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  1. McKay is the difference on both counts. Thought he was magnificent last night, not least because he snarled at his teammates when they let him down - they've needed someone on the pitch giving them a bit of stick all season, and he doesn't hold back.
  2. There was me thinking Delia's 'B' teams proposal got bombed out. It's more conventional to have them in different leagues, but what the hell.
  3. Good keeper, intially made a few mistakes with the ball at his feet - but that's largely about Yogi thinking every one of our defence should be trying to dribble up the park instead of hoofing it - leading to him being placed under unreasonable pressure. Once he got to know the defence he was fine - just got unlucky with the timing of injuries. Best of luck to him.
  4. Plenty of reasons someone can wind up without a club: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/36521279
  5. This level being about English Championship, I'd say.
  6. The only day I'm not working until after 7pm is: Tuesday, June 14: Austria v Hungary (17:00, Stade de Bordeaux) Tuesday, June 14: Portugal v Iceland (20:00, Stade Geoffroy Guichard, St Etienne)
  7. Think he's showing good judgement so far, both Butcher and Hughes were far too interested in column inches. Every time Hughes opened his mouth to the press, he lost fan goodwill or blew our chances of signing someone.
  8. On the first page, there is an appeal to 'take your children' ... or someone elses, presumably.
  9. Neither original, nor mine. Seems to have stuck though. Mon Dieu made you a new crest:
  10. So, how does he rate? Is he a nailed-on first-teamer, or does he have an aversion to crosses?
  11. Great news, if the board can hand Foran a whole team ready to go, there is much more chance of him making a go of it.
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