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  1. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    I was at the dugout at time up. Didn't see the ref goading anyone, although there were a lot of bodies and I was more focussed on applauding the goalkeeper. He was certainly given torrents of abuse by some, so if he did respond I wouldnt be describing it as goading and it certainly wasnt unprovoked. Other than an offside being given which looked suspiciously like occurring in Alloas own half, I didnt think the ref did too badly over the piece. Theres a selection who like to get on officials backs but i dont think our ground is any worse than others to that regard.
  2. Dundee United v Alloa 20/11/2018

    Just a bit less hysterical when someones opinion dares to differ would be a start....
  3. Dundee United v Alloa 20/11/2018

    Video evidence that surprisingly enough a referee cannot access on the field of play.
  4. Dundee United v Alloa 20/11/2018

    Printer needs a reality check. The boy clearly knows better than anyone and should never be questioned. We got a couple of soft penalties in our favour at Cappielow the other week, and a few marginals went the other way here. It happens. As illegal as it was, mentioning the Rudden goal insinuating some sort of thinly veiled conspiracy is ridiculous.
  5. Ton v Alloa

    Great day for us, we were pretty comfortable with very few real scares in front of our goal. Both penalties looked fairly soft but we will take it. Created other good chances and were always dangerous on the counter. Thought we would get a point at best so terrific to get all three.
  6. Ayr v Alloa

    I thought Burt was excellent down at Palmerston. He only lost his place due to being cup tied for the Dunfermline game and the midfield who played that day have kept the jerseys. Had it not been for that every probablity he would still be starting.
  7. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    Only if the boy stays near "the Drum" though. DrumLoyal clearly doesnt possess any form of transport or money for a bus fare.
  8. Alloa v Caley Thistle

    Disappointed we didnt win yesterday, created the better chances, with excellent performances all over the park. Front 3 caused lots of problems, with Flannigan and Robertson pulling the strings well in midfield. Thought we lost a bit of momentum going forward after we made the changes, but manager clearly states in his interview he felt we were tiring a bit and losing a bit of ground- so fair enough. Admittedly Inverness looked more of a threat after introducing Austin. Regarding the earlier comparison to Hartleys team of 13/14- manager has put together an excellent group but not to the level of the team who took Aberdeen all the way up at Pitoddrie and beat league leaders Hamilton Accies on their own patch. On current showings they shouldnt fear anyone in the Championship and could potentially eclipse...but a long way to go yet.
  9. Ayr v Alloa

    March 2011. Unbeaten in our last 5 visits.
  10. Alloa v Caley Thistle

    Forgot about big Jim scaring the bejesus out of Fon Williams...that was a great night.
  11. Alloa Athletic Vs Gary Caldwell's Partick Thistle

    To be fair Bannigan was decent for Thistle...thought we coped well otherwise. Terrific spirit as always, defence solid and we're starting to take chances at key stages now which is extremely encouraging. Cawley had a terrific chance right after opener. Under the cosh in late stages as expected but I thought we saw it out well without too many concerns.
  12. Alloa Athletic Vs Gary Caldwell's Partick Thistle

    Oh for god sake let it go... Anyway...the game. After struggling to find the net we are in a decent position of scoring 5 in the last 2 games. Plenty options for manager. Expect Thistle to bring a great support so should be a good afternoon.
  13. Alloa Athletic Vs Gary Caldwell's Partick Thistle

    Last Saturday afternoon, and Monday and have avoided since. Happy to take your steer on it though, clearly know better.
  14. Alloa Athletic Vs Gary Caldwell's Partick Thistle

    And sit for 45 minutes at the Bridge- top plan...
  15. Alloa Athletic Vs Gary Caldwell's Partick Thistle

    Wee heads up for the Thistle fans...roadworks on Kincardine Bridge have led to hellish delays on Clackmannanshire Bridge. Fine to come over the bridge when heading to Alloa, limited delay. But heading home i would go via Stirling otherwise you could be in for a minimum half hour wait in the temporary lights on the bridge.