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  1. Was hoping this would be my first home game in absolutely ages but I've tested positive for Covid and feel like shite. One more match with Stephen Craigan commentary, I guess.
  2. Heard Baningime is out for this, so that's a big boost. Really do expect a draw, we've tighten up at the back at a little but the goals have slowed down. Fully expect Boyce to score in a hard contested 1-1.
  3. Going forward = yes, loved it. Defensively = a lot to work on, a hell of a lot.
  4. Craig Gordon should be knighted for keeping this to two.
  5. Ah, Scotland. Never change. You're ageing me by the game.
  6. Craig Gordon with the ball at his feet is quite often a lottery, the one big weak point to his game.
  7. Would agree with this. The 2007 Scotland team would run though a wall, then another wall and another wall that looks like they might start something. This is a far better side technically.
  8. That was a sexy finish after some fine play by McGinn.
  9. That goal was balance for the shite Polish penalty. So far, looked good in bursts going forward, defensively a bit off.
  10. Started well. That would have been some goal by McGinn.
  11. Don't think Paton did an awful lot wrong at LB (the Celtic game aside) and he's still young, so happy with that.
  12. Been totally outplayed so far. No wonder people aren't keen on the U-21 shit but will jump through hoops to work with Clarke.
  13. We've gotten away with that penalty shout. Yilmaz is torching us down the left.
  14. Forgot to reply to this- Fort looked absolutely fucked after 60 minutes or so. Defended doggedly but Clach really should have rattled five or six past them.
  15. Horrible dive for the pen and a sickener, but...overall promising performance in spells?
  16. Decent first half. Watchable friendly. Been dangerous down the wings. Get Ross Stewart on!
  17. Regan Charles-Cook, it's not even close. Harry Clarke if he'd stayed would be his closest competition. Hungbo is third, can be a wee bit patchy but electric on his day. Spittal, Tilson and Baldwin are somewhere behind them.
  18. He's a gangly giraffe when he runs which seems to confuse defenders as he's actually got a decent speed of gallop on him for a big lad. Worth a try in some friendlies to see if he can fit.
  19. Rewatched it sober and I was wrong about Thor, took a few rounds to get going but once he did he showed some decent skills for a massive dude, Hall was just a brawler, had little except for hoping a big power punch hit,
  20. You have to give GVB some credit, turning Gerrard's team that steamrollered the league into one this pish.
  21. This Thor/Eddie fight is appalling quality. Just two big lumps with virtually no skill.
  22. At best, Ramsay should have been booked and that would be his second yellow. No arguments.
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