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  1. Draper is suspended for this so with McLean the most likely County red card is Vigurs.
  2. Islam Feruz

    Has he ever even scored while on loan?
  3. Only issue with DKD in a game like this is he's still not got the defensive discipline to follow his man/track back consistently. On his day, he's a match winner but his positioning can be exploited by the better teams in this league.
  4. A repeat of Mullin's goal against Dunfermline would do me just fine.
  5. That third goal by Richie is a thing of beauty.
  6. I think I agree on this, watching that County team is probably my favourite of all the sides I've watched, even more so than the original third division sides we had.
  7. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Motherwell's Colts look pretty decent, tough tie.
  8. Scotland v Portugal

    We're crying out for a right back with the pace and panache of Graeme Murty.
  9. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Tuesday at 1PM from memory.
  10. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    We barely got out of first gear and were far too good for Montrose. Their goal was a horrific mix up front Fonts, Draper and Fox. Fox especially seemed to be in "fanny around with the ball at his feet" mode. No bookings, no injuries, some nice passing at times but like I said, we just cruised it for 90 minutes.
  11. Fox Watson Fonts Morris Stelious Dingwall Cowie Dykes Vigurs Graham Mckay Is what I expect.
  12. Israel v Scotland

    This was my thought. I remember watching through my hands for most of it.
  13. Israel v Scotland

    I'm honestly still trying to process thst performance. I honestly didn't think that group of 11 players could collectively fail so badly as a unit. The keeper was the only one to get pass marks. I'd happily never see some of those players in Scotland shirts ever again. It was Berti Vogts levels of ineptitude.
  14. Israel v Scotland

    I honestly don't see why we don't give Jason Naismith a chance- was the third best full back last season in Scotland behind Tierney and Tavernier in an absolutely honking Ross County defence.
  15. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Take it County will only open the West Stand the Jailend for the game against Montrose? Weather looks like it'll be pish tomorrow.
  16. Israel v Scotland

    Other than shagger absolute shite. No ideas, no pace, no intensity. Will be lucky to not get a scudding off them at Hampden if we play like that.
  17. Israel v Scotland

    Naismith can actually run, he'd do a better job.
  18. Israel v Scotland

    Never a red but what the f**k was Souttar playing at?
  19. Israel v Scotland

    More awful defending, caught totally flat footed down the right.
  20. Israel v Scotland

    Incredible play by Scotland, smashing the ball out of play five seconds after the restart. We are ahead but christ knows how.
  21. Israel v Scotland

    Should be putting a couple past Israel, but knowing us we'll go 1-0 down. Weird feeling we'll going to fluke this 2-1 after playing like shitebags.
  22. Manager of the month awards as well.
  23. We won the cup 3-2- were 3-0 up with five to play but Caley scored twice late to make it nervous.
  24. Expect there to be plenty of goals in this. Looks like any game Shankland plays in, he'll score and more than likely more than one. Have to use Vigurs and Mullin effectively to get three points.