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  1. I'm wondering if UEFA will take into account the UK's list of quarantine countries, and not put us in a pre-draw group with any of those.
  2. Not "my team". Glad of an extra game to attend this weekend, as a neutral on Friday, to add to the one I attended as a neutral on Saturday (Hawick) and the one I attended as a neutral on Sunday (Kincorth). It was playable, else the Ref would have put it Off - his call, not the clubs', and not for anyone to hysterically demand sat indoors behind a keyboard. Hope you had as great a weekend as I did.
  3. I'm perfectly calm, thanks. Post 7 of this thread is the hysterical one.
  4. Great performance by Johnstone Burgh, rewarding the proactive decision to move the game to a Friday astro to avoid the otherwise inevitable PP. Winds not that bad - didn't interfere with play. Ref OK with it, ball not moving by itself, planes landing at the nearby airport, and the only flooded road I encountered on my drive from Aberdeen was the Renfrew car park ! If some folks prefer to sit in the house, that's up to them. But don't dictate to the rest of us that we also have to.
  5. Excellent. Thanks for confirming. On my way...
  6. I was told at Tuesday's LTHV fixture at Almondvale that they had also booked it for Saturday's v Arniston. But then West Calder United (Juniors) said they're now at Almondvale for a 2:30 fixture, saying that they got it because one of the 2 of LTHV v Arniston didn't want to play there (!!). There's only one pair of community changing rooms. So if LTHV are playing anybody there it would either have to be an early/late KO, or on the outside 3G cage arriving already in kit and driving home for a shower.
  7. How windy is it down there - any risk of it PPing the game? I'll be setting off from Aberdeen at 4pm to attend this one, and will be annoyed if I get there to find that the ref doesn't fancy it ! Cheers.
  8. Tue 18 Feb, LTHV 4-1 Easthouses, King Cup R1, played at Livi, my headcount was 46
  9. The SJFA fixtures website is showing it as having been moved to Cambusdoon 3G. No Annbank fixture this week to beat you to that venue, which they have been using whilst New Pebble Park is soggy.
  10. ...if Saughton is playable! At tonight's game, I was told by a LTHV official that Saturday's game v Arniston will also be at Almondvale.
  11. And it's worrying that Craigroyston have scratched from the King Cup, rather than playing the R2 fixture at Dunipace on Tuesday 25th Feb...
  12. Another neutral at this one, as were three others I knew who I bumped into. Great entertainment. Drier under cover than I had been when stood out at an Amateur fixture in the morning! From what I was told, you might be back sooner than next year - Almondvale has apparently been provisionally booked for your next home fixture on Feb 29th, in case the weather prevents the remaining works at Albyn Park being finished off in time. All the best for the remainder of the season.
  13. Sorry for being late with this one : my headcount was 104 at Glasgow Perthshire 7-1 Bellshill on Saturday 8th Feb.
  14. All of Annbank's remaining scheduled fixtures are now showing as at Cambusdoon 3G on the SJFA fixtures website. Sat 21 March v Vale Of Clyde Sat 28 March v Maybole Sat 11 April v Yoker Sat 18 April v Muirkirk Unless a typo, this implies they've given up on New Pebble Park being playable this season.
  15. ?? Lugar v Thorniewood showing as at Rosebank on all fixture outlets. If it has been moved to avoid the anticipated weather, please publicize. Thanks.
  16. They also used Alloa Athletic's Inodrill Stadium (3G) vs Bo'ness CFC. They have had to go elsewhere whenever the EoSFL first team have also been given a Saturday Home fixture. The first team were away on Saturday, but general sogginess of Beechwood caused the move to Xcite.
  17. Sauchie CFC v Lochgelly : played at Xcite 3G Linlithgow; I headcounted 27 of us behind the spectator barrier.
  18. Precisely my reaction too. Earlier this season I saw Lewis & Harris using the Ullapool School 3G to play Invergordon in one of the NCL cups. The expectation is that Lochbroom will reform and play out of there. Could be either/both summer/winter football. Ullapool U17s play on it on winter-season Sundays in the Highland League U17s North.
  19. The reason the NCL season starts so late (and finishes so early) is because players are still on duty for summer-league clubs. KLB haven't played in their own village for quite a few years, so I'm not sure where the rumour of alternating names/pitches comes from - they are now established playing out of Scourie only, so would surely continue just there, competing in both summer and winter football if they wished. It is indeed a great-quality pitch, also used by shinty, and had recently had a smart hall built alongside when I saw a NW Sutherland summer league game there in 2015. On that blue-sky day there weren't many better places in the world to be watching fitba. In the winter it'd be severely exposed to the incoming westerly weather though!
  20. The school is quite new. The 3G pitch is at the south end, and a gate in the south corner was open, so it's 300m from Hermand Park ( = 3 & a half minutes' walk, quicker if you jog). The way it was put to me it wasn't the distance that was being objected to, rather that they deemed it too muddy. And as said before driving round was proposed but refused. I was told that the janitor at the school knocks off at 3:30pm, so with a 1:30pm start meaning a 3:15pm finish they couldn't realistically use the school changing rooms. And they couldn't have started sooner because there were other games on it earlier. The West Calder players had a bounce game instead, walking from and back to Hermand Park. Nobody died.
  21. How very clever. Back on topic : one Junior team shows initiative to get a game on, another is allegedly 'at it' and can't be bothered. Any sensible replies are welcome, especially from LRCFC should it be the case that they feel I was mis-informed.
  22. West Calder United showed great initiative ahead of the forecast weather by booking the new school's 3G pitch for Saturday's league fixture v Linlithgow Rose CFC, their own Hermand Park grass pitch having no chance. News of that move came out on Thursday. As an 'enthusiast' (not the word my ex wife used when divorcing me!) of seeing games played on different grounds, I went to this, being bothered to get up at 05:30, being bothered to walk half an hour through the woods in the dark for the first train of the day, being bothered to trek through the morning winds & rain getting soaking wet. I got there, to be told that it was off because the visitors Linlithgow Rose CFC had deemed the path from the changing rooms at Hermand Park to the school 3G to be too muddy for them, so they refused to play. I was told that WCU had suggested driving round to the school, but LRCFC had refused that too. Cheers guys. 'Thanks very much'... I'd be interested in your side of the story. Presuming that isn't too much effort for you to bother to put in. Not amused.
  23. Thurso v Orkney (played at Halkirk). Free in (no gate taken), but I headcounted 44 of us stood out and a further 8 watching through windscreens = 52.
  24. Syngenta v Sauchie CFC (played at Grangemouth Stadium) : my headcount was 29 of us.
  25. And SFF is for people who actually GO to games, with venue-change info.
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