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  1. He's Craig Curran without the goalscoring instincts.
  2. I missed the penalty due to cracking open a beer, but yeah it's a penalty. No complaints. First time reviewing it.
  3. I think the Livi game showed most of our back up options are nowhere near good enough.
  4. aye, shat that. Had chances, but Alex Samuel is fucking awful. Oh well.
  5. Was hoping for a decent cup run, but Malky says no, I guess.
  6. That County line up is stinking. We've been stinking. Livi fully deserve the lead.
  7. The Street Fighter Auchinleck/Hearts montage was uh, weird.
  8. Was coming, Cove look absolutely done. They're thrown everything into this.
  9. Hibs have been awful. Worse than under Ross? Nisbet shiteing it in front of goal, Doig turning into a haddie, hopeless all round. Mueller and Cadden have shown wee flashes, but not enough.
  10. Guess Grivosti didn't set the heather alight with you as he's now been sold.
  11. Sea Ghost/The Thing Below A Jim Wynorski piece of junk that takes elements of government shady business with an alien killer. It melds crap acting, terrible cheap CGI and a plot ripped off numerous better films. Wynorski does manage to fit in a striptease and a half strip so at least he's not lost his touch for that, I guess. 2/10
  12. I was totally not aware of this, holy crap. Adam Strachan vibes if true.
  13. Huge win considering how bad we were in the first half. Just give Cookie whatever he wants.
  14. SOD should be off for that, no attempt to play the ball.
  15. Mugabi will be having nightmares of Cookie tonight. You could see he was shiteing it on the edge of the box when he was 1v1.
  16. We've looked much better with 10, Jordan White has finally turned up. Cookie has been on fire. Get him a 3 year deal now.
  17. Motherwell doing what Livi used to do, harassing our midfield to death.
  18. Decent start from County. We're going to get zero off White running balls of the top/down the channel against Mugabi, he's rapid for a big lad.
  19. Not getting the Hibs plan of "arsing around at the back until we make a mistake" that Celtic are loving.
  20. Put money on County changing their mind, we've been shitebags for everything else this season. What's one more for the road?
  21. Looks like some of our fans are keen on us offering Griffiths a deal. What the f**k has happened to County this year?
  22. Killie have improved since half time but christ this is pish.
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