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  1. The Highland Derby

    4-4-2? https://twitter.com/RossCounty/status/1097928830499594241?s=09
  2. Clach info

    MacLennan always looked alright from what I saw, held the ball up well, decent first touch but zero pace. Couldn't stretch teams.
  3. TNA General

    Tara vs Tessa was actually a very good match, seriously enjoyed it. The 4 way seemed seriously short and is just building for Impact vs Cage.
  4. The Highland Derby

    Mullin and Gardyne have to start as forward as possible. Caley have generally coped with us other than these two, as Mullin will roast Tremarco for pace and Midge has McKay totally beaten. Donaldson probably has Graham's number as well.
  5. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Most of us are total mugs when it comes to following our clubs so yeah, I would assume the majority would be happy with that.
  6. The Highland Derby

    I'm expecting a full strength Caley side with three in the middle again, so no doubt we'll go 4-4-2, panic then go 4-3-3 to try and match up.
  7. Clach info

    Thought Buckie were the better side in general but at no point were Clach outplayed. Probably didn't deserve three points but after a poor season they'll definently take it. Thought the save in the first half by the Buckie keeper from the set piece was excellent, thought it was a goal for sure.
  8. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    We usually take a couple of thousand to Challenge Cup finals, as they only usually open the two big stands. A 5,000 capacity stadium will be more than enough.
  9. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Can we get Arquinn back for a cameo so he can boot one of them ten feet in the air for no reason?
  10. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Fir Park for me is the likely choice.
  11. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    We should be able to beat Connah's Quay fairly easily, they looked absolutely shite. Just makes me wonder where this will be held now?
  12. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    Watching the penalty claim now, looked a dive from where I was standing, but a clear foul. Just outside the box, though.
  13. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    We could be 4-0 up but East Fife are plugging away and causing problems. More goals in this.
  14. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    Big Kenny with a backheel- I must be dreaming!
  15. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    Saw them heading down to the Mallard. Fair play to them.
  16. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    I haven't seen Armstrong in the flesh yet, but there's a massive lack of creativity in that side, might be a crosses into the box job and hope for the best.
  17. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    Unless you've brought several hundred, I doubt they'll open the Jubilee.
  18. I'm in the same boat technically, as I now live in Inverness, but could still get the Ross-Shire journal, I suppose. I tend not to with the club actually making an attempt a social media game now.
  19. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    Are we sitting in usual seats for this or is it like earlier rounds and West Stand only? EDIT: Asked the club and all seats are open, weird after other games were West Stand only.
  20. I think Graham is better with the ball at his feet and using it to bring others into play, but often when marked by a decent centre half and we're chucking balls forward, he's hopeless- akin to Mikkelsen at times. The delivery has to be right for him and without that, it's pointless. Stewart is potentially a better player if he keeps at it, with better speed, movement and a decent knack of getting into the right places. He doesn't half look clumsy when he's running at pace sometimes, though. Not as comical looking as Tony Dingwall, but you expect a strong gust to blow him to Maryburgh.
  21. The Highland Derby

    Tremarco that one mistake aside had a stormer, won virtually every header. Thought Donaldson had a decent game at the back as well. Other than Midge taking the piss out of McKay and Mullin roasting Tremarco pace wise, the other forwards struggled to get the better of the Caley back four.
  22. The Highland Derby

    With Draper/Lindsay/Spence in midfield there's one willing to make the runs (Lindsay) but nobody with the vision to make the passes without Vigurs being in there. Draper does good work as a destroyer but Spence is neater and tidier. I still feel the managers are trying to smash square pegs into round holes to make a preferred formation work and it still isn't clicking.
  23. The Highland Derby

    Spence doesn't have Lindsay's runs and tends to sit deeper. He's quicker to put a foot in while Lindsay harries.
  24. The Highland Derby

    I've a hatred for a lot of the old Butcher backline (Raven especially) but I think Tremarco is just a committed, solid pro.
  25. The Highland Derby

    Another game where Caley will be bitterly disappointed to not come away with a win, seems we've found a way of being utterly honking against them and somehow not losing. Thought Ridgers and Tremarco were excellent at the back for them. Midge was our only real standout.