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  1. Quite a bizarre game. I thought we played better last week, but despite Kelty giving us 2 absolute gifts thought we still deserved to win comfortably. We took a good half hour to really get going and unsurprisingly looked a whole lot better in 2nd half when Robbo came on and we had full backs in their natural positions. That's the main issue I see so far- our strongest 11 should give anyone in the league a game. But although the players are certainly capable, fitting square pegs in round holes by necessity is producing mixed results. I felt sorry for Church, because he improved the team from the bench, reacted well to being dropped from the starting 11- but will probably be remembered for not stopping that cross for the inconsequential Kelty consolation. Kelty passed the ball around okay but our defence had a fairly easy afternoon. They also looked ropey at the back, and the first goal shouldn't be happening at any level above primary school really. Pleased for Rodden with his 2 goals and agree with Kieren that he may be more suited to the impact sub role for now.
  2. Scougall was quite a frustrating watch early on. He was obviously disrupted by injuries. But when he played his touch and ability to open up space had all the elements of a successor to Iain Flannigan. He just wasnt influencing games as much as I thought he was capable of. Barry Ferguson deploying him as a winger really summed up his tenure as manager. For a guy who was a really good midfield player at a high level to be so clueless about putting together a balanced midfield really was beyond belief. Thankfully Rice has seen what we could all see, and now we are getting the best out of him. With a lot more part time clubs handing out contracts beyond the standard one year, we simply had to follow suit or end up left behind. A really sensible piece of business by the club.
  3. Thought there was definitely more positives than negatives last night. Defence looked fairly solid after a few flutters in the opening stages of the game- with Stanger, Graham and Taggart all performing well. Goalkeeper once again stood tall when called upon and looks a really decent acquisition. Not keen on Taggart at left centre back, but the guy is so consistent you could really put him anywhere on the field Church did lose his man for the County opener, and he knew it. But to Countys credit it was a decent delivery that hung in the air and asked questions. Sammon wanted the penalty and after his Saturday hat-trick thats pretty normal. If Scougalls on the pitch he takes it. I did have a feeling he would miss, particularly after the short delay as the ref sorted out a bit of jostling on the edge of the area. Not the big mans best night but he put in a proper shift as usual We carried far more of a threat and purpose when Cawley and Scougall came on the pitch- no real surprise there but we played some really good stuff 2nd half. MacIver (who has taken a bit of time to get going in pre season) and Rodden both put in decent performances. MacIvers header looked in all the way but unfortunately hit the post. Khyyam was busy and being a general nuisance to the County defenders from the bench. Looked like he did the job the manager asked of him. Decent competitive game with a good tempo from the off and even a wee bit of nastiness every now and then- enjoyed it
  4. Cawley on his honeymoon, just got married. I think Robbo might just be on holiday but not 100%- might be something work related too.
  5. A long but good day out on Saturday- nice town, nice ground and locals all really friendly. Buckie definitely gave us far more of a game than the result suggests. After Alloa equalised I didnt sense the outcome would be in much doubt though. Wasnt vintage stuff from Alloa, but we had plenty of regular starters out. Hogarth made some really good saves which was encouraging- nothing spectacular but just stood strong when Buckie were putting pressure on our goal. Obviously Sammon hitting the goal trail was great to see, and he was too good for them overall. Similarly Roddens goal was a really well placed header at a key moment of the game to put Alloa ahead for the first time. Miller also looked decent in the middle of the park, particularly in Scougalls absence which was a real plus point. I thought O'Donnell had a decent game and was always an outball- but we still look far more dangerous going forward on the right- with Taggarts deliveries- than we do on the left. Still in with a chance of qualification from the group, although tomorrow nights game will be tough and the rest day has fallen pretty favourably for Dunfermline looking ahead to the last game on Saturday. Not that it really matters all that much anyway.
  6. I've been thinking the same through pre season- that a combination of the budget not being what it was, and a dip in what can be done in the transfer market overall. And facing reality, our status has dropped a bit. We are still one of the top part time teams, but there are other options for top part time players now. Arbroath tore it up in the Championship last season, and I believe Cove are still part time and they've taken a fair few seasoned pros dropping down a level. For what it's worth I think the manager has taken the correct approach by using the budget to retain much of the team, topping it up with more cost effective options. He did well to keep the likes of Taggart and Scougall at the club- top players who would walk into any team at part time level and a lot of lower end full time clubs. I think he'll still utilise the loan market, but we will probably have to be more patient there and wait for other clubs squads to settle before conducting this business. If we get a fair bit of luck on the injury front I still think we can compete for playoff positions. But the league is pretty competitive this season and it may be tough if the likes of Scougall and Robbo get injured.
