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  1. virtually anything by Gong, Hawkwind, Here & Now, Steve Hillage, Tangerine Dream. etc... You're taking me back to my student days, particularly the last ever Stonehenge Free Festival in 1984...
  2. This could have not bothered holding back until 6pm after all ! That later KO time was because the same plastic pitch of Raith's was also due to be the 2:15 venue for Thornton Hibs v Nithsdale Wanderers in the South Region Challenge Cup. But that has now been scrapped - the Competition Committee have allowed Nithsdale to scratch 'due to the current exceptional circumstances'.
  3. Look up a bit, and you'll see that FairWeatherFan posted that info 20 hours earlier.
  4. Camelon-Brora OFF again, I'm hearing. Even the plastic at Denny is frozen.
  5. Yeah, re-reading the FN post I realized that I had mistakenly put Wednesday on here. I did immediately edit it to say Tuesday, but you lot are so quick off the mark that in the meantime you had already begun replying to my uncorrected one. I must learn to read properly before starting typing !
  6. I'm reading elsewhere that Huntly's manager has revealed that they tried to get the game moved to Cove's 3G for this Monday afternoon, and to Lossiemouth (grass, but notoriously mild) for tonight Tuesday. It is stated that in both cases Cumbernauld Colts refused. If correct, that is ridiculous by CC, and makes their moaning to the Daily Record particuarly hypocritical.
  7. The issue here is Cumbernauld cheekily wantlng to switch the sense of the cup tie, by having it played as a Home fixture. It came out of the hat with them having to travel. But I totally agree that the competition shouldn't be held up, this special year. Huntly should have been forced by the SFA to move this last chance before R2 day to an alternative venue. But one up North. e.g. Cove or Banks o' Dee, not down to Broadwood. By the way, the winners of Huntly-Cumbernauld go to Dumbarton in the next round, not playing Hearts at home. It's Camelon/Brora who receive Hearts. Which missed out on consideration for being a TV pick with all the associated exposure for the club, because Camelon left it until this 5th attempt to go to a nearby 3G. They should have done that last midweek.
  8. Cumbernauld Colts wanting the Huntly game switched down to their place. Cheeky! https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/cumbernauld-colts-seek-scottish-cup-23261313 The way it was drawn should always be honoured - CC the ones travelling. 3Gs such as Cove or Banks o' Dee could be options should the SFA tell Huntly to get on with it.
  9. 3G pitches need a crumb of rubber pellets. Removing snow from the pitch can also pick up the pellets, so it would need another dose of them before being playable, which is a major task. So that shouldn't be attempted without the specialist equipment needed to remove snow without affecting the pellets. So in most cases, snow cover does for 3Gs, even before considering whether the playing surface is frozen hard or not. They never have been 'all weather'.
  10. Huntly v Cumbernauld in the Scottish Cup tonight (Wed 30th Dec) failed a noon inspection. That was highly predictable - it has been frozen up here for days and the forecast said it will be -3 at match time. Surely EK could have been kept warm, and the CC v EK fixture have been hurriedly reinstated for tonight?....
  11. I think you mean they've spelled it wrongly. 😜
  12. 08:00 inspection at Keith. Apparently Threave Rovers are travelling up on Friday, overnighting in Inverness, ahead of their game at Nairn. I hope they've got the option of extending the hotel booking until Wednesday !
  13. Wick v Musselburgh is the first to be declared OFF.
  14. You were right anyway! - Wick v Musselburgh is the first to be declared OFF.
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