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  1. Campeltown are doing one but will only continue with it if it's a success. Since the first chance I'll have to trek there isn't until match 3, those of you going to the first two please buy them a-plenty so that they haven't discontinued it before I arrive !
  2. I bumped into one of the guys behind this at the game I was at last night. He was saying (as per "subject to confirmation" above) that it's not yet confirmed whether Bo'ness will be the Friday game. If not it will be the Sunday game.
  3. For reference, last year's was in the evening on Sunday 21st June 2020.
  4. No. A draw is made each season for which league will be home in the first leg. They never let us know when that is, the result of it just 'appears' earlier in the season. I've always thought it would be fairer to alternate it - one year have the HFL club home first, next season have the LFL club home first. But nope, it's drawn afresh each year. The best place to check for it each season is on the Lowland League's website. Go to the Fixtures & Results tab, then scroll down to the bottom for the "Important Dates In The Lowland League" bit. That has been saying for a while that this season it's the northerners playing the first leg at Home. On Kelty's website home page the Next Match feature says the first leg is at Kelty, but if you click on the same site's Results & Fixtures tab, they list the first game as at Brora, with the second one at Kelty.
  5. That basic 3G cage by the new school/library is where Aviemore Thistle play, in the Strathspey & Badenoch Welfare summer league. A league which is down to just 4 member clubs nowadays.
  6. So few games have been played up here in the Highland League that it'd be ludicrous to declare now on PPG. Max any team has played is 3 games. Some haven't played a league fixture at all yet. 5 teams are unbeaten, so on the same PPG, although Brora would top the list on g.d. And if the HFL were to restart to get a few more games in, that wouldn't be until 17th May.
  7. And Brora Rangers v Hearts of course - https://brorarangers.cleeng.com/buy-now-brora-rangers-vs-heart-of-midlothian-23-march-2021/E650877397_GB It looks like Formartine United v Annan Athletic is the only one of tonight's fixtures involving the Highland League sides that is not being streamed live. BBC Radio Scotland will have live commentary from Brora.
  8. 17 April 2001, Deportivo La Coruna v Leeds United, Champions League Quarter-Final second leg. After a 3-0 win in the first leg, we clung on to 'only' lose 2-0 in Spain. Our bus back to the airport was bricked when driving along the motorway - quite disconcerting when it's at night so you didn't see it coming. I nearly lost my well-travelled flag that night too - hanging over the front of the away section, the home fans below tried to drag it down. Lost the SF (second leg again away, and in Spain) at Valencia, so they were too busy celebrating to bother bricking us.
  9. Mr NCL stating yesterday that he's aiming to get the season finished (there aren't that many matchdays needed to achieve that), but only after any need for testing has been relaxed. He's assuming Nicola will indeed release us from the current complete lockdown & back to Tiers on her target date of Monday 26th April - quite likely, as a blatant bribe to voters just ahead of the 6th May election. So he's anticipating NCL restart from Saturday 1st May ...assuming Highland isn't put in too-high a Tier. https://www.ross-shirejournal.co.uk/sport/clubs-facing-wait-until-may-to-play-231347/
  10. Watch that Real Kashmir documentary again. David Robertson came across very well as a strong leader able to get on with it in a challenging situation.
  11. Shelley Kerr, for the publicity that would generate...
  12. From the outside, the building containing the refreshments at Vale Of Leven (Alexandria - geographically near Loch Lomond, but culturally a million miles away) looks like a soviet bunker, but inside has amazing historic newspaper articles on the walls. If only half-time had been longer! Stand-alone pie hut at Rothie Rovers, which was the only one I ever came across in the Aberdeenshire Amateurs (apart from those who shared at higher teams' grounds). No surprise that they stepped up to the Juniors. Individual wooden pie hut at Cove Rangers, but new of course. Others I can think of that aren't just hatches in main buildings walls - Tweedmouth Rangers, East Kilbride. Neither are photogenic. Go-ahead club Darvel had a smart new refreshments building when I was there. 'Double-glazing showroom' refreshments room at Port Glasgow's new-build. And Kello Rovers' standalone bar made me smile - it's labelled The Rovers Return.
  13. Largs Thistle in the WoSFL has an interesting stand-alone pie hut building. This photo also lifted from nonleaguescotland.org.uk
  14. Nothing special to look at, but any such article should include Alloa Athletic's. So good, it runs as a business even on non matchdays (or at least did, pre covid). Alloa are nicknamed the wasps and play in black and gold. Last time I was there I had a 'Black & Gold Pie' - take a high-rim-edged pie, then put a spoonful of baked beans on top (held in place by the rim), then topped off with a slice of black pudding exactly the same circular size as the pie. Masterchef presentation of fitba food ! And Edinburgh University (Peffermill East) has superb home baking, albeit the refreshments room is just the ground floor of the general purpose building.
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