  7. Hopefully keeper situation gets resolved prior to next Tuesday. If we are bringing a new keeper in ideally would want them to get a runout in the closed door game on Saturday. Thankfully appears Muir is okay. But if we were signing him I doubt he would be able to play for a couple of weeks minimum. Unless we get the rumoured loan keeper in quicker, I'd imagine Keir Burt would be in goal for the East Fife and Buckie games.
  8. Yes, heard keeper was taken to hospital for precautionary checks, but had absolutely no recollection of what happened. Was a pretty sombre end to the game, referee was 100% correct to call time on it. Just glad it was not more serious than it turned out. As Waspie states, not much happened first half but second we were on top for a good spell and looked really good. MacIver and Sammon missed chances youd expect theyd put away with a bit more match sharpness. We've seen the team progressing pretty well from game to game in terms of passing fluency, with a good mix of opposition- the pre season programme clearly had some thought behind it so credit must go to the manager for that. Good for the fans too- but have to say Im probably maxed out on friendlies now and looking forward to more competitive stuff next week.
  9. Its Alloa mate- we'll set aboot ye on the terraces. You'll have no trouble whatsoever- if in doubt just head across to gazebo stand (traditional away side) or sit in the main stand with the kids.
  10. Yeah it's certainly not a huge factor but of the 4 pre season games so far today was definitely the worst spectacle. But the strikers got on the scoresheet so job done in terms of progress. Agree that Sammons goal was pretty special with the build up play and the superb finish. Pretty uneventful but we looked fairly comfortable throughout the game. After the opener the result was never really in doubt. The 3 wins would have been expected but won't do any harm at all in terms of confidence for the League Cup campaign in 10 days.
  11. PJ started off not too bad for Alloa, but his form tailed off as the season went on. Armour didnt get much of a chance last season, so its hard to really have a pop at the guy.
  12. Dont forget Ben Armour and PJ Crossan will also make their return to the hallowed turf. Powderkeg stuff . I'm actually looking forward to it in all seriousness. Not sure what the weather forecast is, but any afternoon standing at Clackmannan Road end not freezing to death is to be savoured.
  13. Looks like a fight was planned over at KFC. There were police present for a good 30 minutes on Clackmannan Road after the game but it appeared they were just dispersing the crowds and waiting around for parents to pick up the children in question. I was a fair distance from them during the match so it probably didnt impact me as much as perhaps others. The flare after the first goal was hilarious, but it was all growing a bit tedious by the second half, and throwing missiles at the keeper isnt on. I enjoyed the game, and another decent crowd- although a bit bizarre watching an Alloa Stirling game with Alloa in bright orange and Stirling in navy blue. Only a friendly but the fact it was against Stirling gave it a slight edge compared to other pre season games. Not the main aim of pre season of course, but as stated Alloa won comfortably without really getting out of second gear- and it was probably an easier win overall than the Cumbernauld Colts game on the Saturday. Stirling had a mini revival at the start of the second half after pulling a goal back to make it 3-1 but they didnt really make much headway at all. Alloa got the 4th and the game completely petered out as a contest. Great to see Adam King getting a hat-trick. His second goal was exquisite and perhaps even better than his one against Montrose last season. I hope he brings that form into the campaign. Theres a player in there, hes technically pretty sound but need him to impose himself on games a bit more. He did that last night. Scougall again looked terrific and after spending much of last season bizarrely deployed as a winger I have high hopes that he'll be our star player this season. I thought you could see the improvement in midfield fluency, even compared to Saturday. Would have liked to see both our main strikers get off the mark which hasnt happened so far- but still a few more friendlies for them to get going. Not sure about any of the trialists so far- I dont know what the budget situation is but Im guessing we will top up the squad with loans. Im assuming Stanger pretty much signed, so key areas of the squad are obviously a goalkeeper and probably another option up top. Then its fingers crossed some of the more key players dont have bad luck on the injury front.
  14. Decent enough exercise yesterday. Result never in doubt and allowed Alloa to work on ironing out the creases of their passing play and reach competitive match sharpness. I thought the win would involve plenty goals after scoring a couple early. Both goals were well taken and from twitter it looks like trialist is Bradley Rodden who was at Rossvale last season. Took his goals well and made some really good runs first half. Colts to their credit stuck in there after that opening 20 mins, and actually competed well for the rest of the game without ever really threatening the Alloa goal. Not that much else to report. Alloa scored a third early in the 2nd half through a set piece. Andy Graham claimed it but I thought it looked suspiciously like an own goal. Last half hour was pretty fragmented with a flood of trialists and youngsters introduced. Scougall looked class in his time on the pitch as always. Early days in pre season and plenty games on the horizon before the real stuff begins.
  15. Train strike will make tomorrows game a bit of a logistical challenge for some. Would have been nice to go for a wee pre match beer but car it is for me. Graeme Holmes is at Cumbernauld Colts, so hopefully get a chance to see him play in the game as a wee additional bonus. Stranraer played them in a friendly last Saturday at Broadwood and won 5-0.
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