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  1. Some machine, Ally Shewan. A Renaissance crucifixion tableau vibe in this photo...
  2. Shaka Hislop has a job at NASA. (Peter Cook / E.L. Wisty voice....’just to do the drains like’)
  3. Bring back team selection by SFA committee......
  4. You’re on the Internet.... ‘should of scored’ surely
  5. The peak moment of Scottish Fitba banter was Big Doug pretending to be going through a warm up routine, but actually just contemptuously waggling his arse at the jungle....
  6. All sorts of crowd nonsense going on that day. Plain clothes plod enthusiastically extracting several casuals from the boisterous crowd. Car driver pulled off the road at Finavon so we could have a beer after listening to the radio Scotland match reports and the Reel Blend country dancing programme with Robbie Shepherd started. We were startled to find Robbie at the bar with his cronies cowping back the wee goldies..... ‘Och, the programmes are a’ recorded, loon’
  7. Ure was one of the ‘brainy’ players.... I also recall Jim Craig and John Cushley being ‘class swots’.... Surely Quizball was the first time the phrase ‘route one’ was ever used...
  8. Described Davie Robb as the worst player he ever played with.
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