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  1. The school is quite new. The 3G pitch is at the south end, and a gate in the south corner was open, so it's 300m from Hermand Park ( = 3 & a half minutes' walk, quicker if you jog). The way it was put to me it wasn't the distance that was being objected to, rather that they deemed it too muddy. And as said before driving round was proposed but refused. I was told that the janitor at the school knocks off at 3:30pm, so with a 1:30pm start meaning a 3:15pm finish they couldn't realistically use the school changing rooms. And they couldn't have started sooner because there were other games on it earlier. The West Calder players had a bounce game instead, walking from and back to Hermand Park. Nobody died.
  2. How very clever. Back on topic : one Junior team shows initiative to get a game on, another is allegedly 'at it' and can't be bothered. Any sensible replies are welcome, especially from LRCFC should it be the case that they feel I was mis-informed.
  3. West Calder United showed great initiative ahead of the forecast weather by booking the new school's 3G pitch for Saturday's league fixture v Linlithgow Rose CFC, their own Hermand Park grass pitch having no chance. News of that move came out on Thursday. As an 'enthusiast' (not the word my ex wife used when divorcing me!) of seeing games played on different grounds, I went to this, being bothered to get up at 05:30, being bothered to walk half an hour through the woods in the dark for the first train of the day, being bothered to trek through the morning winds & rain getting soaking wet. I got there, to be told that it was off because the visitors Linlithgow Rose CFC had deemed the path from the changing rooms at Hermand Park to the school 3G to be too muddy for them, so they refused to play. I was told that WCU had suggested driving round to the school, but LRCFC had refused that too. Cheers guys. 'Thanks very much'... I'd be interested in your side of the story. Presuming that isn't too much effort for you to bother to put in. Not amused.
  4. Thurso v Orkney (played at Halkirk). Free in (no gate taken), but I headcounted 44 of us stood out and a further 8 watching through windscreens = 52.
  5. Syngenta v Sauchie CFC (played at Grangemouth Stadium) : my headcount was 29 of us.
  6. And SFF is for people who actually GO to games, with venue-change info.
  7. I asked over on FitbaNorth and with all credit to "Northerner" got this answer : Saturday 4th January 2020, 1:30pm McBookie.com Superleague Banks o’ Dee v Dyce Juniors Colony Park v Nairn St Ninian Deveronside v Hermes East End v Culter Ellon United v Montrose Roselea Hall Russell United v Bridge of Don Thistle Maud v Banchory St Ternan McBookie.com First Division Aberdeen University v Buchanhaven Hearts Buckie Rovers v Longside Dufftown v Stonehaven Fraserburgh United v Stoneywood Parkvale McBookie.com Second Division Cruden Bay v Forres Thistle Islavale v Newmachar United Spey Valley United v Burghead Thistle Whitehills v New Elgin Morrison Cup, Group 1 Glentanar v Sunnybank Saturday 11th January 2020, 1:30pm McBookie.com Superleague Bridge of Don Thistle v Banks o’ Dee Colony Park v Deveronside Culter v Hall Russell United East End v Banchory St Ternan Hermes v Ellon United Montrose Roselea v Maud Nairn St Ninian v Dyce Juniors McBookie.com First Division Fraserburgh United v Longside Stonehaven v Buckie Rovers Stoneywood Parkvale v Dufftown Sunnybank v Buchanhaven Hearts McBookie.com Second Division Cruden Bay v New Elgin Forres Thistle v Burghead Thistle Glentanar v Islavale Whitehills v Spey Valley United Morrison Cup, Group One Aberdeen University v Newmachar United Saturday 18th January 2020, 1:30pm McBookie.com Superleague Banchory St Ternan v Montrose Roselea Culter v Bridge of Don Thistle Dyce Juniors v Deveronside Ellon United v Colony Park Hall Russell United v Banks o’ Dee Maud v East End Nairn St Ninian v Hermes McBookie.com First Division Buchanhaven Hearts v Fraserburgh United Dufftown v Aberdeen University Longside v Stonehaven Stoneywood Parkvale v Sunnybank McBookie.com Second Division Burghead Thistle v Whitehills Islavale v Cruden Bay New Elgin v Forres Thistle Newmachar United v Glentanar Elginshire Cup, Group One Buckie Rovers v Spey Valley United Saturday 25th January 2020, 1:30pm Scottish Junior Cup, Fifth Round Stoneywood Parkvale v Beith McBookie.com Superleague Banks o’ Dee v Nairn St Ninian Deveronside v East End Dyce Juniors v Banchory St Ternan Ellon