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  1. I'm fine with it, provided that men can then play in women's leagues. A true SPL 2 at last.
  2. Probably, but at least Wighton didn't play that often (never mind the Scottish Cup Final...) and will be there to fire us to Championship glory this season.
  3. Leaving the inane day-to-day trolling of one another aside, I think we can all agree that Jack Hamilton's transfer to Dundee (for cash money) from Hearts more than makes up for any events that occurred at Dens Park circa May 1986.
  4. In my defence, it's been a while since I've experienced the unpleasantness of having to think about Dundee FC.
  5. Will be upset if it's only 2-0 Hearts tbh. Rory Loy no longer plays for Dungdee - Neilson has nothing to fear.
  6. m8, Hearts fans literally hired a plane to tell Robbie Neilson that he was shite. We know that he's not all that good.
  7. Thank you for your perceptive analysis m8 - I don't think that any Hearts fans have considered those questions at any point over the past two years.
  8. Hearts also have legions of fans PUMPING the club's coffers full of cash on a monthly basis.
  9. Don't you worry your pretty little head about us m8; we've got benefactors coming out of our fucking ears.
  10. The subset that posts on Jambos Kickback? 100% agree with you.
  11. Just being in this accursed league is abject failure already tbf, so we've not got far to fall.
  12. First, they came for the safe barbell squats, and I did not speak up, for I did not give a shit about barbell squats.
  13. There are few more loathesome subsets in our society than gym-goers, so I for one am delighted that the preening arseholes are denied the opportunity to get back to #fitspo and #gymselfies for the time being.
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