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  1. Watching Jason Naismith in Utrecht vs Queen's Park and he looks bloody awful. Slow, positionally unsure and hasn't run with the ball once, even when given a chance. He's nowhere near as good as Connor Randall if this is him now (can't believe I said that).
  2. Please don't be Leigh Griffiths! if he's the new derek riordan rumour i'm going to scream
  3. I'd possibly take a punt on that lad Deas. He's only got a year left, I think and is young enough to improve. Also a lad named Deas has to play for a Dingwall team, surely?
  4. From memory their fans said he was good 85% of the time then would do Donaldson level stuff.
  5. Two permanent left backs? What sorcery is this?
  6. I know clips can be taken out of context, but
  7. Doncaster fans are delighted he'd left. Hope he's not Alex Samuel MK2.
  8. Easy to go for advertising than the social problems that lead people to being alcoholics, as usual. Everyone loves a cheap, meaningless soundbite.
  9. Munro I just don't think is good enough to be a top flight keeper. He was an utter bomb scare in the final vs Nomads and the few games I've seen him in since he looks a lower league keeper at best.
  10. Paton has never convincingly kicked on for me, he's the same player we signed. With the court case? Yeah, no real loss.
  11. Ongaro is 6'5- have we had a striker that tall? Daal was pretty sizeable but no that big.
  12. Has come through West Brom's youth set up and it very much on the wee side (about 5'6). All I know.
  13. I'm on a discord with a couple of Killie fans, both have been very critical of Naismith this season, they think he's considerably worse than all their other full back options.
  14. So a physical monster with no first touch? I, for one welcome the new Jordan Slew.
  15. Nothing like a wee YT compilation to fire up the hype.
  16. I don't see Carson as even a start, considering all the pish with Midge and how he's basically our greatest ever player in terms of honours, appearances and goals.
  17. I wonder if he'll be Clach's new Sean Webb- a decent defender who's basically past it but shouts and organizes a lot.
  18. Thought Clach were game and never gave up. Unlucky with the Anderson shot that went over from a few yards out, had pressure on him.
  19. Well beaten the day. Neat passing and playing from the back are great, but pointless if you fall asleep at set pieces. Hope Ross Logan is okay, that was a nasty one he took down the corner flag.
  20. I remember him and Tudor-Jones absolutely ragdolling our midfield over and over again.
  21. You'll either have no wide midfielders or six- in the latter case he won't play any of them.
  22. McIntyre back, this time at Cove. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61810274
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