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  1. Losing players and bringing in players during a transfer window- you're right something sinister must be going on behind the scenes. Offord was recalled by St Mirren, Muir wanted to spend more time with his family and by all accounts Howie is emigrating. Based on your previous posts I'd say it's mischief making. You're trying to insinuate something that just isn't there at all. I actually agree on Offord, I don't think the manager emerges with credit, didn't really give the guy a run to see what he could do.
  2. Everyone is allowed an opinion and to voice one mate- no problem with that whether in agreement or not. But that first sentence is complete nonsense.
  3. Not sure if he can- he played 3 League Cup games for St Mirren before joining us on loan. The rules may have changed though I can't keep up with them.
  4. Great video- look forward to part 2 "Conor Sammon Phoenix From The Flames- The Rise Back To Magnificence"
  5. First half was the Conor Sammon show. He was at the heart of absolutely everything we did, scored 2 good headers that could have been 3 (highlights will show whether it was right to disallow his other goal). And although he didn't have as much impact after the break I thought he put in a shift in that defensive shape. Second half we had to defend a lot more but clearly Edinburgh were going to come out all guns blazing. Their goal added a bit of trepidation but I thought we coped well, we were fairly calm in the closing stages of the game. Agree with printer I thought Cawley was having a really decent game and if you're taking him off its to try and suck the tempo out of the game and curb Edinburghs momentum. It took a while to achieve that. Despite very little attacking in the second half from Alloa I didn't think Edinburgh did enough to merit taking anything from the game. Another massive win.
  6. Ive filed the Edinburgh gamewith the likes of the Clyde play-off semi final 2008- games I just want to vanish from my memory and forget they ever happened.
  7. I blame the manager. If he reminded the players of this in the dressing room at Meadowbank during the half time team talk we'd have collected an easy 3 points that day.
  8. Waspie starts the match thread=3 points for Alloa. A proven commodity over the years.
  9. It took us an hour to really get going on Saturday but once they did I thought they looked really good out there with that shape. I think universally we would like to see a bit more stability in our approach but it did seem to get the best out of most of the team- eventually. And the Sammon debate reference had me concerned he was going to get bashed but pod was right. Once he scored (mainly due to horrendous defending admittedly) he was dynamite. Donnellys return is a huge boost. I think we'll see an upturn in the teams productivity from that alone. Regardless of how bonkers the starting line up is- if Donnelly is in we'll do okay. Good listen as always Kev
  10. Fair enough. Might not be reflected in result, because we stole a point- but on our previous visit this season we barely got a kick.
  11. Don't know why your views were so downbeat mate, the game was always pretty even and there for the taking. Could understand if we were 3 down at half time but this is madness.
  12. A much needed 3 points. We worked hard as always. Felt in that second half if we asked questions we could score and ultimately we did with a great winner. Still completely unable to fathom a lot of the managers decisions- both in his starting lineup and where he deploys players. But happy to concede he knows more about his players than me when we pick up wins at tough grounds Great to see Donnelly back in a cameo. He's vital to the creative output for this season and I'm sure he'll play a key role going forward. A massive 3 points for us after wee sticky patch- we needed that before Edinburgh City come back to Alloa next week.
  13. Holding midfielder/ball winner. Does all the grafting to allow the flair midfielders/full backs to get forward. Excellent for us.
  14. Yeah that looks unlikely now. These things happen. St Mirren have an option to recall Offord right about now I'm sure. I think we need to use him more if I'm honest. He's probably better off at us than sitting on St Mirrens bench. St Mirren not exactly struggling right now so I can't see a huge clamour from his parent club to get him back.
  15. Most clubs openly admitted it was a struggle to get players in- players less willing to travel further on a regular basis due to massive petrol price hikes amongst other reasons. So that's one less stick to beat the Alloa manager with- he was miles away from being the only one finding it tough and certainly not for the reasons insinuated. Players are coming in- pretty encouraging if rumours come to fruition. Plenty substance in what Alloa fans are saying. We are on a poor run performance wise due to a combination of that Edinburgh collapse and a ton of injuries. Results wise it's hardly been an unmitigated disaster and is fixable going forward. On paper both Alloa and Kelty should have been a whole lot better than Saturday. It was a slog of a game where both teams cancelled each other out with little to get excited about. But hardly an excuse to enter "knock the whole thing down and start again" silly season.
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