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  1. Absolutely delighted that we can skip a weekend of the Hertz playing shite and shipping lots of goals. Cheers Liz.
  2. FTFY. Diving wee 4chan beard prat. Surprised at how seething I am at him costing us Europa League glory. It's like Paddy Kisnorbo costing us the game v Schalke 04 all over again.
  3. Feel bad for you cretinous neutrals who watched that. No incidents to get excited about. Hertz played for penalties from the start, didn't quite get there. That's about it. Offered nothing, got nothing. Neilson out. Ra Berrz' fitness levels are extremely impressive.
  4. Would graciously accept a forfeit from Rangers FC following their humiliating defeat tonight.
  5. There’s still time to do this, friends.
  6. Why have you idiots ruined this OTHERWISE EXCELLENT thread by turning it into some sort of general Hearts discussion, post juggernaut season?
  7. Rename this thread "St Mirren Defeat Thread (featuring Heart of Midlothian)" immediately please. Beni and the Tynecastle Jets will see off the SIMD basement-dwellers with ease.
  8. Think about that old Dennis Wyness song - "he used to be shite, but now he's alright". Now invert it.
  9. Pretty sure I could run rings around Pele these days tbf.
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