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  1. I'm sure it was him and a few others, sure I mind photos on the ferry.
  2. Easier to do Belfast on Friday then to Stranraer on Saturday.
  3. If we aren't working on a way to build a team round his passing range for next season then I'd be....not surprised at all.
  4. Fortress was a blast:~ Wode Can Bardd Winterfylleth Nemerous Ard Cenotaph All ruled. I spent way too much money. Roll on Fortress 2024.
  5. I enjoyed Josh Stones running around like an absolute lunatic. No sure if there's any form of a player there, mind.
  6. Nah, he's better than that now he's bulked up. Just has absolutely zero goals in him. Just a big arse that annoys defenders.
  7. Purrington is definitely better physically than Randall as a full back covering in a back three. As Iacovitti is most likely gone (doubt he fancies another relegation slog) I'm not too bothered with him stepping in there. We are still massively short on decent CB cover with Watson absolutely done and Smith looking nervous under pressure in recent games.
  8. He was utterly mince when he was slimmer. Just got brushed off the ball by other players. Our player of the year should only have five players even considered for it: Dhanda, Laidlaw, Iacovitti, Harmon and possibly Jordan White.
  9. Aye, the club did a piece on that when he was coming back from a serious injury. He's done something in his rehabilitation clearly, he's both faster and bigger and is now a major annoyance to defenders whereas previously he was a non-entity.
  10. Aye, I was shouting at the TV with Randall on Graham. He gets absolutely rinsed by physical, streetwise strikers and it showed again. Compared him to Marcus Fraser at CB in a back four, but he's much, much worse than that.
  11. The fact we are only 2-0 down is wild, should have been 4 or 5. Fully expect another battering in Dingwall.
  12. Glad to see Clach are most likely voting against it. Get this conference league in the bin.
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