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  1. Caledonian F.c. Thread

    I don't know a single former Thistle fan who follows ICT- a few support clach, two go to County games out of spite towards ICT but the rest have just stopped going from what I can tell. There's far, far too many people in Inverness who'd rather go down the road every week to scream for either of the bigot brothers. The County supporters bus I sometimes get on that stops at Inshes is usually ten minutes or so after a minibus of Celtic fans go down the road.
  2. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    It's getting to almost the point of ridicolous that some Brexiteers are still screaming for things they've been told they can't have no matter how much they shout and stamp- unless they class the GFA are something not worth keeping, I guess.
  3. Ayr vs County

    Could do with a foot of snow being dumped on Ayr tonight so this gets called off.
  4. Ayr vs County

    Vigurs at least tries to look for a ball forward when he's knackered, Cowie isn't even offering that at the minute. Playing Cowie and Vigurs together means the third central midfielder is doing the work of three players after 55-60 minutes.
  5. Ayr vs County

    I'd be extremely hesitant to put any money on a County win. The bookies obviously haven't watched us play the last few games.
  6. Cowie also blowing after half time means that when teams go forward/break on us, we're effectively a player short as he is often twenty or third yards behind his man. Lindsay and Draper are having to work too hard which is hampering them massively. We really need to have Vigurs sitting in front of the back four with Draper and Lindsay in front- letting Paton go out on loan seems like an absolutely mental idea now, we're crying out for pace and inventiveness and if it isn't coming from Mullin or Vigurs nobody is providing it right now.
  7. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    It'd be a proper shitebag UK thing to declare you're leaving, having the EU spend ages preparing and planning for the UK to leave, only for the UK to not leave after no planning and preperation and swanning back in with no repercussions. "No hard feelings eh, Jonny Foreigner?"
  8. Ayr vs County

    We haven't even come close to the level of how we played in the first half against you in Dingwall. If we can come away with a point I'll be more than happy. If Vigurs and Morris play, I think we could. If It's Cowie/Draper/Lindsay in midfield, I have serious doubts about it.
  9. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Esther McVey as the possible Prime Minister absolutely gives me the shudders. So much for the heavyweights when someone who was involved in the Universal Credit shambles can throw their name in the hat like that.
  10. Starting to feel Ayr with be four clear with a game in hand after we go down to Somerset on our current showings.
  11. What Are You Listening To?

    Seeing these guys twice in one day some years back was cracking.
  12. Ross County v Queens

    The highlights just show how criminal our shape and defending was for the Queens goal, nobody followed Stirling, nobody got back anywhere near quickly enough and gave him as much time as he needed to smash it home. The McManus chance at the end sums him up this season. Keeper comes out and commits, basically begs him to chip it over him into an empty net but he timidly fires it low and straight at the keeper.
  13. Ross County v Queens

    We've shown it in small bursts, but nothing more. We look flat footed and pedestrian more often than not.
  14. Ross County v Queens

    Feels like a defeat after controlling the first half without doing much, upping the tempo for ten minutes or so which had Queens on the ropes before our mindset totally went all over the shop, let Queens score a cheap equaliser and then have some further wobbles at the back. At the minute we just aren't good enough to think about winning this league.
  15. Ross County v Queens

    Who didn't see that coming?
  16. Ross County v Queens

    First time we go forward with pace, we score. Cracking finish by Mullin.
  17. Ross County v Queens

    Awful first half. Both keepers untested.
  18. Ross County v Queens

    Yup. Stewart and Mullin swapping wings.
  19. Ross County v Queens

    Team line ups. 3-5-2 from us, I think.
  20. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    SHADWELL 'TIL I DIE Dark Shadows Probably one of Tim Burton's weakest films, but at least his films have a seriously nice visual look. The cast mostly appear to be enjoying themselves making this which is a plus. However. Chloe Grace Moretz is absolutely awful in every scene she's in. Her career since Kick Ass has mostly been pretty goddamn bad. 5/10
  21. Ross County v Queens

    The weather isn't as bad as it was yesterday in Inverness, anyway. Was pretty lousy in Dingwall last night.
  22. Slew athletically was unbelievable. 6'3", physical, quick for a big lad- but put him two yards out with an open goal and he'd somehow contrive to blaze it over. I sold him for £60m to Real Madrid on FIFA 13 so I'll always think of him fondly.
  23. Luckassen at least looked like he had the physical attributes to be a decent striker, but much like Jordan Slew was absolutely useless. Fenlon wouldn't have been good enough to get in a Highland League side.
  24. A 2nd EU referendum

    Remain. Remain. Remain. Guess I'm out of those loony left wing millenials that is killing _____________ industry.
  25. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    The UK Government have spent the last two decades shifting the focus of their own incompetency towards Brussels at every chance and now as Brexit rumbles on, it's now totally in the open how much of an absolute clusterfuck Westminster is. They've cruised along doing the minimum for a long time and now they're expected to do something, most of them can't handle it.