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  1. The bench offered like for like cover in a number of positions- was probably a choice between Williamson and O'Donnell for the bench, unless O'Donnell carrying a knock or another reason. The game was gone by half time- don't think there was much point in flooding the attack and risking a cricket score.
  2. Last paragraph in particular spot on there Waspie. Its vital we get Scougall integrated into that first 11 as soon as possible. The midfield is well balanced but we need more of a creative spark in there. Scougall clearly has the ability to provide it. I know he was short of match fitness when he came in, but his influence is limited in cameo appearances from the bench. Two problems yesterday- being too wasteful in the final third was obviously one, and we just didnt have that extra bit of quality to stretch Queens to get us up the pitch a bit quicker. Particularly in the second half when Queens were correctly quite content to sit on their 2 goal advantage. I think Thomsons work is pretty good in terms of touches and link play. But if we cant get the ball to him in semi decent positions, he'll have days like yesterday.
  3. Cheers mate. Apparently we are on the Hearts fans boycotting list so not expecting a huge uptake on the streams.
  4. I absolutely dont disagree with you- that's a far more ideal method. But its unique circumstances we are currently in. For all that we were poor first half, need to also give credit to Stenny who were excellent. If the manager had made 5 subs at the break I'd certainly think the same in terms of adversely affecting the players. But the players need to take some responsibility too. As it turned out, he only made 2 subs after an hour gone. So the majority of the team in the first half also played a part in digging it out- albeit assisted by some poor Stenny defending. We won the game and progressed in the tournament- but wouldnt have been the end of the world had we not done so. And most of our key players were kept out of it and remain fresh for more important games. That's a pretty successful outcome for me.
  5. I dont see it as a risk. He clearly hoped that the players he picked would have slotted into his system a bit better than they did. These things happen. Theres far more limited opportunities to give guys on the fringes some game time this season. The League Cup isnt a priority for me, particularly this season. Theres two far bigger games coming up against Queens and Hearts in the space of 4 days. The end justified the means.
  6. First half was certainly terrible, and manager probably made too many changes. I actually had a suspicion we weren't too bothered about progressing. With no supporters in grounds we are hardly on to a money spinner. Unless we get a match on tv, any prize money might be offset by the cost required to potentially covid test the squad (I think). I think the disjoint was to be expected, particularly at the back. Anyway, it gave him a chance to put fringe players within the system and setup he has deployed all season. Agree with Waspie, we certainly got far more of a foothold once Hetherington and Grant were introduced, with a foundation and stability. But we didnt really need to move through the gears all that much to pick up the result. And for me that's pretty positive. There were some successes out there. O'Donnell I thought looked pretty good. Williamson made some mistakes but would have been a good experience for him. It gave the manager a chance to look at all of his options within a system, everyone got a runout and we progressed. And one of our strikers not only got off the mark, but hit a hat trick. Job done and it worked out fine.
  7. Not getting involved in the tit for tat but I will say this Alloa philosophy stuff is over egged, mainly by outsiders. We do play some good football but it's because we have good players rather than anything ingrained into the club. I've never heard a single Alloa supporter talk about philosophy or playing football the right way. Of course the fans are happy that we can take on any team at this level, but the main aim of the fans is the team getting results to stay in the league.
  8. I think you spoke about a minimum order level of 50- I spoke to a Scottish programme seller last week who would take 25 copies of each edition from the club. Not sure if he got in touch with club or John Glencross to pursue this. I think that's the market who will take these predominantly- collectors. Covid era has led to a collectors paradise and programme sellers are making more cash than ever. Fanbase wise, I think you'll get a handful that may pay £5, but again probably restricted to the more die hard collectors of the support. I don't think online programme would sell unless price was a token gesture (ie £1)
  9. Absolutely. Very isolated against Morton and actually did okay with the very restricted service that he got. He scored 3 in 3 before Saturday, which was just one of those games where few opportunities opened up. It took O'Hara 7 league games to score last season, and his record last season was identical to what it is now- 1 in the Betfred. Cant obviously comment on what hes done so far this season, but even when not on the scoresheet he did a lot of work for the team- aspects that Alloa are lacking a bit at the moment such as pressing high and stretching defences.
