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  1. This is the sort of game where I'd expect us to have a lot more possession and territory than Alloa, so I wouldn't be surprised if Kelly is at LB not Kenny for his better range of passing.
  2. That free-kick by Armstrong is absolutely sexual.
  3. I also like how it's just us signing the same players who tend to ping around the lower levels of the top flight and upper levels of the second tier and rotate clubs, much like managers. What I've heard about both I've liked, so very happy with our business so far.
  4. I would think that's us most likely done with signings this window now, otherwise when (if) everyone gets back to health, we'll be totally overloaded with players.
  5. He's the ony player outside of Midge and Mullin that is willing to take players on either inside or outside. DKD has struggled this season as he just isn't willing to go on the outside and Midge prefers to go inside though he can go out if needed. His final ball is often rubbish but there's far worse options out wide like Stewart. And yeah, I didn't realise McManus got most of his goals at Morton while they were in League One.
  6. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Having done some contracting work for the Home Office/Immigration Service a few years back, I can only confirm that they're a complete mess, with teams doing basically the same job wanting totally different infrastructure and legislation which if they think is too similar to another team's will throw a huge strop and refuse to work with it. It was an awful year dealing with that contract, so I doubt they've changed much since 2015/16.
  7. Atmosphere at games.

    This thread needs to sit down and stop spoling it for others.
  8. Seriously impressive amount of work put into that- more than a large amount of the Scottish media know about County. I veer from liking to hating the home kit, so I went for the simpler red away kit this season. Feels a bit less staunch.
  9. We're often seriously shy about taking shots from outside the box (Vigurs and Mullin aside), so if he can get them reasonably close to the target more often than not, I'll be happy. Transfermarket says he's a left footed right winger- can he play both sides?
  10. The Highland Derby

    Caley have proved they've definently got enough to cause us issues over three games so far. Outplayed us for sixty minutes in Dingwall, fairly even game in Inverness then bossed the last game and ended up losing 2-1 (and oh boy was that beautiful). Hopefully the win down at Motherwell is a sign of us actually putting some decent stuff together. Home win, with at least one red card.
  11. If Willie Irvine was playing, I'd know we'd get beat with a scruffy 87th minute winner. As it stands, I think we'll bore it to another 1-0 or 2-0 defeat as Alloa try to hit us on the counter. Goodwin's no daft, he's going to try and keep it tight all game.
  12. McManus is a weird one, he's proven he can score goals at this level but at the minute looks like he'd stick his head in a bucket of nipples and come out sucking his thumb. He's direct and has pace, so if need be he's a better option out wide than Stewart, at least.
  13. We need to stop putting square pegs in round holes. Draper is our best midfield destroyer, he's needed there for the dig he gives us.
  14. Motherwell v Ross County