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  1. The Jays offence has been nothing short of garbage today and last night. Feels the exact same as last years ALCS - Wasting quality starts by swinging for the fences on pitches outside the zone.
  2. Yaaaaaaaas! That game has taken about 9 years off my life. P.S. Scenes when Odor threw garbage to lose the game!
  3. Wish I had just paid for tickets now! Enjoy the game!
  4. 500s aren't too bad, the occasional foul ball ends up all the way up there! Atmosphere is gonna be electric tonight. So tempted to buy a ticket but can't be shelling out $200+ for every post-season game if we make ALCS and potentially WS! I live right beside the dome so I always hear what happens before the TV - Want to hear the home run horn plenty tonight!
  5. Well the Rangers defence picked up right where they left off in Game 5! Hamels was pretty poor and struggled with command. Estrada was absolutely dominant. Incredible to think he's played through this season with a herniated disk in his back.
  6. Ended up getting tickets midway through the first inning last night. Throat is destroyed today. Blue Jays fans usually complain about Gibbons being terrible (especially wrt bullpen management) but Showalter not bringing Britton into the game is just a colossal f**k up. Can't wait for games against Texas. Guaranteed to kick off!
  7. I agree the slide is bad by Bautista, although these type of slides only became illegal this year. Odor knows all about dirty slides - https://twitter.com/SBNation/status/650411563229310980 There's now talk of whether Odor tried to hit Bautista in the face with his throw to first. https://streamable.com/oxon
  8. Rougned Odor is a scumbag. Hope he gets a lengthy ban. Gutted that we don't play Texas again this season!
  9. You wouldn't think it if you saw any of his At Bats so far this year!
  10. To think the Blue Jays traded him for RA Dickey and Josh "Passed Ball" Thole.
  11. Just as well he made it into the 8th! Incredible performance from Estrada. Great to see Tulo's bat get hot as well! Let's see which David Price shows up on Friday!
  12. Apparently he's warming up with the pitchers for the game tonight as well! Really highlights the big difference in the Royals bullpen and the Blue Jays. Clearly the Jays aren't going to go back to either Hawkins or Tepera after last night. Hendricks pitched 4 innings so won't be available, Loup is on family leave and Cecil is still injured. Lowe has struggled in the post-season too. We can only rely on Sanchez and Osuna from the bullpen so unless we have Stroman in there (unlikely) then we need Estrada to make it through 7 innings unscathed.
  13. Shortstop Cliff Pennington in to pitch in the 9th - I'm not even mad hahaha!
  14. Hendricks did well to be fair. Dickey, Hawkins and Tepera though... :-|
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