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  1. There’s still time to do this, friends.
  2. Why have you idiots ruined this OTHERWISE EXCELLENT thread by turning it into some sort of general Hearts discussion, post juggernaut season?
  3. Rename this thread "St Mirren Defeat Thread (featuring Heart of Midlothian)" immediately please. Beni and the Tynecastle Jets will see off the SIMD basement-dwellers with ease.
  4. Think about that old Dennis Wyness song - "he used to be shite, but now he's alright". Now invert it.
  5. Pretty sure I could run rings around Pele these days tbf.
  6. In fairness, value for money wise, this thread has been the best on this site ever IMO. ^^^ didn't read the Hearts juggernaut thread(s) imo
  7. Thinking sadly about the dichotomy of Elixir: he's really wanting all this Covid nonsense to go away, while simultaneously loving the P&B Covid thread more than his own family.
  8. We can only hope m8. Have always thought of Hibernian FC as "The Leith Variant" in any event, so it wouldn't surprise me if the third-world conditions in east Edinburgh give rise to a more infectious strain.
  9. I've just booked a wee staycation for Mrs SEETHING's birthday in Perth and Kinross (I know, but needs must) in October, so if there are any new travel restrictions at that point Mrs Sturgeon will have to answer to me personally.
  10. Can one of you infectious disease experts please rubbish the above thread so that I can go back to barely giving a f**k about Covid any more. Thanks.
  11. I feel robbed of seeing thousands of greeting Hibs fans at Hampden today. Not a single green scarf on the pitch either.
  12. No matter where you come from and whoever you support, you’ve got to be delighted for The Binn Group today.
  14. You should all feel thoroughly ashamed that this Hearts side has strolled your pathetic league.
  15. Arbroath 0 -0 Champions Champions 2 - 3 Queen of the South Dungfermline 0 - 0 Champions CHAMPIONS 6 (SIX) - 0 HAHAHALLOA "You hear that, FOLLOWERS?" "That is the sound of INEVITABILITY." They said I was mad, FOLLOWERS. They said it couldn't be done. They said that DUNGDEE, or DUNGERMLINE or INVERNESS CALEDONIAN DUNG would take advantage of the DUN EIDEANN DESTROYERS, left vulnerable by an ILLOGICAL and MORALLY-SUSPECT decision to place them in this PUB LEAGUE for NO APPARENT REASON. And yet, FOLLOWERS. And yet. I am DELIGHTED BUT ALSO UTTERLY UNSURPRISED TO CONFIRM that, once again, my steadfast predictions of UNRELENTING, SEASON-LONG GLORY for Heart of Midlothian FC have been COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY VINDICATED. And how fitting, FOLLOWERS, that the COUP DE GRACE took the form of (a) the UTTER HUMILIATION AND RELEGATION of the DOG AND DUCK AND ALLOA ATHLETIC, and (b) HMFC's LAUGHABLY INFERIOR "rivals" demonstrating their INEPTITUDE by failing to win the following day. I EAGERLY ANTICIPATE lesser posters' SUPPLICATION when it comes to showing their GRATITUDE towards their FOOTBALLING AND MORAL SUPERIORS, for the lessons they have received this season. I trust they will treasure them, since all supporters of the MCLEOD STREET MAULERS will forget them and their pathetic teams immediately upon HMFC's REASCENSION to the Promised Land. Farewell, FOLLOWERS. You will not see me again (unless Hearts win one of their dead rubbers between now and the end of the season, or you read one of my posts on another thread).
  16. Looks like Neil Parry should've been doing more parrying and less kneeling.
  17. As if people are going to think you're talking about Harry Kane or Citizen Kane. Kane "from wrestling". Good lord.
  18. How did Alloa vote viz league reconstruction please. Asking for a friend who has a Juggernaut Thread to update imminently.
  19. They were champions-elect when they fluked their win, yes. The Brooklyn Brawler once pinned Triple H. These things happen.
  20. No, that's obviously a highly successful football team who are champions of their prestigious league.
  21. Don’t take this thread off-topic please.
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