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  1. Saw your separate thread on this. I'm not someone who collects memorabilia, but I wish you well with your endeavours. Hopefully you'll raise a decent bit of cash.
  2. A classic account was the original HB account before they introduced the tiered levels (referred to as Choice). Essentially if you've been subbed for longer than 18 months or so it's likely you are on Classic. There seems to be a glitch with HB just now, it may be intentional but there's been no announcement, so if this doesn't work for you, it's either because you are not on a Classic sub, or they've patched this. What this means is that for months where HB gave you 10 options on 12 games, you can go back to that month and reclaim the remaining two. I don't know why this has happened or for how long it'll last. In order to claim more games, go to [Account -> Keys & Entitlements], then tick the box saying [Hide redeemed keys and entitlements]. When done you should have a list of the recent bundles, entries should look like this... You will see it says, You have 2 choices remaining, well that month had 12 games on offer but Classic sub was only allowing you to select 10. Those two remaining choices are those two games I never chose, and for some reason Humble is now giving me the option to redeem them. Clicking on that [Make My Choices] button will take you to that month's bundle with the remaining selections available to you in the (rough) top right of the UI. Edit: the more I think of this, the more I think it's a bug, as there was a month where I had 10 options, and there were only 10 games offered, yet Humble thinks I have 2 spare keys to redeem. With that in mind, go claim your stuff early.
  3. Nothing in particular in my post, more just an all round enjoyment of some English pundits trying to spin the "Scottish football is bad, but Gerrard is good". Flipping from disparaging comments about how he walked to the title with Rangers demonstrating how poor our league is, ignoring the context of course, segueing into a claim that he'd do very well at Newcastle because of his ability to win the league which is suddenly very difficult now they wish to present him as some returning king to English football.
  4. The availability of streams has changed my opinion a little. At least you can mute it.
  5. Me? I ignore OF games, both fanbases have at their core attention seeking, petty minded, self righteous, idiots who go into full on self-victimisation mode at the drop of a hat. So yeah, it would be nice to win this, and I hope we play well regardless of the result, but all I'll do is check the score later on.
  6. An unequivocal "backing of the board"? Can't be long now. What wiggle room is left? A claim that the media are against him, that his ideas are 'too new' and people "don't get it"?
  7. Just going to leave this here... https://www.footballscotland.co.uk/spfl/scottish-premiership/tony-fitzpatricks-desire-st-mirren-21862715
  8. Got a video to the last celebration, as it's clear our opinions of over exuberant emotion may differ.
  9. Yeah, you are absolutely at it. If Fraser celebrating in front of his own fans, some distance from the County fans, and in turn a celebration that didn't happen until he was running away from County fans, is what has boiled your piss then I'm guessing you are easily riled.
  10. Not sure whether I just missed it or not, but for me he didn't over-celebrate at all, in fact for a man who scores few goals (he's a defender, that's fine) and to be scoring against a team you used to play for I thought he was pretty dignified not to do a "giruy" to the home fans directly behind the goal he scored in. I'd suggest @Rcfc fan is either taking the piss or didn't bother watching his reaction and is just guessing.
  11. Here's a thing, I'll hold my hands up and say I expected much worse from Courts. If anything I expected what Glass has done at Aberdeen, initially a few decent results down to new manager bounce, then to drop off badly as he found himself out of his depth. Fair play to the lad.
  12. I'd imagine County fans being pretty annoyed with that, as McKay's changes at half time really made an impact and if he had made them earlier I'm not sure if we'd have taken all three points, and perhaps not even one. The annoyance for them, btw, is that despite losing he can go to McGregor and give it the "we're nearly there" speech. When I feel many would prefer him to take a few heavy tankings, in order to get him out of the door, and see what damage remains once he's gone.
  13. If only because it would allow us to sell him on for a fortune!
  14. Not going to lie, I'm surprised their keeper didn't save the 1st. It's hit at pace, sure, and the keeper might not have expected him to shoot from there, but it's pretty much in the middle of the goal and at a good height for him.
  15. Thanks for that, that's exactly what I needed on a Sunday morning!
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