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  1. Going to miss it all... on at a good time, but the wee man's got an all day football tournament [emoji22]
  2. I like the thought of Melbourne winning after all these years
  3. Eddie is the reason I love the game! When I visited Adelaide in 2017, even though I went to a Port game, the Crows and Eddie in particular were on fire! His size, skill and grin (and pocket) caught my eye immediately... love the guy!
  4. Caught the second half once I got out of bed... well worth getting up for!
  5. I've not seen that one, but I have seen The Australian Dream, which I think covers the same stuff with Adam Goodes... I'll need to see that one too [emoji106] Shocking how things can be, Down Under... [emoji45]
  6. New documentary on Amazon Prime about Aussie Rules and their travails last season, "Making Their Mark"... looks good so far!
  7. [emoji298][emoji298][emoji298] Here's hoping they've got the mettle for the finals!
  8. Hopefully this is Port's year! [emoji298]
  9. Mon the Port! [emoji298][emoji446]
  10. [emoji23] To be fair, I thought and did the very same... But my boy heard me and quickly reminded me of the fact!
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