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  1. I see Morecambe, the job Robinson left for us, is in the process of being taken over by a 20yo entrepreneur. Say what you will about fan ownership, and I am not saying a 20yo will act any more erratically than some 60yo just that the erratic nature will be different, but the idea one individual being in control of the club, and one who has no experience of running a football club seems like a recipe for disaster. I mean fair play to the lad, this isn't a dig at him, he's made a success for himself and you could argue that a younger person will likely connect to fans more, rather than some 'stuffy old suit', but it feels like a massive gamble imo.
  2. As someone who grew up seeing St Mirren in the top 6 season after season, I'm somewhat sanguine about our current 'lofty' position. I'm far more concerned when we're flirting with relegation.
  3. It's absolutely not, take off the rose tinted glasses. Miller used the term rejects, not "Abedeen rejects" or even "Players that never succeeded at Aberdeen" but a blanket term referencing their entire career. He did this because he is incapable of objectivity, with Aberdeen being his primary concern. He probably thought that everyone would assume that he meant in context with his beloved club. The simple fact is Miller is a dreadful pundit, the worst combination of being a contrarian and out of touch with modern football. Do you know who has never called Miller a reject? Himself. He constantly makes excuses for his own tenure at the club yet insults others who have failed considerably less than he did. Anyone still labouring under the suggestion that a well known pundit calling anyone a reject is not an insult is clearly living in a world of their own.
  4. It's not "offensive", I don't think anyone thinks it's offensive, but it is insulting, to quite a considerable degree. Let's be entirely clear, if Aberdeen won that match he would have said nothing about the Ex-Aberdeen players, his comment is nothing but sour grapes, clumsy or otherwise. He should be rightly pilloried for his words, which, as a private individual would be fine, but someone on a national broadcasting service, and by definition is being paid (albeit indirectly) by our taxes, the level of professionalism should be much much higher than the benchmark Miller set.
  5. You'll need to remind me, did Aberdeen do anything 40 years ago that's worth talking about? Btw, for the lolz, here is the final table from 82/83, it makes interesting reading.. Ok, try it this way.. if, for example, Paddy Boner, claimed after Johnny Hayes scores to beat Celtic, that Celtic were beaten by a reject? What would be your reply to Boner? Someone who equally struggles to grasp how objective commentary works and, like Miller, seems to think that because they were involved with football decades ago that they're relevant now. What's more Miller has a history of this, it's not like we are reacting to this as a sole incident, he has regularly slagged us off while bigging up his own team. The screams of delight as he's desperate to be heard in OAM when Aberdeen score is chalk and cheese when it comes to reporting goals teams score against Aberdeen.
  6. Hold up guys, if we win a game of football, it seems you have a set time limit in which to discuss it. #gatekeeping
  7. Some might consider it consistency rather than whataboutery. Just to clarify, the ex-manager of the team that was beaten, a man well known for sour grapes and lacking impartiality, calls ex-players who beat his ex-team "rejects" and you are alone in thinking a simple twitter clap back is somehow "tin pot". The only person tin pot here is Miller, where it sticks in his craw to say anything positive about certain teams. He has history with St Mirren, especially with OAM on Radio Scotland, where his morose delivery mixed with his lack of objectivity has been on display many a time. Perhaps you are unaware of Miller's inability to be objective. Edit: I'm loving that someone had to drop to their alias account to downvote me.. , an account that has only 2 posts since 2013, and which spends all it's time dotting posts..
  8. Considering the way Chelsea (and other sides) completely hoovered up every bit of young talent then spat them out on loan anywhere you can, I am not surprised there is more oversight in signing under 18s.
  9. I guess you are just less critical when it comes to your own team, players and fans then.
  10. Deary me, AJF, especially considering the utter seeing mess your managers, your players, and your fans have gotten into over the years.
  11. Is Lee Johnson the smallest manager in this league?
  12. You sure about that? Last time I heard they had all gone bust about 20 years ago!
  13. I'm disappointed someone didn't see right through that, but hey.. I'm sure you'll take your win virtually if your team can't do it physically..
  14. I think it was after the melee when Dunne took out Shinnie, midway through the first. The ref stopped play initially, then a scuffle broke out and when it all cleared up he booked an Aberdeen player and Greive. I initially thought it was O'Hara, similar build and hair colour.
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