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  1. Ric

    Free Game Watch

    Continuing on with Epic, I see they are also offering up Thimbleweed Park and Sludge Life. The former is a point and click classic in the Monkey Island mould. I've never played it but there are few playthroughs on YouTube which, dropping into it at random points, seem to suggest it's decent enough. Sludge Life looks like a home made odd cell shader FPS where you explore a town and "tag" areas. There seems to be a storyline to it, but it doesn't look like it'll have much game life. Might do, maybe I'm being unfair. It's a Devolver title so I mean it's got that going for it.
  2. Yeah, that one too. It shows that Goodwin is doing a fairly decent job organising the squad when we are struggling to list games where we threw in the towel, normally its a case of listing the games where we gave it our all.
  3. To be fair, the BBC are by no means sole offenders in relation to this. It's standard red top stuff. Complete time wasting bullshit.
  4. Ric

    Free Game Watch

    From reports it takes a while before it hits your account. I'll be honest here I'm going on other people's comments rather than first hand. The HUKD thread linked at the top of this page has some images of what people have had added to their account. Sorry I couldn't be more precise. Onto the Epic Game launcher, and they have Killing Floor 2 (Decent enough Co-op zombie killer FPS, not unlike Left4Dead), Lonely Planet (a walking sim) and The Escapists 2 (think of the opposite of Prison Architect - instead of building, you are escaping!). All pretty decent, albeit Lonely Planet is a bit dull. KF2 is very solid with a strong lobby the last time I looked, and TE2 has quite a lot of depth if you can be bothered spending time with it, sort of like an RPG in many ways. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/free-games
  5. I see Paul Lambert is claiming Rangers is under 'horrendous' pressure to stop Celtic's 10iar (or is 10*iar, or 9½iar - I honestly couldn't care). Classic lazy journalism. "Team X is shit and team Y will win, <insert ex-player of team Y>"
  6. That 5-2 debacle against Hearts, but you are right, out of the whole season it wasn't that we weren't competing - more that the results weren't going our way.
  7. Ric

    Free Game Watch

    Apparently not, people are saying if you sign up it'll be gifted to your account: For those without an account: https://register.ubisoft.com/ubisoft-forward-reward/en-GB There is the problem of needing to launch it through uPlay (plus WD2 is a bit pants).
  8. Such blasphemy, next you'll be suggesting Billy Mehmet and Andy Dorman aren't up to scratch.. Ok, so my thinking on Davis is this. If he's available then there is absolutely no reason not to get him up here and see what level his fitness is. As someone said, the management team (or even the playing staff) isn't the same. Goodwin wouldn't have played with him as he left us to go to Alloa the season before Davis joined us. Like you, I think he showed himself capable of cutting it at a higher level than the Championship. There is the negative that he skipped out when he had the chance to stay, but on the flip side it seems that he retains a certain love for the club so maybe there were circumstances we weren't aware of. He hasn't been offered a new deal at Grimsby but with the current situation it's tough to make a call on that. It does raise an eyebrow none the less. So a mix of positives and negatives, but I certainly think (if he was willing) I'd want to see him being given a look. He might be asking for way more money than we can pay though, as I can't imagine we could match what the English Leagues (even League Two) could.
  9. I'll not lie, I actually laughed out loud at the "for a petted lip, in the Championship" line.
  10. I think you are a little lost, you're posting in the wrong forum buddy. Mods, get this shifted.
  11. If a player isn't officially signed they will be given the title trialist. I mean it might not be him, but trialist doesn't mean an inexperienced youth player.
  12. Three trialists, two in defensive positions. Are we going with at least one of them being Shaughnessy? Edit: both lineups look like a 4-5-1 but difficult to tell exactly.
  13. I keep telling you, it's looking like 3 at the back, Tait McCarthy and Baird. Be afraid, be very afraid..
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