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  1. Todays scores 16/2

    Ft at Winton Park was Winton Rovers 2 0 Lugar Boswell Thistle....the score did not reflect the game as Winton really should have been 4 nil doon before Lugar went down to 10 men then bang 1 nil Winton from resultant free-kick
  2. Today’s games

    Ardeer 0 5 Vale of Clyde FT
  3. Today's Scores

    Sure did...boy done well
  4. Today's Scores

    Was a cracker Tel boy....3 nothing doon and doon to 10 men at HT. Got a goal back then we got a saft pen. Then another pen (not soft) and it was 3 each. Comedy defending meant 4 - 3 doon then doon the slope and a shot into the top corner 4 each a minute later. Complaint going into the Winton committee for having a playable pitch when the watching conditions merited an abandonment.
  5. North Ayrshire Cup/Cunninghame Cup Finals

    Cheers As I was Winton secretary from 2001 to 2011 it was, for us, a major achievement to win that NA cup especially with such a rebuilding job from all the late 90's early 2000's issues. Hard but great times when you look back on it. Now enjoying the roller coaster ride that will almost always ever be AWRFC.
  6. North Ayrshire Cup/Cunninghame Cup Finals

    I would like to note that the 2006-07 final may have actually been the Ayrshire cup where the Meadow cuffed Dalry rather than the North Ayrshire Council cup as on 13.06.2007 Winton beat the Buffs by 3 - 1 at Meadow Park in what was definitely the North Ayrshire Cup final. It was the last time all the 10 North Ayrshire clubs took part in - the following 2 seasons it was a district league cup only in effect. Winton beat both Beith and Largs to get to the final Winton goals were from Scott Adam (currently at Largs), David Wilson (back at the Winton) and Raymond Montgomerie (still at Cumnock I think) I missed the first half as I had to go to prize giving at Ardrossan academy. After daughter got her award - I was offski......so I do remember it well especially after all the years of toil that went before it.
  7. Bill McMahon RIP.

    Sad news - I always enjoyed Bill's company when I was AWR secretary and was delighted for them as they went from the whipping boys in the early 90's to winning the Junior cup.
  8. Today's score 25th Aug

    EKT 3 1 up at ht at Winton park
  9. Today's Scores

    Muirkirk 0 0 Winton ft.....
  10. Today's Scores

    Muirkirk 0 0 Winton ft
  11. Today's Scores

    Muirkirk 0 0 Winton ht
  12. Today's Scores

    Muirkirk 0 0 Winton ht
  13. What’s the scores

    4 1 Winton Rovers v Ardeer
  14. Goals, & gossip.Sat 28th April.

    Craigmark go 1 up v Winton
  15. Scores

    5 3 to Lugar. ...wee bar nice