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  1. Apparently Cookie has rejected a contract. We'll see him rocking up at Fleetwood or someone similar soon.
  2. Either Jack Baldwin's lazy attempt at a jump when Livi scored to make it 3-2 in Dingwall, or the massive lump Drysdale somehow losing an aerial duel to Nicky Clark after giving away a penalty. Unsurprisingly our defenders are still what infuriates me most.
  3. I belive all three have about 5 more days of their current contracts. Paton's court trial has been delayed so no idea what will happen with him.
  4. City have been laughably shite. Their best players struggling to but five yard passes together.
  5. We've picked up a five figure fee for Ross Stewart getting Sunderland promoted.
  6. Hearts came to shitebag this and they've failed.
  7. People thinking Robbie Neilson teams turn up to play football? Wild.
  8. Last time I had to watch their TV Andrew Little was on, was barely capable of sentient thought.
  9. was just stretching too far to get a proper contact on it
  10. Ketts as a player - legend As a person - seems like a lovely bloke As a coach - possibly what he'd do well at As a manager- absolutely out of his depth at Championship level. His tactics are start 4-5-1 or 4-4-2, then switch to two up front if we are losing then go 4-2-4 (in the second tier). In the top tier? Being shite up front and in defence was about it. We made some work of the Championship where Ayr relied totally on Moffat and Shankland before falling away and Dundee Utd being utterly rancid under Laszlo (if Neilson had been in charge all season I think they'd have managed to shitebag the league by grinding out 1-0's). Even the cup final summed him up- utterly rotten in the first half and lucky not to be 3-0 down before Mullin turned it round.
  11. bomber brown, souness and hateley arriving to prevent any possible fighting g
  12. Indicators are used by about 10% of Inverness, at best.
  13. Trying no to go too overboard from one appearance (remember Simon Power?) but aye, I liked what I saw of Sims. Looks quite up for a scrap as well.
  14. He's been a little up and down, but he was by far and away the most creative midfielder we had in the middle.
  15. Always liked Hidetoshi Nakata.
  16. That was a tired, clumsy challenge. Quality penalty.
  17. Thought that was alright, seen far pisher cup finals than that.
  18. Spittal and RCC are going to be seriously difficult to replace, as will Hungbo. Season's limped to an end but overall very pleased with six after how we started.
  19. We did f**k all for the first half so a draw probably would have been fair, but we have totally ran out of steam in the last month or so. Hoping we can kick on for next season. United had something to play for towards the end and we didn't and it showed in the final minutes.
  20. ...and then he gives away a pen...looks like one, tbh.
  21. This is the best I've seen Harry Paton play in some time.
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