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  1. Remember that time Nelms went down on his knees begging for Jack Ross to join them? That was a hoot. Not as funny as when he told them to bolt.
  2. I see the Tayside massive are frothing at the mouth again. Good, good. Mr All's scrambling for relevance by claiming we should be ashamed for not being a financial basket case, when their own club is literally the byword for Scottish football financial mismanagement is particularly pleasing. As for the game it's going to be 2-1, the question is just which side that two goals will end up on.
  3. If people want a proper sized version of that, and without The Herald's plethora of Project Fear bullshit on the side bar, you can just view the page direct.. https://flo.uri.sh/visualisation/4950575/embed Edit: In case you didn't realise this, you can select the week to display by clicking the Week XX header.
  4. I do think we've "lucked out" with that. The initial punishment was harsh, while the appeal has resulted in quite a light punishment (for the SPFL/SFA). We've been hammered far harder for far less serious issues. It'll be interesting to see the dynamic in the two games that were cancelled/re-arranged. Will Motherwell and Hamilton go into that assuming those were points stolen from them or will we go into it with attitude that we need to take the points after getting a second bite of the cherry.
  5. As @btb highlighted, it's an odd thing to thank the SFA for fining us £10k..
  6. I would have thought it was a pretty straight forward case. After all both clubs admitted their guilt when it came to not fully adhering to the guidelines, the only question should be whether the punishment befits the "crime". I suppose a delay won't necessarily help either of our clubs' chances of winning an appeal considering the mess Celtic made, the fact Raith Rovers are trying to get their game called off for the same reason as we did and that down South they are also suffering similar.
  7. The second one, Ookla - speedtest.net, is probably one of the most reliable general test sites. It's difficult without going into specifics as to the reason it may give a false reading but overall they will provide a good evaluation. If you're interested they're owned by Ziff Davis, who in turn are owned by J2, neither of which are a UK broadband provider.
  8. There is a story behind this, but I've seen The Wurzels playing their biggest hit live.
  9. While on the subject of tweets, here is "the big German lad" giving the usual "great bunch of lads, looking forward to getting on the pitch" interview..
  10. A tweet from Killie (we haven't tweeted anything about it).. All depends on how you want to read that, but you could say that a decision has been made. That was sent out at 8:51, just under 3 hours after the appeal was meant to start and is written in the past tense. It certainly suggests a decision has been made. It's all conjecture, but you feel if the appeal was unsuccessful then the SPFL would be out of the blocks with a "see, told you we were right" type response. Perhaps I'm just reading too much in it.
  11. If he makes an appearance, imo, it will be as a sub to replace a tiring Connolly.
  12. She said: “Our football manager Jim Goodwin was out with us morning to night one day a week, every single week during the lockdown, delivering items to households" Car sharing b*****d! Dock that charity points! 😠
  13. I wonder if Goodwin will shuffle the pack. It's a tough call to be honest. In terms of the back 5 (inc GK), they are pretty much safe. We don't really have replacements which is lucky as they've all been solid. It's midfield and up front that's the puzzler. For me, on the right Connolly keeps his place, if McAllister plays Connolly could find himself on either wing. No Mason (or Morias, for that matter) will mean Durmus playing. The three in the midfield; Erhahon, JDH and McGrath are all good players but haven't really played that well over the last couple of games. Do we swap one or more of them out and replace them with a MacPherson or even Foley? I think we'd all like to see Flynn getting game time but I just don't know where he is in terms of fitness and he's certainly not match sharp so, for me, it's be a gamble to throw him in to the starting line up. Do we go all ballsy and decide to play a 2 up front, meaning one of the midfield 3 drop out (Erhahon?) and if so which two. Obika and Brophy? If it's one up, you'd guess Brophy would get the nod. As it is, it's one of those judgement calls for Goodwin. Either the team needs some freshening up, or the last couple of games has just seen a temporary dip in their form and sticking with them will pay off. It's a fine line as it's not that any of them have been bad in any way, just not great.
  14. No, no.. he said Saints win, not Saintees win.
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