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  1. I thought it was a big 69 at first, and was like "...nice".
  2. Olly Lee almost bursting the net at Easter Road to win the derby. Eboue Kouassi's performance for Celtic in the 1-0 win at Tynecastle right back at the start of the season, and the knowledge that Celtic paid three million quid to get him on a four-year contract. Other than that, it's been pretty shite.
  3. The stench of economic and social deprivation (as well as all the green and Virgin Mary tattoos) led me to deduce that they could only be Celtic fans. I applauded the Hertz players, mainly because I couldn't get up the stairs due to the number of fans on them, so I didn't have much choice tbh.
  4. Fake news. We were walking round the Celtic end to get back to the Asda where the car was parked, and there were tons of hard-faced, dreadful-accented Celtic fans walking away from the ground. You could hear the roar from the remaining Celtic fans in the stadium when (I assume) the trophy was lifted. Not that it matters either way tbf.
  5. Expected 0-4, so that’s something eh. Ryan Edwards giving Hearts the lead in the cup final v Celtic is a comeback that Lazarus would be jealous of.
  6. Hearts are fucking brutal - Celtic should win by at least 3. Don't fancy Boaby Burns up against Forrest.
  7. Hickey smashing the traitor Dembele was just lovely.
  8. Can tell you travel just up the kingsway lol I worked in an office on said rejuvenated waterfront for three years m80.
  9. Dundee is shite. "Rejuvenated waterfront" = a poxy wee museum, a Beefeater/Premier Inn and a dreadful-looking budget hotel on top of the station entrance. You can see everything worth seeing in Dundee (Dundee Law and the Lemmings statue) in the space of a couple of hours.
  10. Leveinball FC 3 (Wighton 2, 37, 90+7) - 0 Vatican Shitty
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