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  1. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    Saturday 11th August, 3:30pm KO at Ochilview, Conference C, Stirling University (EoS) 2-6 Camelon [1-0 HT] - my representative headcount was 67. No gate taken, wide open and free to walk in. Numbers fluctuated a bit with some folks wandering in late and some wandering out early, so difficult to be exact.
  2. St Roch"s 2018/19

    and Newmains. Also, Blantyre Vics' characterfully dilapidated enclosure has been deemed unsafe - demolished, leaving no cover there either.
  3. Cumnock vs kello

    Matches abandoned for crowd trouble / player meltdown etc are a different matter - disciplinary decisions / sanctions come into it. It would set a very dodgy precedence if rioters could get a match they're losing restarted at 0-0. But it is not "100% fact" that floodlights has to mean a full replay. e.g. in the UEFA rules it says games that get abandoned due to pitch unplayability (e.g. thunderstorm interruption, floodlights going out etc) come back and have just the remaining minutes played. I remember there being one at AZ Alkmaar in 2013 - an electrical fire caused a Thursday night Europa League match to be abandoned after 57 minutes - full stadium evacuation safety situation. The fire was found to be not as dramatic as first thought, the stadium was declared usable, so they came back in the morning and played the last 33 minutes. It would seem to me that the wording of the rules does empower the WSJFA to apply common sense. They just have to have the balls to choose to do so. The sensible thing to do would be to ask both clubs if they wish to waive the remaining minutes and let the score as it was be declared as the final result. If both agree, OK, move on. If one or both wish to exercise their right to carry on, come back to play out the remaining minutes. And before anybody asks, there are clear guidelines in the UEFA rulebook for who is and who is not eligible to start / eligible to be named subs for the remaining-minutes match.
  4. Dunipace FC

    Has the venue been decided yet for Saturday 11th August - home vs Newtongrange Star in the Alex Jack Cup? At Camelon again? (they don't have a home game that day). Thanks in advance.
  5. Shortlees drawn away to tynecastle

    Sunday 12th (3pm), on the East Of Scotland League's fixture list. Which I can't do. GRRR ! All the best to Shortlees.
  6. Aberdeen European Tour 2018/2019

    Usually about being nervous of two sets of away fans passing through the airport at the same time / being in city centre bars simultaneously. And I may well be wrong too. Just giving a heads up that matchdays might get switched / moved day, so wait for definite confirmation before booking flights.
  7. Aberdeen European Tour 2018/2019

    Istanbul Basaksehir have a relatively new (2014) stadium. Capacity 17,800. Supposedly over there first, supposedly on Thu 9th August; with the second leg meant to be at Home on Thu 16th. But Besiktas are highly likely to win their ELQ2 tie, and the ELQ3 draw means they too would have their Home leg first. Besiktas’s opponents would be LASK Linz (Austria) or Lillestrom (Norway). So would the Istanbul coppers want two matches on the same night? Unlikely. Also in Istanbul, Fenerbahce are in the Champions League. They play Benfica, Home in the second leg on Tuesday 14th. So the away leg could get bumped a day or two, to Tue 7th or Wed 8th, to not clash with Besiktas. Or the order may get switched completely, playing over there on Thu 16th – far enough away from the Tuesday Fenerbahce game. …and all this would probably only be decided by UEFA on Friday lunchtime after the Burnley second leg. So could be only four days’ notice of the Away game being moved to the Tuesday! So don’t dash to book flights for a “Thu 9th ” trip as soon as you’re victorious after the second leg down in England…
  8. Shortlees drawn away to tynecastle

    Excellent! Looking forward to it. Thanks for having replied.
  9. Shortlees drawn away to tynecastle

    Date? Tynecastle's groundsharing agreement has their hosts Boroughmuir Rugby getting first shout - fair enough. And they've got a rugby tournament scheduled at Meggetland on Saturday 11th August. So the Tyncastle-Shortlees match would either have to get played elsewhere that day, else change day - e.g. Friday night or Sunday perhaps. Anybody connected to Shortlees hearing any firm info on this yet? - the most interesting tie of the round, which I'll be looking to travel to ...once I know when/where it'll be played! Thanks.
  10. Junior Cup Washout in September .. ?

    Islavale CBA for 2017-18's - the only Junior Club who did not enter. Doesn't that mean they therefore get a ban from 2018-19's ?
  11. Fixtures

    and Wishaw v Greenock, 7:15 Friday (had been Greenock v Wishaw when on Saturday).
  12. Fixtures

    Lesmahagow v Forth Wanderers and Rossvale v Port Glasgow both moved to Friday night. Linlithgow Rose v Lochee United 1pm. Whitburn v Arniston Rangers 1:30pm any more for any more?...
  13. ADL Season 17/18

    And Wednesday's v Saltcoats is also now listed as reverting to Merksworth. Glad I went on Saturday, even if it did nearly cost me my life! Thanks tombo for sticking up for my neutrality - I just called it as I saw it. The perceived injustice certainly spurred on Dalry's ten men to the victory.
  14. ADL Season 17/18

    Cracking entertainment at Kilwinning Sports Club this afternoon for my neutral's day out. 0-0 at the break, 0-1 Annbank then a harsh Dalry sending off and an immediate soft pen (goalie took the ball) for 0-2. 0-3 looked offside. Ref not the locals' favourite! Then the 10 men rallied themselves coming back to win it 4-3 in stoppage time ! The 3-3 equalizer just before the end of normal time was celebrated so strongly that one of the loons on the veranda came through the wooden front rail bringing the broken fence panel with him when landing on the bench below before continuing onto the tarmac. The bench that I was sitting on! But thankfully just missed me. Could have been a nasty incident. He dusted himself off and seemed uninjured. Crowd 85 by my headcount.
  15. Where are we all off to today?

    Dalry Thistle v Annbank United. The only Saturday chance to see them using Kilwinning Sports Club. Bit of a nuisance that the rail line between Dyce and Aberdeen is now shut until 20th August, so oot the hoose at 6am for a Rail Replacement Bus.