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  1. Where have you gone? I've not seen you in the forum for ages & I'm getting worried.

  2. thinks the "todays top posters" feature means a lot of pish gets posted

  3. So, should the Queen's Park v Livingston thread have been close at full time? Should we no longer be debating things that finished? I think it's better to keep this thread open for the inevitable next financial fuckup at Almondvale, plus ca change...
  4. You Livi fans never pay more than 5% for anything, do ya?
  5. ...which is strange, as Livingston is in West Lothian... (agree with your other points, mind)
  6. Is mugging pensioners morally worse than fucking over charities? I'm sure Robbie Winters is on a tenner a week, like the Shire squad used to be To be fair, I'd heard that money to charities has been slashed by 95%
  7. You should have tried being a Berwick fan a couple of years ago Wilson really didn't like us
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