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  1. Alloa Athletic vs Ross County 30/3/19

    Morrisons car park as you head into the town, first thing youll see. Few mins walk to ground, plenty spaces and at the away side.
  2. Tuesday Night Soccerball - Invernesians vs Alloaonians

    Yep, we really needed ICT to have an off night to have a chance of taking something. They didnt. They were slick in possession and made us work hard off the ball. Certainly deserved the 3 points. I did think Stevie H was amongst our best players filling in at left back, but it wasnt ideal reshuffling the back 4 for the second consecutive game. The third goal in particular was poor from our point of view. At least we didnt give up though, and the mini comeback made them work for the win.
  3. Morton v The Wasps

  4. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    We've only retained our second tier status on three occasions in our entire history- 2 of which occurred this decade (in 2013/14 then the following season again). Although this seasons Championship is significantly weaker than both campaigns in 2013-15 (one of which was the Heart/Hibs/Rangers season), theres a sense of realism as to how far we can go. The disastrous Brechin campaign last term has undoubtedly reduced expectation which has worked in our favour. And in all honesty we aren't too far away in terms of comparisons against most of the opposition in the league- which is reflected in the league table and points tally. I think we have 2 or 3 players who would get a game for the majority of the other teams. For me, staying up through any means (even ninth via play-offs) would represent a really successful season. And if we go down, I cant see car park protests and burning effigies if we have a real go at it (as we have done to date) In more recent times, Ayr have been an even more prominent yo-yo club than ourselves. Should Ayr drop out the play-off positions to a 5th placed finish, it would probably still represent a successful season for them looking at the bigger picture- of course it wont feel that way.
  5. Athletic (A) vs Athletic (D)

    The big car park at Morrisons/B&M. Few minutes walk to away section.
  6. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Apparently Tuesday March 12th is the date being discussed but as yet unconfirmed
  7. Queens v Alloa

    Thats what i thought regarding Dykes...trying to do too much and spreading himself too thin, particularly first half. I thought he improved in the second though. Great 3 points for Alloa. First half I thought we played some really good stuff. As expected Queens mounted a decent response and I would have bit your hand off for a point after the equaliser. However, after being edged out in a fair few even encounters over the season it was nice for one to fall in our favour- at a ground where the going is always extremely tough for us. Stevie Hetherington was absolutely outstanding, perhaps his best game of the season. Zanatta always has a game changing moment in him and his delivery for the winner was terrific. Great spirit and resolve by the players after a few bad results. Still hanging in there, and if we can maintain the point per game we have, then we will be in contention to stay up.
  8. Queens v Alloa

    Hope Zanatta doesnt come back to haunt us by ripping us apart in this game Seriously- both teams need a result here, hopefully can kickstart our fortunes. We havent won at Palmerston in around 16 years so undoubtedly a tough task. We need to sharpen up at the back- lost some poor goals in recent times, and clearly we will be punished tomorrow if we dont. I thought we handled Dobbie well at Palmerston last game and the boy got a hat trick. Would be pleased to leave with a point.
  9. Alloa Athletic vs Partick Thistle (16/2/19)

    That old boy was terrific to be fair. Had a right chuckle at the turn of pace, couldnt figure out if it was anger or momentum from the slope that carried him so quickly. Thistle do look to have made a marked improvement in terms of organisation and structure of their team from the earlier games in the season. Anderson at the back doesnt do anything spectacular to make himself really stand out- but he did marshall that back line superbly well. Just what Thistle needed, and an excellent piece of business to bring him in. Bannigan is clearly playing with a bit more freedom as he isnt carrying the burden of complete and utter responsibility on his shoulders. Not sure about Harkins though- gave our left back a torrid time in the first ten minutes, but faded out of playing any major role in the game after that. To be fair to Jim G, the Thistle keepers antics were quite bizarre at times- his slow distribution was actually curbing Thistles momentum in the game more than Alloas. Particularly when the game was still in the balance at 1-0. From an Alloa perspective, we were quite flat throughout and the first goal was criminal. No doubt which team deserved to win on the day. No reason for chucking in the towel though- if you'd have offered me this position at the start of the season, I would have taken it. Still right in the mix, and capable of picking up points again if we cut out a few bad habits.
  10. The Basement Battle: Alloa v Bairns

    No pubs between train station youll need to head into town centre. Youll get to the wetherspoons in 5 mins walk max. Should be fine in there.
  11. The Basement Battle: Alloa v Bairns

    Over 5000 ...remember standing near where club shop is and barely being able to see the game. The Morrisons car park has no restrictions. Unlike the Falkirk one, its well out of the town centre. They built parking area for a far bigger retail park which has never really materialised. It isnt monitored in any way, with tons of spaces. There may still be a temporary traffic light at the fire station so you might get backed up a wee bit heading into Alloa. However at the roundabout youre heading left whereas the traffic queue will be going past the ground so you can dodge most of the delay. By far the easiest method of getting in and out pre and post match.
  12. The Basement Battle: Alloa v Bairns

    You'll get into the Bobbing John (Wetherspoons) and probably Old Brewery without any trouble at all...no football on TV in Bobbing Johns though.
  13. The Basement Battle: Alloa v Bairns

    Think we will. We did last time and that was when we were pointless. Any chance of it being made all ticket? Away section houses roughly 2000
  14. Alloa Athletic vs Ayr United

    Kirky played there at Dingwall when he came on as sub and bossed it pretty well. I guess it was a combination of that and with one of his centre mids being forced to play at the back to compensate for Roscoes absence. Agree question marks over its effectiveness on the day, but overall we played fairly well.
  15. Alloa Athletic vs Ayr United

    Pitch is absolutely fine as it stands. No issue whatsoever.