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  1. The pitch at Knockburn Sports Loch, outside Banchory, is used for Aberdeenshire Amateurs matches and the Mid-Deeside summer league. It's within a triathlon training and competition complex, so as you're trying to watch a match there are athletes cycling and running on the tarmacked route alongside, and open-water swimming in the man-made lake behind the goal. It was dreich in the first half. "Rather them than me", I thought about the swimmers in the freezing loch. But then the rain stopped, The sun came out ...and so did the midges. I suddenly saw the attraction of going and jumping in the loch - to get away from the pesky biters!
  2. RAF Lossiemouth (Moray Welfare summer football) play inside the military base. You have to have special permission to attend as a spectator, and be met at the gatehouse by your host who escorts you past the fighter jets to get to the pitch.
  3. The far side at Carluke is a field that rises and rises and rises, overshadowing the ground. When I've done a headcount at games I've seen there, there's more cows on that bank watching the match than there are spectators.
  4. The pitch at Newburgh (Aberdeenshire version) is tucked-in down the side of a golf fairway. Each time I've attended a game there, I'm nervous whether a stray drive is gonna mean a golf ball clonks me on the head.
  5. The Stanks at Berwick is a pitch two sides of which are tight against the historic city walls. There's a charity tournament held there each year. Watching the Final from up the top of the walls was not good for my vertigo. At least they don't have to go fetch the ball back when they shoot wide!
  6. And there's Fort William's Claggan Park of course - with the view of Ben Nevis.
  7. My local side Inverurie Locos has a concrete works behind one goal, which towers over the ground, with a chute coming down at an angle from the highest point. Campbeltown Pupils has a helipad next door. I wish I'd used it to get to the game I did there - there and back in a day from home was a blummin' long drive !
  8. Although Dyce's Ian Mair Park is not far from Aberdeen airport, it's Stoneywood-Parkvale's that is literally at the end of the runway. When they're landing and taking off during a match, you have to stop yourself automatically wanting to duck.
  9. Remaining R3 ties due Saturday 11th March, 2pm KOs Hurlford United v Drumchapel United Ashfield v St Roch's - AT SPRINGBURN PARK ASTRO (where Finnart play). Ashfield have been playing home games away from Saracen Park, at Stepford Football Centre (where Easterhouse FA play). No Eastehouse FA home game on that the same day, so anybody know why this cup tie isn't at Stepford? Or have Ashfield decided to leave Stepford and use a different non-Saracen-Park venue for their remaining home games?...
  10. Yes there is. I attended a Bonar Bridge home game at the end of the North Caley season that had been due for the Saturday but was brought forward to the midweek and played under lights at borrowed Golspie. When I asked why, the Bonar Bridge club official told me that he had had to do that move because the players had told him that they were off to their summer clubs (the primary football up there) and he'd have had insufficient left for the fixture had it remained on the Saturday.
  11. ...not after Dundonald Bluebell refused to play on plastic on Saturday ! Shotts boss: Dundonald Bluebell were 'cute' with pitch switch 'shambles' - Daily Record It'll be interesting to see what happens next.
  12. The way your post reads. you haven't yet decided whether to fork out £18. If you haven't already forked out £18, you're too late. This is a tickets-in-advance match, not decide at the last minute and then pay on the gate.
  13. Anybody know why all Ashfield's remaining home games (from 21st January) are listed as at Stepford, rather than at Saracen Park ? Have the Speedway kicked them out ?
  14. Hope you're right. But the big bad world of televised football doesn't work like that. THEY dictate what day & time clubs shall dance to the piper's tune, not what is preferred by either/both clubs, and with no consideration whatsoever of the inconvenience to travelling fans.
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