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  1. The Basement Battle: Alloa v Bairns

    No pubs between train station youll need to head into town centre. Youll get to the wetherspoons in 5 mins walk max. Should be fine in there.
  2. The Basement Battle: Alloa v Bairns

    Over 5000 ...remember standing near where club shop is and barely being able to see the game. The Morrisons car park has no restrictions. Unlike the Falkirk one, its well out of the town centre. They built parking area for a far bigger retail park which has never really materialised. It isnt monitored in any way, with tons of spaces. There may still be a temporary traffic light at the fire station so you might get backed up a wee bit heading into Alloa. However at the roundabout youre heading left whereas the traffic queue will be going past the ground so you can dodge most of the delay. By far the easiest method of getting in and out pre and post match.
  3. The Basement Battle: Alloa v Bairns

    You'll get into the Bobbing John (Wetherspoons) and probably Old Brewery without any trouble at all...no football on TV in Bobbing Johns though.
  4. The Basement Battle: Alloa v Bairns

    Think we will. We did last time and that was when we were pointless. Any chance of it being made all ticket? Away section houses roughly 2000
  5. Alloa Athletic vs Ayr United

    Kirky played there at Dingwall when he came on as sub and bossed it pretty well. I guess it was a combination of that and with one of his centre mids being forced to play at the back to compensate for Roscoes absence. Agree question marks over its effectiveness on the day, but overall we played fairly well.
  6. Alloa Athletic vs Ayr United

    Pitch is absolutely fine as it stands. No issue whatsoever.
  7. Ross County vs Alloa Athletic

    Cant complain too much about the end result, County created some good openings. Was impressed with the boy Lindsay in centre mid. But we played plenty of decent passing play within the game. Just wish we tested the keeper a bit more in the second half. Early on though we were excellent despite going behind. Trouten and Flannigan were both excellent, and Kirkpatrick made a difference from the bench. No disgrace going down to a team I think will win the league. We competed well despite coming up a bit short. Driving through the blizzards on the way home was a bit of a white knuckle ride.
  8. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Big Gaz is running the show at Kilwinning.
  9. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Keith McCulloch in 1998 vs Rangers
  10. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Galt signed for QP earlier- hope we asked for a transfer fee.
  11. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    I'll put my own perspective in then im happy to put it to bed. What I wrote on Sunday was constructive and advisory- not an attack. I asked for clarification on what you meant in your comments to printer (which was never clarified) as the way i read it I felt it was out of order. I actually backed you up on the status at that point of the Dario situation. I did not ask you to state you did it all for the fans. I asked you to consider, as (like it or not) a representative of the club, that guys like printer (who frankly knows his game inside out) and redwedge have given the maximum support, commitment and money to the club for the best part of 40 years or more. Through good times and bad this never changes. These guys are the absolute heartbeat of the club, like it or not. Your response to this at best was poor and ill judged. At times (and i stress not always) you dont come across well to supporters. We have experienced it before with other individual(s) working behind the scenes and it damages the reputation of the club with both the die hard fans and the wider audience- making Alloa look like a tinpot outfit when nothing could be further from the truth. I know and see daily the great work that goes on (which you contribute to). Personally I have done and continue to put a lot of time in to help out and also raise the profile of the club through various means, not that it matters in this context. The proof is in the pudding. Clearly i cant speak for everyone. But Id suggest if you reign it in a bit, focus on the work you do and keep in mind these guys give much needed support and income into the club- then people will probably be a bit more favourable in their responses. This is exactly what i said on Sunday. On this forum, the Alloa supporters are a decent bunch. Youre getting a lot of their backs up though, and whether you think that's justified or not- its a fact. Yes it is your own account on here but people are aware you do work behind the scenes and with that comes a degree of responsibilty. As I said, you would never see the likes of John Glencross in barneys with fans. Hes been on the receiving end of criticism at times, but would never retort online to this extent because he is well aware it would damage the club. No grudges or issues from me going forward if you are genuine in your comments.
  12. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Thanks for saving me a google search of the Alloa website. Yours sincerely, A bottom of the barrel "pig" supporter. In other news, had a really interesting, informative chat with a director at the ground last night. Interesting news on sportsound last night from the manager. If Greig indeed wants to go elsewhere for game time (several clubs inevitably interested), can only assume its to replace him like for like. I think other than Flannigan and the goalkeeper, the squad is actually fairly interchangeable to cope with the odd injury or two. Which we will obviously need in the second half of the season.
  13. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Newmember has gone only topman and i It means nothing to me Cups mean nothing to me Oh Vienna
  14. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Probably around the 150 mark.
  15. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Worked the other way with Gilhaney and Agnew in particular, both shone up well in the Championship. Gils was never off the treatment table and Agnew had a so-so second spell with us.