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  1. Horrible disease, he faced it with bravery and dignity and fought to the end. He was never a quitter! Rip Fernando.
  2. Which cup are you talking about cos I'm referring to the big important one. You know the one that sometimes comes back to Dundee, where does that go again?? It's even had a trip to Perth in living memory, just let that sink in!!
  3. Scottish cups no started yet fella, we don't bother with the other inferior competitions. Then again it probably would be just Dandy to still be involved in the smaller cups. Talking of Dandy how's your run coming along?
  4. Well I'm alive and can quite clearly remember our cup win. Can you remember your last one? And more importantly are you alive. You keeping up so far? You're welcome.
  5. Why are you not expected to finish above us ? Cos you were once fucking massive on the European stage allegedly??? Oh and because you have amassed an unbelievable amount of major trophies in your very short existence. 5 (five). Who could possibly compete?
  6. At least our cup win has been within living memory m9. Dundee have a mahoosive 5 major honours in something like 134 years so yeah you're really setting the fucking heather on fire there chief. Not gonna bother including finals and semi finals reached otherwise your strip wouldn't have enough room for all the stars you would be entitled to display.
  7. Is this a new potato (other varieties are available) or is it the one that Dundee brought down with them from last season? Amazes me the things that you can find, just lying around under a bed.
  8. You are aware that your perma underachieving mob are the result of a merger??
  9. Alan Simpson is gonna be un fecking bearable on C.T.O. for days now!!
  10. Why do you not like gay people? He went to a gay bar once by accident and someone asked if they could push his stool in.
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