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  1. 1. I.C.T. 2. Partick. 3. Dundee. 4. Arbroath. 5. Raith. 6. Cove. 7. Queens Park. 8. Morten. 9. Ayr. 10. Hamilton.
  2. Taking away the old firm prejudice from some and I will quite happily admit that the "Goalie" was without a doubt, the best goalie that I have ever witnessed in the modern game.
  3. Premier inn on Huntly Street. onsite parking , everything on your doorstep food and drink wise. Has it's own restaurant and bar and you're a three minute walk away from the Caley Club just around the corner on Greig Street who run a bus to and from the game. I think it costs about £4 return? Cheap pints before and after the game. Loads of bars and restaurants all within a 5 minute walk.
  4. Aye, allegedly she said "I'm no letting a serial shagger like my Jack take on the job at Dens as the poor soul would be surrounded by c***s all the time " Allegedly!
  5. Happy with Duffy, the other 2 meh! Is Shane not expected to be given a substantial ban for his betting shenanigans whilst at Elgin? And for every game Aaron plays he will be missing through injury for at least the next 6.
  6. Looks like a decent appointment, you just need to back him now to assemble the squad that he needs.
  7. If we're going to dream then I want Scott Allan as well please.
  8. Happy mediocre applause day guys. Unless you're a failkirk fan.!
  9. Now then, let's not go overboard with these celebrations! Unlike on the day.
  10. Feck me, when did "The' Rangers fans come into the stadium??
  11. Stigmata?? I know it's a religious country but surely no?!
  12. Michael Gardyne, for consistently scoring both at home and away.
  13. Good choice with Nar BTW. Just make sure and bring your appetite, the helpings are generous.
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