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  1. Bav


    The Killers on Friday
  2. Folk who don't text back when you've asked them a question and you really need an answer as it's your mother who needs the answer
  3. I really do!! ;-)

  4. I'm halfway through a course of anti-biotics and they're making me feel like shite
  5. Merchant City methinks...sharing with my mate from work so it might be a bit of a party flat as he's a mad Irish rugby player
  6. It's mothers house I'm renting from her but I told her the other night I wasn't re-newing my lease at the end of February as I'm moving in to Glasgow. She's now been told to phone BT and make sure they don't take any money on the 15th and to cancel the order. As you say, c'nts!
  7. b*****ds. They've no record of the order so I've wasted a day of my holidays to wait in for f**k all. Edited to add: Yeah looks like you have won Xbass, well done old bean!
  8. Oh no! My BT problem pales in significance to that...I'm currntly on hold till someone can tell me what the hell is going on.
  9. We're both clock watching then! I'm half expecting them to turn up when I'm actually wanting to watch something on the telly...
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