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  1. Vicky will proceed to make 800 posts which mention his totally self-imagined ‘insecurities’
  2. Do you think passage of time makes outrageous cheating OK? Ah.....I should have stopped at ‘do you think.....?’
  3. Should clubs retain titles that were won with squads full of players who had remuneration arrangements that were blatantly in contravention of the rules? Celtic did no wrong and everyone recognises them as champions with only the current dreadful pandemic preventing the remaining matches being played out. Which Rangers 2012 FC should be grateful for.
  4. they are not a very clubbable club are they?
  5. Ah well, they must now gracefully accept the outcome of a democratic vote. S'all good, man!
  6. OR RANGERS - any chance of a loan? SPFL - maybe. let's see your up to date accounts so we can make a fiscally sound judgement. RANGERS - Stop bullying us
  7. 1947 Dons showing off the trophy we would have won yesterday. A splendid and rare view of the Beach End long before the famous roof was put on ( source - Picture This Scotland facebook page)
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