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  1. Don't think any insurer would insure Hearts against contagious diseases, after the VladFlu epidemic of 2006-2011.
  2. It's not a decision for UEFA to take though. SPFL will have to decide, ultimately.
  3. Sick of this fake news. Hickey had a pish shot with his weak foot from distance that their keeper saved.
  4. I expected there to be one, but if there is I can't find it on my scan of the contents page. If anyone can find it I'd appreciate it. Just to add, "exceptional circumstances"-type rule notwithstanding: So this current season must end by 30/12/2020 (and season 2020-2021 would then have to begin on 31/12/2020).
  5. No - if anything it helps. That rule is there to prevent someone arguing that (e.g) you should have two games in hand on your title rival because they've had two games abandoned at half time due to bad weather over the course of the season. Mandating that a season consists of 38 matches means that you cannot just end the season after 30 matches and relegate Hearts.
  6. Have had a wee perusal of the SPFL rules: Can't relegate Hearts if the season ends prematurely, lads.
  7. Interesting that you cretins appear to be treating Hearts' relegation as a foregone conclusion, when of course the reality is that we were about to turn on the style and coast to safety?
  8. As if the SPFL will relegate one of The Establishment Clubs on a technicality.
  9. How dare you use my own words against me. That's really low, man.
  10. Can I change "My Team" to Coronavirus please Admin.
  11. Beginning to think we might not coast to safety, lads.
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