  10. We played some good stuff at times but only in patches. Mortons tactics and shape were good, they pressed the hell out of us in our own half and didnt really allow us to get a foothold and play. But Grant had done his homework, knew this would happen and the diagonal long outlet to Connelly appeared to be what he was looking for. But Mortons defence held quite firm there. In first half Cawley looked the only Alloa player capable of putting his foot on the ball and really kicking off creative moves to play through them. Scougall will undoubtedly play every week once fully fit. I was frustrated by Ray Grant playing the ball back the way too often but again credit to Morton for the way they closed the space, giving no real team mates for Grant to aim for Thought the early incident was a penalty for Alloa, probably didnt help that it occurred in opening minutes. Later in the game might have got that. For the goal I could see what Robbo was trying to do...jockeying the player to buy our defence a bit of time. He succeeded to a point but it was a terrific through ball. We do need a pacier option up top. Thought Thomson did fine on terms of service he got- a couple of good touches to build attacks. Buchanan also fine. But need to pull and stretch defences more. I too thought the same as kieren when Morton commentators said they were tiring. However in their defence, the effort they put in to stifle us for long spells would have taken its toll eventually. They did sit deep in closing stages and probably a wee bit fortunate Alloa didnt convert one of those chances to level it. On the whole though, Morton commentators had some great patter. Being one sided is to be expected but there were some good one liners in there and they were clearly enjoying themselves. Overall I think Morton probably did edge it, but certainly not by a huge margin. And as stated we really should have taken one of those chances towards the end.
  11. Difficult to really take any indications from those games forward. In the 4 1 game we had a proper good spell in that opening half then a period of madness followed with our captain getting sent off. I though Morton manager got his tactics spot on in that game though. On that showing I expected Morton to push on and have a really good season. In the 4 4 game the opposite happened. Again we had a spell where we lost it at the back, but Hopkin sat his team deep, invited pressure and we cracked them to leave with a point. Our record overall in more recent times at Cappielow is actually pretty good. Our main concern is the goalkeeper and whether Parry will be fit for the game after leaving the field injured against Edinburgh City midweek. Other than that we've looked pretty good in all the Betfred games in terms of shape and organisation.
  12. Die hards will pay but highly unlikely to get any floaters looking for something to do in the afternoon when they could just fire on netflix or something similar.
  13. Absolutely. It's just like admission prices. A few set a high bar and the rest are pretty much forced to follow suit in order to compete. I agree...a PPV stream market is an entirely different market than attending matches. But needs to be balanced against clubs trying to stay afloat. The outcome looks bleak based on current situation to get fans back in stadiums any time this season. As a result, I'll probably pay the going rate for all the away matches. Great work with the stream last night. I saw you leaving McDonalds mid afternoon behind me in queue out (assume going back to ground), so you're clearly putting in the hours- its acknowledged and applauded.
  14. Agree with most of that, the disallowed goal looked a bit harsh, certainly would have thought so had it occurred up other end. Officials clearly made their mind up about Sibbalds position quite quickly, not sure he really did a lot wrong but hard to tell conclusively from the camera angle. The penalty shout I thought player went down awfully easy and didnt look enough in it. Didnt have many complaints about the outcome. Obviously missed the goals but it looked like we might be on the receiving end of more. But we recovered well, got back into the game and gave Livi a couple of scares. Considering it was only our second competitive game of the season and Livi are a decent bit into their league season now I was very pleased with how we performed.
  15. Absolutely. I was saying on twitter I'll hang fire on the criticism until I see what we charge for the next game against Edinburgh City. Obviously clubs need to generate cash and personally I'm happy to contribute where I can. Not the fault of Livingston in terms of stream loss and the system being used. Undoubtedly we will get teething problems. But charging 15 pounds for what was a fairly jerky stream of the game isnt value for money looking at the big picture. Leodhas work is excellent and I've no doubt our coverage will the best it can be within the constraints. But I'll be surprised if we dont ask for a high cost for Tuesday nights game too. I hope that doesnt put unnecessary pressure on him. That's a ton of responsibility for essentially a club volunteer.
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