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  1. Also worth noting that after the game Robertson made a point of going to every Alloa player at time up, which was a touch of class. The performance was up there with the win over Dundee United as one of our best of the season. A very comprehensive win, with everyone playing their part. Banks was absolute class- best individual performance Ive seen from an Alloa player in quite some time. Connelly also terrific. A selection headache for the manager now, which can only be a good thing.
  2. Robbo played right, with Stirling Deas and Taggart more central and Dick further up on left. Worked well
  3. Agreed. The goal was a poor one defensively but it was only time we really allowed White time in the box. Very much a new defensive unit, but they fought brilliantly despite being peppered with a lot of crosses into our box. We charged down loose balls in numbers, getting bodies goal side. Robertson in particular was excellent snuffing out danger. Whilst Caley Thistle style of play contributed, it was particularly encouraging that they didnt manage to play through us at any point really in the game. Very encouraging to see Trouts back. But credit where its due, Thomson was really good again up top winning aerial balls and linking play. The team has an excellent balance to it right now, and we finally have a few options to change it where situations dictate.
  4. Would admit that we didnt pepper the Queens goal with lots of chances in that opening spell. The two goals were probably the only real openings. But in terms of stifling Queens and controlling the midfield battle- felt we were on top.
  5. That was a really enjoyable day and game yesterday. The two early goals were a good reflection of the opening 20 minutes. We were well on top in this period. The goals definitely from a Queens point of view defended poorly. Particularly the first- where they laid it on a plate for a bang in form O'Hara . There wasnt many uncomfortable moments in that opening half. But the injury to MacDonald changed the context of the game- despite him not really having a save to make from that point. We knew Queens would come roaring out second half and it wasnt the best situation having a young largely untried keeper between the sticks. Unfortunately the fears were realised, first with Hamilton pulling a goal back. Then Dobbie, who had been largely quiet and isolated, produced a moment of real quality with a stunning equaliser. Understandably that shook us up but after 5 minutes or so we settled down. Peter Grant had switched to a back 3 bringing on Ben Stirling and pushing Robertson into midfield and it worked effectively. Stirling had a hand in O'Haras goal- the one true chance we created, but at the moment thats all O'Hara needs. We rode our luck a bit towards the end but Andrew Wilson pulled off two brilliant saves to win the points. A great win and we have replicated our form at this time last season to haul ourselves off the bottom. Fingers crossed MacDonalds hip injury isnt too serious as weve had terrible luck with injuries to real key men in the team. But dropping a cross aside, Wilson stood tall and played a big role in that win. Robert Thomson has had a couple of excellent outings in the past 2 games- finally getting a run and putting some consistency together. He tired in the second half- he had a big job to do in terms of running into pockets of space- but good to see him playing his part.
  6. I didnt see the second half antics, but the first half stuff was much ado about nothing til the flare went off. There was a squad of younger-ish Caley boys who were probably a bit well on in terms of the drink- but they were just enjoying themselves and not bothering anybody at all. They got a steward to take a photo of them in front of their flag, and didnt even indulge in any goading of the home fans after the opener- just celebrated the goal amongst themselves and cheered for the players. Unfortunately for them, setting off a flare gets you removed from a ground- particularly in a smaller group when blending into a crowd is impossible. But to be fair to them they were in a fairly open space on the terrace, so no ones safety was put into jeopardy. Absolutely nothing sinister in any of it.
  7. Enjoyable game. The first half petered out a bit after a bright start, but second half was fairly compelling stuff. Undoubtedly scrappy at times but always kept your attention. Alloa were well organised as usual- had to be with such a makeshift backline. The midfield was forced to sit a bit deeper as a result and offer that extra protection. But played some excellent stuff at times, with Adam Brown in particular having a strong outing. Wasnt always pretty from him, but he had plenty drive to take us up the pitch. His goal was quite fortunate but he did the right thing striking it first time- always difficult to deal with that type of shot. Thistle did have a lot of chances- McCall spotted weaknesses down the flanks and used his players and substitutions to repeatedly get crosses into the box. But it was a wee bit predictable and they didnt really cut us open all that often. Some ping on the boy Cole though. Clearly fancied it. Thought I would have saw more urgency from Thistle after the equaliser. They had a wee spurt upping the tempo right away but then reverted to doing the same things- and our defence was fairly wise to it. Thistle have good players- but at the moment theres still a gap between them and the likes of Dundee and ICT. Theyll have to bridge that if they have any ambitions of getting into those promotion playoff places. The penalties were both quite soft. Can see why hes given the first one with these new handball rules but Deas hands were down and its harsh. For the second one Malcolm was a bit naive perhaps but Cardles went down way too easy for me and it was an aimless ball with little danger. Thistle deserved a point based on balance of play and what they created. Little doubt our keeper kept us in it throughout the game. But naturally disappointing that we could have perhaps held out there for a valuable 3 points without the penalty awards. Very pleased with the way we played. Not perfect by any means but with little options from the bench and a makeshift backline couldnt really ask for any more than what they gave out there.
