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  1. Honestly could be nine, really should have just forfeited this game.
  2. Would agree. We're in a dogfight and an expansive attacking full back who is incredibly naïve and gets little protection off the centre halves is a bad mix. Coventry fans say they tend to go with wing backs, so I think the qualities he has would be better suited to that.
  3. SSN saying Josh Reid is speaking to Coventry, but if he does sign would be immediately loaned back to us.
  4. I don't think Rangers are playing as well as they were at one point, but it's still better (by a distance) than anything else in the league. Yogi won't sit back as much as Ketts would have done, but I'd still expect a 4-3-3 that is more of a 4-5-1. Naismith - Morris- Iacovitti - Randall expected (if fit) at the back.
  5. Seeing as I am signed off work (half days) with dreadful sleep issues, all I am doing is housework, cooking and watching endless amounts of film: Recently: Arnold- Stella Stevens marries a dead man. A whodunnit that is actually a pretty interesting take on things. 7/10 Punk '76- considering punk was meant to be a middle finger at the establishment, this plays it very straight and simple. Disappointing. 5/10 Jaws of Satan- killer government trained dogs escape and run rampage in a mountain resort town. Not awful and full of 80's cheese. 6/10 Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo- kills off the most interesting actor (Tom Atknis) early. Has spiders that aren't from where they are meant to be and is really damn boring. 2/10 Killdozer- surely, a film called "Killdozer" can't be bad? You thought wrong. As long as a bulldozer in reverse. 1/10 The Ninth Configuration- by the writer of the Exorcist, about a castle filled with soldiers believed to be faking mental issues to escape 'Nam. A joy. 9/10 St. Helens- The praise the old coot who went "no volcano is tougher than me" is celebrated, which sums up America at times. 1/10 Silver Wolf- Michael Biehn has a son who finds a wolf and trains it to become a sled dog. Features truly horrific 90's slang and rejected Blink 182 songs on the soundtrack. 4/10 Etoile- a less than convincing adaptation of Swank Lake set in Hungary, but it features Jennifer Connelly walk around in a dream like state for much of it. 7/10 The Night Strangler- the second TV film that helped inspire X-Files, is every bit as good as the first. Kolchak deserves more recognition. 9/10 Sputnik- A mesh of Alien/Venom where a cosmonaut returns with something else. Really pretty interesting, even if some of the editing choices didn't help. 7/10 Tagteam- Jess Ventura and Roddy Pipper get fired and become cops. Better than it sounds as they have great chemistry. A piano also no sells them. Also features a cameo from the Orient Express. 6/10
  6. Left side center half according to googling quickly. Might be cover for both CB and LB.
  7. Etoile/Ballet A weird mish mash of giallo and swan lake that wants to be Argento's Opera but it too overly the place in terms of pacing, plot twists and overall look. It does however, have young Jennifer Connelly walking around dreamily, which is a huge plus. 6.5/10
  8. Panic by K.R Griffiths. An interesting take on a global plandemic where everyone barring those with a specific blood type are turning into feral pack killers. It's set around St. David's, which is probably the last place you'd expect a novel like this to take place. Interesting- probably being generous with the extra star but I thought the concept was intruiging.
  9. Unmasking the Idol The most fun I've had watching a film since American Hunter. There's a guy who's a ninja acting like a drunken James Bond tribute. There are annoyed crocodiles that are fed up because the villain keeps feeding the piranhas and not them. He also kills two people because they're old. Also there's a monkey that dresses like a ninja and kills people with ninja stars. Also there's a hot air balloon that's also a pick up truck. Also, there's a casablanca line for no reason. 8/10 (really a 3, but christ it was fun)
  10. When teams have players as fast as Liverpool's, they run out of ideas fast.
  11. County/Motherwell on the 27th is a huge game.
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