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  1. I don't think it's much of a secret Goodwin was set to raid the LoI once their season finishes. Connolly, McGrath and McCarthy have all been of a decent quality.
  2. They've been paying us up in instalments since 1986, don't you know.
  3. Certainly the "Everyone associated with the club has a paramount duty to do whatever it takes to make sure we absolutely minimize the risk of any infection." line suggests that maybe not everyone had adhered to the exact requirements laid out. Maybe more in spirit than necessarily going against the letter of the law. I don't doubt that these guys have been put in place in order to shore up any questions, and certainly giving us a bit of "moral high ground" (or is that Maurice high ground) going forward. In plain finances, if these actions mitigate any possible financial punishment, then you'd maybe suggest that it'll cost less to hire these guys than a £20k - £30k fine that has been mooted.
  4. f**k me, minutes in.. OF love in, support for Maurice Ross throwing around accusations, tenuous guest that's nothing to do with football because it's Keith Lasley's missus. I thought I could brave it out until Leitch came on, but I managed to last less than 10 minutes.
  5. I'm being miserable, I'm just awake, and shouldn't get involved in a pre-coffee rant. Apologies and removal of that petty red dot.
  6. Ironic coming from a poster who has continually posted negative bullshit and insinuation without a shred of evidence. Maybe you are a supporter of racism, hatred and bigotry? Maybe you aren't. However I will always call out the Daily Mail for being the pustulent boil on society it is.
  7. I haven't read the story, and won't, so I really cannot comment on McGowan. He may very well be a fair and even handed, my question about him would be his acceptance to have his name associated with such a hateful piece of trash.
  8. Whether we have been lax or not, could I just say the Daily Mail can go f**k itself. The dog whistle piece of trash. If it told me I was on fire, and I was quite clearly on fire, I'd ask for a second opinion. While it's sports pages are less unreliable, anyone willing to work for a tool of hatred should be fucking ashamed of themselves.
  9. I'd say we'd be desperate to get the game on if only to avoid both some sort of off the field sanction (as looks to maybe be the case with Killie, although we won't necessarily avoid it for our postponed Motherwell game) and to avoid a direct 3-0 forfeit. If it was against the OF, I'd be tempted to take the 3-0 automatic loss, against Hamilton you have to feel we have a chance even with a weakened team - that's no dig, Hamilton fans would no doubt say the same if the situation was reversed.
  10. Oh, we have reached that mark already, quite easily too. That says more about out statement generating software than the number of points, btw.
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