa. Personally I think it's 70% #1 and 30% #2. Anyone who has visited Northampton will know #3 is not a runner. Edit: I see their manager has been quoted as "Northampton manager Jon Brady said: “Dylan is a wide player with a lot of pace. He is direct, he takes on defenders and can deliver good quality balls in to the area." (insert *ooof* meme here)
  10. Dundee? On the opening day? Well this should be fun..
  11. Yeah, Cosgrove's assertions shouldn't even have been put into (virtual) print as it's possibly one of the stupidest things he's ever said. It's a lazy correlation on speed.
  12. England fans booing every Croatian touch is a fairly shitty crowd flex considering the circumstances.
  13. I think you need to check the thread title, champ. Of course the piece is utter mince, that is the point! It was Toral's addition that prompted me to post the link.
  14. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/7237619/rangers-celtic-players-free-transfers/ I shouldn't be surprised by The Sun, but this ticks both boxes of desperately contrived links to the OF and lazy journos.
  15. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hibs/how-scott-allan-helped-hibs-secure-a-winning-design-for-new-home-strip-3269171 A bit of a riddie being publicly linked with the design of that awful shirt.
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