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  1. dan_ict

    Dance Songs

    Aye mate, heading to this with a large group of friends. Absolutely buzzing out my chops to cut some shapes. Spent my day off listening to the new Slam Radio. 4 hour mix. Absolute belter (just takes a while to get into it). Bought a ticket for Skream the next day in Edinburgh as well, but whether me make it or not is a different story... https://soundcloud.com/soma/slamradio-100-slam-4-hour-mix
  2. In the event of a no vote, I think i'd be too disengaged with Westminster politics to even bother to go out and vote. In regards to the Holyrood elections, more than likely SNP. They've done an exceedingly competent job of running the county since they've risen to power. I'd have no reason to vote them out. They're also the only credible centre-left party in Scotland today (Greens unfortunately too small to qualify). There's also the possibility they could deliver another referendum in the future. In the event of a yes vote, i'd vote for the Greens. I'd like to think they could become a mainstream party in the event of a yes vote. There's a large percentage of left-leaning voters who feel disengaged with mainstream politics, hopefully they'd be inspired to get back out and vote. That share of the vote combined with former SNP voters only voted to gain independence could see the Greens becoming a real force in Scottish Politics. A progressive, forward thinking, left wing party with full control over Scottish affairs: one can only dream...
  3. New Gaslight Anthem single being played at half 7 on Zane Lowe tonight. Or it's here if you want: http://cellarghosts.tumblr.com/post/89736288443/god-i-love-this-so-excited-for-this-record It's a belter.
  4. Put your fucking phone away. Horrible going out with pals and they're all glued to their phones.
  5. Dallas Buyers Club - 9/10 It would be a pretty average film, but McConaughey and Leto are just incredible in this. I'll be surprised if McConaughey doesn't take home an Oscar for best male. Leto would be a certainty also, if it was for Fassbender in 12 Years a Slave. Tough call indeed.
  6. 12 Years a Slave - 6/10 It's a fantastic film, and an incredibly important piece of cinema. The cast are outstanding, Fassbender in particular. However, I just found it too brutal to enjoy. The brutality and intensity are just relentless. Some of the scenes were just nauseating, however i'm guessing that's the whole point. It's educational, but not entertaining. Not my cup of tea. Devil's Due - 1/10 Just an utter crock of shit. Just awful. It's just completely unoriginal and adds absolutely nothing to the genre. Even the basics were executed poorly. Avoid at all costs.
  7. The only thing I question when I'm melted is if my legs are really attached to my body. The government are pretty safe in all honesty.
  8. When he wins Inverness the Scottish cup, it will probably be the most hilarious thing to happen in Scottish football, other than the Sevco fiasco.
  9. Can't understand the negativity regarding the appointment. We haven't had a manager in three games and we've been undefeated. That speaks volumes about the character of the current squad. Unless he comes in and drastically changes things, which nobody would dream of, he's going to do just fine. I have full confidence in the board, i'm sure they saw something in Hughes that impressed them. Also, loving all the pant-wetting from the Hibs fans. I'm glad they've found something to laugh at other than their hilariously tragic mediocrity This time it'll work though lads...
  10. John Robertson declaring his interest in the position. http://www1.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/competitions/scottish-football/9033647/robertson-inverness-is-a-goal
  11. In all honesty, i'm really not worried who we appoint manager. As Richie Foran said mid-week: It's a special team;they'll manage themselves. We've started every game with pretty much the same starting eleven since the begging of last season. The team picks itself. All we have to hope is whoever does come in, doesn't try and change things too drastically. We're still going to win the treble at a canter.
  12. Bad Grampa - 6/10 Didn't have the hilarity of the Jackass films, but still a few gut-busting moments. Good way to spend a few hours.
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