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  1. I’m in there somewhere. Totally rammed terraces were OK as the exception though....
  2. If he remains consistent to his statement, then yes Chris Graham is the hero Scottish Football deserves.
  3. the good thing about the age of the internet is no matter how much anybody wants to promote their own version of events and 'rewrite history', most of the stuff that was ongoing at the time remains easily accessible
  4. The ‘team’ was commonly known as the ‘club’ which was owned by the ‘company’ which was called the ‘club plc’..... pre 2012 did the supporters pay their season ticket money to the club or the company? Were the players in the team paid by the club or the company? Why were those players able to walk away for free? The old Rangers FC died. Sevco started a new business and decided to call it Rangers. Charles Green could have named them The B&B Broadband Football and Athletic Coy. Ltd if he had been so inclined...
  5. As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. Ho ho ho..... - Chic Jung
  6. If pointing out economic reality regarding spending massively more than you generate is 'reductive' then I suppose so. A few months down the line and you will be a mess of tears and snotters saying 'why didn't anybody warn us?'
  7. well, that would be a sensible way to go about things. Can you see it happening without a 'We Deserve Better' heads gone from 99% of the support
  8. the wurst arriving at a seated area at our current ground
  9. Just having a wee dream that they* get something like this built at Kingsford......... * edit - the fans pretty much built it. Respect. https://www.fc-union-berlin.de/en/stadium/home/
  10. I hope we don’t end up having to sell a couple of players to cover this....
  11. Totally surreal. I was there. My daughter 'watched' it on teletext. Got a wee reminder of it a couple of months back...
  12. Middlesborough you say... Club crest that was used after their old club financial collapse Surely the Rangers crest should have 2012 on it.
  13. Is this the right place to confirm that Keith Jackson is an utter c**t?
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