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  1. 4 hours ago, Sensible Soccer🏴 said:

    Does anyone know if Cancola, Iacovitti & Harry Paton are still with the club?

    All 3 have put in some good performances recently and depending on what their pay demands are, could be useful next season.

    I belive all three have about 5 more days of their current contracts.

    Paton's court trial has been delayed so no idea what will happen with him.

  2. 6 minutes ago, Aim Here said:

    I, too, didn't realise I was watching a dodgy Rangers TV stream for a while. It was surprisingly professional, for them, in that Tam Miller's accomplice was capable of speaking in coherent sentences, and he hadn't had cause to vent his spleen at everything not-Rangers. They've definitely upped their game somewhat.

    Last time I had to watch their TV Andrew Little was on, was barely capable of sentient thought.

  3. Ketts as a player - legend

    As a person - seems like a lovely bloke

    As a coach - possibly what he'd do well at

    As a manager- absolutely out of his depth at Championship level.

    His tactics are start 4-5-1 or 4-4-2, then switch to two up front if we are losing then go 4-2-4 (in the second tier). In the top tier? Being shite up front and in defence was about it.

    We made some work of the Championship where Ayr relied totally on Moffat and Shankland before falling away and Dundee Utd being utterly rancid under Laszlo (if Neilson had been in charge all season I think they'd have managed to shitebag the league by grinding out 1-0's). Even the cup final summed him up- utterly rotten in the first half and lucky not to be 3-0 down before Mullin turned it round.

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