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  1. Came from a huge jambo at my work so doesn't necessarily make it true, but I heard Hearts want him back in January. They are struggling to get goals out of their strikers recently, and Henderson would be their impact option from the bench. With the little service he got, I thought he looked dangerous today, some really good touches and of course got the goal. There might be problems in the team right now, but he's done the business for us in his loan spell. Plenty potential there. Sent from my SM-G780G using Tapatalk
  2. Saturdays game is a pretty big deal for Alloa. We've had a poor points return in our last 2 home games. Saturday might dictate whether we push on up on the table or spend the next stage of the season looking over our shoulder. I thought Stevie Crawford did a reasonably good job last season at Dunfermline. East Fife come into the game off a really bad Cup result, but we could see the dreaded new manager bounce. You'd imagine their players will be up for this. New Bayview is a ground we don't have a great record at- 1 win in the last 8 there, and haven't won there in the last 5 visits. Andy Graham will come in for the suspended Mendy Id imagine, but not too many other enforced changes. Our midfield is loaded with quality but has lacked a bit of cohesion in the last 2 league games. Hopefully the big win last week and the Cup draw has given the team a lift to iron out the creases a bit.
  3. Correct. Right before half time to make it 1 1. Think Celtic missed a penalty but made it 2 1. Couple of late goals put some gloss on the score.
  4. So you criticised the club for the admission fee on Saturday and are now criticising the fans who didn't pay the admission fee you were so critical of?
  5. With the politics involved I doubt they'd move either of the Old Firm to the Friday or Monday. Also think Premier Sports would be the more likely to cover- assume that's part of the deal they have in place, to cover Celtic and Rangers where the opportunity presents itself.
  6. With the restricted capacity and it being Celtic I'd be astounded if we aren't moved to the Sunday for TV
  7. Always liked this photo from their last visit Sent from my SM-G780G using Tapatalk
  8. A wee bit better draw than the usual Livi away. A day to look forward to where the ground will be full. Celtics first competitive visit to Recs since the early 80s, we've always switched the ground after that. Let the madness commence. Sent from my SM-G780G using Tapatalk
  9. I was hoping our class showed and it did. Through the build up I had a bad feeling but we looked comfortable throughout. Bonnyrigg backed by a decent support and second half at 2 0 they backed their team and they gave it a real go. Henderson was too good for their backline and I'd guess really enjoyed his afternoon. Good to be in the next round and hopefully gives us some momentum to go and get 3 points at East Fife next week in the league
  10. Midfield contained plenty of quality today but just didn't really get moving through the gears for any prolonged spell in the game. Below par first half where Montrose were tidier on the ball in the middle of the park. We were then excellent for about 15 minutes, scoring twice and overall far more creative. We then sank deep to see it out and to be fair, it's worked in the past. But we just could not take the pressure off the back 4. We rode our luck too much, and paid the price. I thought despite being starved of real service, some of Hendersons touches were really good and always looked a real threat. Obviously feels like 2 points dropped, but could probably say Montrose merited a point.
  11. Pay at turnstile is available mate Sent from my SM-G780G using Tapatalk
  12. I wrote something similar in the match programme for this Saturday. We've picked up 7 points from past 3 games in what looked like really tough fixtures on paper. That's repaired much of the damage caused by the home defeats to Cove and Peterhead. We now have a run of home games with East Fife away in amongst it. We need to make this count in terms of points on the board. No point picking up results against Falkirk and QP away if we lose our home games. Sent from my SM-G780G using Tapatalk
  13. You can pay at the turnstile mate. Sent from my SM-G780G using Tapatalk
  14. We huffed and puffed tonight, second best to a young Rangers team who played it around well. No one on the fringes put their case forward for a starting slot. Tonight will be completely forgotten if we get the 3 points against Airdrie on Saturday.