United v Culter Hermes v Hall Russell United Maud v Colony Park Montrose Roselea v Bridge of Don Thistle McBookie.com First Division Aberdeen University v Longside Buckie Rovers v Fraserburgh United Stonehaven v Buchanhaven Hearts Sunnybank v Dufftown McBookie.com Second Division Cruden Bay v Burghead Thistle Islavale v Forres Thistle Spey Valley United v New Elgin Whitehills v Newmachar United also : Saturday 8th Feb Quest Engineering Inter Regional Cup R3 Forres Thistle v Downfield East End v Dundee North End Culter v Luncarty Buchanhaven Hearts v Forfar West End Blairgowrie v Dufftown Carnoustie Panmure v Colony Park or Banks o' Dee (due 14th Dec) Dundee East Craigie v Fraserburgh United Lochee United v Banchory St Ternan or Hall Russell United (due 14th Dec)
  8. There were 31 of us at Sauchie Juniors CFC v Boness Utd Juniors (played on Alloa Athletic's plastic since Sauchie EoSFL were also H). 32 if you also count the tea-hut lady, which she had thankfully opened even for such a borrowing of the ground (because there anyway to let folks in - she is the keyholder). Best tea hut in Scottish football. "Black & Gold pie" = pie with rimmed edge, baked beans on top of the lid within that edge, slice of black pudding the same circular size as the pie on top of the lot. Masterchef presentation of fitba food !
  9. Last season R5 was drawn on Friday night 7th Dec 2018 on the Just The Juniors radio show. That it would be so, had been announced the Friday before (30th Nov.) - the day before R4 replay Saturday. Nothing announced on the equivalent Friday this season.
  10. There WILL be linos for this match, not just the ref trying to handle it solo. Both linos will be locals from the Aberdeen RA : http://www.scottishjuniorfa.com/media/2435/09-scottish-junior-cup-appointments-saturday-30th-november-2019.pdf
  11. PP due to "grass on the pitch" one time at Colony Park ! Pitch had been mown, but the boy hadn't gathered up the cuttings.
  12. My headcount during the first half at Cumbernauld Utd - Kilbirnie Ladeside on Sunday was 183 ...stood outside - I didn't also go into the bar during play to add-up how many had stayed in the warm, watching it through the windows! Attending as a neutral, there were others of my ilk getting their 2nd (or 3rd after Friday) fix of the weekend. But I was surprised it hadn't drawn more curious onlookers from other clubs' fanbases - I had expected more of a crowd. No doubt would have been a bigger turnout had the OF not both been playing on Sunday. Superb mince-&-haggis pie by the way! And an excellent programme, for only a poond.
  13. SSFL League Cup Final Tue 5 Nov, 2019 The SSFL Executive Committee met this evening to discuss the events at the SSFL League Cup Final on Friday 01 November. The SSFL Executive Committee have decided that the match will be replayed. A new date will be set for a Saturday afternoon sometime in the New Year 2020. The re-scheduled match will again be played at Blairmount Park, Newton Stewart. Admission to the Final will be free for all spectators. The new date will be published as soon as possible
  14. Morning inspection for the Kello-Shettleston replay.
  15. Totally agree with the above. As a neutral, for any specific day I want to be able to see all of the West Region's fixtures in one go, to then make my selection which match I'm going to travel to. Previous site was superb for that, and was updated quickly thanks to Kennie, so I would check it several times a week in case of amendments. This new thing requires far too much messing about selecting each by division / cup, and if you don't check ALL the cups, you'd miss any that had been slipped in unnoticed. At least the North and East stand-alone sites are still there, with full fixture lists by day. So : prettier (which is of no interest to me). But much clumsier. Fingers crossed for imminent fixes ! In the meantime, this guy compiles by-day fixtures superbly : https://scottishfootballfixtures.wordpress.com/
  16. When I saw the thread title, I thought it must be about the fact that the SJFA has finally come out of the dark ages and started a new modern-looking website ! : https://www.scottishjuniorfa.com/
  17. Sat 12th Oct : Newmains United v Forth Wanderers scheduled to be at Forth was weather PPd. Sat 19th Oct : Newmains United v Vale Of Leven has been replaced by Vale Of Leven v Newmains United. Hope you guys are seeing a solution to the issue at Victoria Park. All the very best to you - it can't be easy having to be playing Aways all the time.
