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  1. I heard this is the thread for old P&B posters to make a return.
  2. Surely for dramatic effect I should wait until the #1 best poster is announced then storm off when I'm not it?
  3. In truth, one of them hasn't said an original statement in about 3 years while the other was a patronising arrogant c**t. They are no loss.
  4. Right, hud the bus. Have I missed something? The current "holiday" for a couple of posters was hinted on in another thread and the trail points to this thread, but there isn't much I can find (and I don't have 3 hours to go through every post). Anyone want to condense what happened into a few words?
  5. I never mentioned anything about losses, or in fact anything about the finances at Aberdeen other than they shouldn't be lined by the pockets of the local taxpayers when the members or the Aberdeen board are far richer than the average Joe on the street. btw, you realise when you separate company and club you are effectively doing the Sevco argument?
  6. If Aberdeen are to have a new stadium they have to do it one of two ways, either build it privately or get funding from the council and/or government grants. If it's the former, then fine, that is up to them, if it's the latter the club should not have full control over the stadium as it should be used as an asset for all the community and not simply to benefit Aberdeen FC or their board. Let's not forget Milne will make a pretty profit from selling the land (either developed or undeveloped) from Pittodrie, the council shouldn't be lining his pockets all the more in order to benefit a very slim proportion of the community.
  7. I presume you mean the Westwood Studios version from 1997 as opposed to the 1985 version by CLR. Cleverly CLR, who were a very small company who couldn't afford the licence rights for either the film or the book, decided to licence the Vangelis soundtrack and said the game was "inspired" from that - even though it's clearly based on the film. As for me, probably the oldest game I play on a regular basis is OpenTTD, which is essentially the open source version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe which came out in 1995.
  8. Ask yourself, "Do I have anything better to do with myself for the next 90 minutes or so?" If not then you are as well watching it.
  9. I've never read the book, which is considerably better than the film I have been told. I did watch the film but it was pretty poor. I believe the book goes much deeper in the sense that the zombie affliction is tied in with corporate greed while the film didn't even scrape the surface. The "zombies" from I Am Legend (the book again, not the film) are almost as intelligent as the person they were before zombification. The book is absolutely excellent and should be considered one the pillars of zombie fiction - even though Mathesson said that wasn't what he was actually aiming for in the book. The film touches, just very slightly on their intelligence but in general butt fucks Mathesson's ideas soundly up the pooper in order to appeal to stupid American audiences.
  10. If it's WarZ zombies then I think it's safe to say we are all dead. No matter the equipment/tactics. btw, the shingle beach worked like an alarm rather than the water being the thing that stopped them (although it did).
  11. I still maintain they are a bubble. Markets regularly pick up technological ideas run with them on the market then when people find out they are not the endless money pots they stupidly believed they were, it all falls down. This is what happened during the tech crash of 2000/2001. By all means people should get on board as their prices rise, but it's going to burst, the price is just not maintainable.
  12. Ric

    War Thunder

    I haven't played a lot of this recently, I did go through a phase of it, I know the land forces are due soon and I am not sure how that will affect the balance, but I might go back to it when they are added.
  13. If you've read Day of the Triffids you'll know that an island with a shingle beach is the best place to survive the zombie apocalypse, but for me, I would be looking to get onto mainland Europe.
  14. To answer the initial question, I reckon I would do pretty well. After all I've played enough DayZ to have worked out the odd strategy and I have absolutely no problems in fucking someone over to my benefit in the world of zombie infections. Plus I have a classic post apocalyptic world icon. a fucking camper van. Now, if I can just get across the channel and I'm sorted..
  15. It's quite sweet reading Morton supporters posts. It's like they are in a wee bubble all to themselves where adulation and self congratulation are the norm. It would be a real shame to burst that bubble, almost cruel, which is why most people will continue to let them think they are all "box office posters who set the agenda" as the alternative would be toys scattered all over the place.
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