  8. Waspies summary pretty much deals with everything. After a good start we fell out of it. The Elgin goal was coming and we could easily have been more than one down at the break. By contrast the second half was one way traffic until the game was sealed after O'Haras third. Elgin did contribute to their own downfall- slack in defence and the keeper should have definitely saved the second. But we played some really nice stuff going forward and could have scored more than 3. Really enjoyed the day overall despite the lengthy trek. Im always rooting for Elgin to make the step up to League 1. They have a bit of an unfair reputation of a team treading water in the bottom league. I love the ground and the setup at Borough Briggs is excellent. It must be a wee bit frustrating for their fans because that team isnt far away at all if they sorted it out at the back- some good players who caused us problems yesterday.
  9. The first and fourth goals were brilliant strikes. Its no real surprise that we looked buried at the break- we hadnt played badly in that opening period but hadnt really worked McCrorie. O'Hara was far more effective after the break with another runner behind him further forward (Buchanan). O'Hara was brilliant in the second half- a constant thorn in the side of a Queens defence that was there to be got at and we finally asked questions of them. As slack as the defending was for Hamiltons goal I was quite impressed with him. He did a lot more for Queens yesterday than i thought he did for us last season- reaping the benefits of getting a real run of games. He was dropping a lot deeper within the unit to get involved with the play too.
  10. Apart from a wee bit of back and forth verbals across the sections in the closing stages- there was very little in terms of issues. In fact probably far less than any Ive seen in comparison to other grounds where its a similar setup for housing away fans. The section allocated isnt great, although completely understand why a small support is placed there. Despite having a roof, the stadium is so open in that area that you have no protection from the elements- rained on for the second week in a row. The stadiums definitely scenic, and you really cant argue about exiting straight onto the A9 after the game. But its still a nonsense for me having the ground so far away from the town. Modern life i guess. Other than missing a debatable foul leading up to ICTs opener, I actually thought he did fine. The Jordan White incident on the outside of the area I thought the 2 got into a tangle with both players giving as good as each other. Certainly wasnt clear cut, but admittedly id have been shouting for a simialr incident had it occurred up the other end. Cant really add more than this completely accurate assessment. We defended really well as a unit, constantly getting bodies behind the ball. ICT didnt really trouble us in the opening period and our goal was a thing of beauty. The tide turned in the second half, with Caley using a bit more physicality up top to allow themselves more success. Agree that their trusted ball players didnt really shine as much as i expected them to. Our midfield did really well, particularly Hetherington. But in that second half Flannigan was a big miss- just someone to take the ball, lift the pressure off and let everyone gather their thoughts creatively. The late equaliser when the game looked lost was obviously brilliant, and on the balance of play probably deserved. Robbie Deas is really settling in now- is really starting to understand whats expected of him in that defensive unit and had another good outing.
  11. Basic summary of Danny at Alloa- He took over from Barry Smith when we looked certainties to be relegated from the Championship. There were 2 other part time teams in the league- Cowdenbeath and Dumbarton. He rallied the team and injected some new ideas and spirit. He picked up some big results, relegating Cowden and managed to seal 9th place and an escape route via the playoffs. Led the team to the great escape playoff final win over Forfar. We didnt play badly in the first leg at Station Park but lost 3 1. But won the second leg 3 0 in one of the best days Ive experienced as a supporter. Then the cracks started. He wanted to use the budget to build a bigger squad. We still had a core of excellent players from the Paul Hartley era. He seemed quite "take it or leave it" in terms of offering new contracts to those guys (this is the players accounts- not my opinion). The majority of them left. He wanted to build a larger pool with the budget, but ended up considerably diluting the quality. His recruitment was very haphazard that summer and we were very poor. He was sacked in early December. I watched lots of his training sessions. He worked on shape shape shape. They were hugely tactically orientated and very interesting. He clearly knew his game inside out and they were great to watch from the stand. However the players spent most of these sessions standing on the pitch in their positions and listening to him. Bearing in mind they trained two nights a week only. They hated it. Also worth mentioning Danny is one of the nicest guys Ive ever met in football. I write for the match programme and early in his bad season, he summoned me to his office. He told me he read my articles every fortnight and how much he really appreciated the backing and support I was trying to give him. Ive written for the programme for 12 years and no other manager at the club has taken the time to do this. I assume hes changed his methods somewhat at Clyde because hes done really well there. So the assumption is correct that his methods at Alloa were not suited to part time level. His rebuilding strategy may have worked in League 1, but in the Championship we were toast. However, I certainly think Danny would be a level above Caldwell as Thistle manager. Thistle have quality in their ranks- he will create a bit of unity and get more out of them
  12. Could go on forever, but in summary- the stats show we picked up slightly more points at home than on the road, but it didnt really seem to suit our style of play and it contributed in diminishing the quality of a lot of games.
  13. Its not a normal situation though, with a new manager coming in after most of the squad was signed up. Stirling was a Goodwin signing, and the player himself even stated his main reason for joining was to work with Jim. That in itself was probably a risk to both parties- even if he hadnt joined St Mirren it was utterly inevitable Goodwin was never going to last the season at Alloa. Hes a good player, I thought he had plenty to offer. But if the manager doesnt fancy the player or vice versa- its a frequent occurrence in football and we move on.
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