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  1. Wales being papped out but England still cruising through despite being fairly mediocre is reasonable enough, I guess.
  2. The Netherlands could play in 2nd gear and they'd still be far too good for this Qatar mob.
  3. Runrig into Isis would be...interesting.
  4. I remember that de Vita goal, about the only decent thing in the entire game.
  5. Would rather it wasn't Accies, tbh. Too many bad memories down at NDP.
  6. We need a better option up front to rotate with White- Dom Samuel offers himself and is a willing runner but is poor in front of goal.
  7. Belgium have got what they have deserved from this game- nothing. Fluked a win vs Canada, now been totally found out.
  8. How on earth has Martinez been in this Belgium job so long when he's got all these top quality attacking players who look utter guff under his watch.
  9. That's absolutely rotten goalkeeping. Very similar to Scoff Fox letting in a shitey chip after getting a hand to it at McDiarmid.
  10. This just makes me want to break out 60's and 70's sleaze films.
  11. The Danes are a good side with absolutely sod all up top. Bendtner, all is forgiven?
  12. if this is an appeal to get the Falkirk TV commentators to the world cup i am all for it
  13. Harry Souttar has been fantastic this game, showing the potential he had when he was on loan at County but was utterly hamstrung paired with Marcus Fraser at CB.
  14. just want jackson irvine back (and maybe the giant, gangly harry souttar)
  15. Sure Hennessey can claim he didn't know doing that was a red, it worked for pulling off a Nazi salute.
  16. Portugal are just the absolute worst for diving, cheating and simulation. They make Spain and Argentina look all about fair play.
  17. Any ball down the flanks and Belgium are a mess. A better side than Canada will no screw up in front of goal so much.
  18. Totally undeserved, but Canada have wasted their opportunities.
  19. Thought that was a stick on VAR overturn, very clumsy by Witsel. Belgium look absolute murder.
  20. Anytime a Canadian player just runs at the Belgian defence you can almost see them shiteing themselves.
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