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  1. No, just speculating about a circumstance which may arise when it might be better for Ayr's second camera to be at the end they're defending. Understandably, they are up the other end to get their goals in all their glory.
  2. I'm not sure if that is the general consensus, SD. Alloa's guy was at Morton today and the Morton film crew have told me that they're going to Dundee next Saturday. Maybe there will be requests for access to our place in the coming weeks.
  3. It was a gamble that you didn't lose today. If, on the other hand, the penalty had been given and your goalie had been sent off...
  4. I wonder if our camera guy was there? If so I expect he'll have a good angle and hopefully bail Maxwell out. Dobbie not running up to McLean makes me think it was the right call. Sorry, no away games for me, probably until fans are allowed back in. During the first half I noticed a camera up in the main stand where our fans sit (wuffster?) . I'm hoping he didn't change ends at half time - he'd have had a great view of it.
  5. The guys that film the games at Morton have kindly sent us their footage for our management to analyse. It looks like it was filmed correctly but that the feed from the camera was accidentally cropped before it was broadcast to the world.
  6. That's a great signing! Although he tends to drift in and out of games sometimes, he covers every blade of grass/plastic and is very rarely caught ball-watching.
  7. Would it also be fair to say that Bell was "cute" for Ayr's penalty? From the angle behind the goal he appears to grab Osman's arm and drag him to the ground rather than there being any action from Osman to bring him down.
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