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  1. Yeah he's the guy with the massive fecking chip on his shoulder, and his petted lip keeps tripping him up!
  2. Is there no meant to be an A on the front of that?
  3. Reason enough to celebrate right there.
  4. Some good news at last, Robbo signs a new deal.
  5. Happy lockdown anniversary guys, one benefit of these circumstances is that it should keep celebrations down to a respectable level. Don't overdo things, polite applause is acceptable but don't go overboard.
  6. And the buck or the (blue poond) has to stop with Gardiner.
  7. Knowing the sfa it would probably be put under the carpet.
  8. Possibly just deserved the three points tonight? But definitely deserve to win the league, been by far the most consistent team in the division. Onwards and upwards United, bon voyage.
  9. Won't be the first time we've been shafted over cup games staged at Easter road fella.😂
  10. Really impressed with the boy Ogkmpoe, but Gogic has been immense so far.
  11. Dougie imrie " passing on words of wisdom"?? There someone elses words then.
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