  15. 10 quid for over 65s too Sent from my SM-G780G using Tapatalk
  16. We certainly carried a wee bit of luck in terms of the handball in the area (which looked a stick on pen at the time and same on highlights) and the Gilmour challenge, which as stated could have led to a red card, it's very close. The one where Henderson was clean through and didn't even get a foul was also bizarre. What a 2nd half that was though when you look back at the highlights. Crazy chances passed up at both ends. The commentary with Sena is great too. Sent from my SM-G780G using Tapatalk
  17. I think we need to give Wright his due. Didn't cover himself in glory for goals 2 or 3 but it was his first game playing in front of a back 4 that was a bit frantic. I still think Durnan is excellent, and elements of his play really showed his experience. The fact Church was replaced with Robbo speaks volumes. Robbo always gives you 100 percent but for god sake he isn't a left back. Cawley was terrific. In the middle of the park he was a leader and that's what we need- someone to take responsibility. Sena of course was beginning to show real signs of it but in my opinion that's what we've lacked. Cawley has sat on the bench for a while but he really showed his worth today. Was disappointed with Sammon. Happy to see him start but it was a real off day for him. Very classy finish by Henderson for the winner which was of course an incredible moment. Particularly as I was leaving at 3 2, only sticking around because I thought Connells goal was the 94th minute, and the stadium announcer stated it was 88th. After some bad days this season the rollercoaster was worth it with that outcome. Let's see if we can build on it next week against an Airdrie team in decent form. Sent from my SM-G780G using Tapatalk
  18. Burt is really highly rated from everyone who has watched him at some length. Didn't think he did much wrong last week. Wouldn't be too phased with playing him Sunday. Might as well give the boy a go. There's plenty other issues above this in the queue right now [emoji846] Sent from my SM-G780G using Tapatalk
  19. It doesn't help that many of the online apps show a full service when you go to pay, when the reality is completely different.
  20. What an utterly bizarre season so far Fights between fans Fights between manager and fans Fights between management team and players Not even November yet. Sent from my SM-G780G using Tapatalk
  21. You'd think Mendy is out the team after Saturday and either Andy or Howie steps in there. Remains to be seen though. Didn't like Robbo getting dropped to the bench on Saturday after a class couple of outings in the middle. Boyd I think has done well, but has yet to convince me he's a better option than Cawley who is benched at the moment. Obviously still finding his feet so maybe a bit unfair, but when Cawley joined the club you knew after about 10 minutes he would be a player for Alloa. Durnan has been class, a really good signing. Jury's out on a fair few of them though, but I think we will see where he's at after the second quarter is completed to properly assess what the manager is trying to achieve I know its easy to say but I think the Alloa team of 3 or 4 years ago would be romping this league. Lots of solid enough teams but haven't seen anyone of huge quality so far.
  22. Yeah ref could maybe have given Sena a yellow seeing as it was the first challenge of the game, but can also see why he put him off. It was a shame because he's really picked up form last couple of weeks. Unfortunately killed the game a bit as a spectacle and we were always up against it after that. Can't fault the effort of the players, and if Cawleys shot goes in, we might well have taken the 3 points. It's a bad mistake from Mendy for the 2nd goal. I really like him, and he won everything in the air but he is shaky at the back. The mistake cost us the game. I'd expect Howie to come in for him for next game. All the subs did well when they came on. Agree that Cove not as good as they were when they visited last season. Logan got a ton more space due to the red card but I thought he played well. McAllister can still do the business though on his day. It's been a strange season so far. The first quarter has probably gone the way I expected, and we need to improve our form. However, from what we've seen so far I think we are capable of being there and thereabouts come the end of the season. Sent from my SM-G780G using Tapatalk
  23. I think that over the piece so far it's been pretty disturbing how much Barry Ferguson has really got under the skin of some Alloa fans and some of the shouts at previous games have been well over the top. And I didn't go to Cowden game where it was said to be the worst. However, today I didn't hear anything at all (happy to be corrected if wrong) so the reaction was quite bizarre. Certainly not the way you expect a manager of a football club to behave. There's obviously been a build up there but I agree had he come over and engaged in a conversation the supporters would have respected him. Only a small amount of fans interacted back with him. Ironically most (myself included) stayed back to applaud the team for a pretty decent performance. I think most fans were pretty shocked by the whole thing. No problem with a bit of passion on display, but the approach of the manager all wrong and probably regrets it now.
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