  18. "provisionally" surely just means that if Stirling University v Linlithgow Rose FC in the William Hill Scottish Cup is a draw (to be played at Stirling Albion on Sunday), then the replay of that would take priority and be occupying Prestonfield on Saturday 26th, so the CFC's Junior Cup tie would get shunted off, so not until Sunday evening can it be a 'confirmed' move.
  19. Newmains v Forth on Saturday (11th Oct) will be played at Forth. Counts as a Newmains home match, rather than a fixture switch, since Forth v Newmains was already played on 21st Aug.
  20. The South Of Scotland League's website's fixture page is showing Sunday's tie University of Stirling v Arniston Rangers as an awarded home win. http://www.southofscotlandfootballleague.co.uk/LeagueFixtures/index/id:?type=all&age=all&div=&s_date=2019-09-15 So have Arniston scratched? Or is it just that website talking nonsense. After all, they also think it was due at Falkirk Stadium, not at Forthbank !
  21. The South Of Scotland League's website's fixture page is showing Sunday's tie University of Stirling v Arniston Rangers as an awarded home win. http://www.southofscotlandfootballleague.co.uk/LeagueFixtures/index/id:?type=all&age=all&div=&s_date=2019-09-15 So have Arniston scratched? Or is it just that website talking nonsense. After all, they also think it was due at Falkirk Stadium, not at Forthbank !
  22. Kelty-Auchinleck it is. 7:05pm KO on the Friday.
  23. Kelty-Auchinleck is obviously the tie of the round so ought to be the TV pick. But the BBC recently showed a Fort William documentary, so it wouldn't surprise me if instead they chose their match, as a continuation of that story, selling it with the photogenic views up to Ben Nevis and "can the 'worst team in the country' win a match?" - which they've got every chance of doing by the way, Vale of Leithen are poor. When going to East Peffermill for Edinburgh University v Lochee Utd, you must go in to the pavilion tea bar - the home-bakes are legendary!
  24. Newmains v Ardeer on Saturday (31st August) has been moved to Bothwellhaugh - the 3G new home to LFL+SoSFL Caledonian Braves (previously Edusport). Presumably due to the asbestos issue again. Anybody got a feeling for how long is going to be needed to sort it out sufficiently for Victoria Park to be back in use? Or more Home games beyond Saturday's that'll need to be relocated, and if so to where? - next up is Saturday Sept 14th. Caledonian Braves are home that day so that one couldn't go to Bothwellhaugh. After that is Saturday October 5th - both versions of Caledonian Braves are due Away that day, so maybe their park would be available again if needed. Thanks in advance for any updates. cheers Phil
  25. As a total neutral, but living in the area, I went along to all three home Europa games - a bit of novelty interest seeing teams from other countries. Last night was about going for it from the start. You did. The opening was good to watch. But of course, the consequence of that is that there's always the risk of them getting one on a breakaway against the run of play. Which is exactly what happened. And in advance it was obvious that if it ever got to 0-1 it was going to be all over. You had to take the risk, you did, which was great, just unfortunate that it didn't work. So the last 81 minutes are then just a dead rubber and should be judged as such, rather than folk on here getting critical of anything that happened then. I'm even surprised that you didn't just cut your losses straightaway after that 9th-minute goal and sub off players immediately to save them for upcoming matches that do matter - those last 81 minutes were an irrelevance and should only be discussed in that context. There's a reason that clubs get coefficeients that they do, and you were facing a much stronger side at 13.500 than you are at 5.500. No shame at all losing to them. Look at it the other way round - what an amazing result it was knocking them out the other year. Chin up.
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