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  1. If he's kept his fitness, he'll take the piss. He's got a sweet left foot, is decent on the ball and isn't as slow as you'd expect someone his size to be. He is however, not overly strong and utterly crap in the air. I'd still have him at County, if given the choice. He's considerably better overall than Tremarco. EDIT: If the ball bounces in front of him in the box he absolutely craps himself.
  2. Babysitter's Vampire was a piss take of Twilight, was actually not bad. Tomb of Dracula was a bonkers anime with Dracula fighting Satan and his son who was resurrected by God, Sharkproof was an unfunny comedy, Absentia a let down, didn't know what it wanted to be and Encino Woman was a sequel I'd never heard of and wasn't as bad as expected.
  3. I've often said Tony Watt has lived off that goal against Barca for chunks of his career, but after he scored he absolutely took the piss out of our defence repeatedly.
  4. Comrie

    Week 7

    Cowardly hit. Deserves a ban.
  5. Tall Saya is probably the most improved wrestler of 2020, making huge strides. Mad to think she was feuding with Giant Saya until pre-lockdown. She's well ahead of her now in the pecking order.
  6. Not confident to say the least. I'd bit your hand off for a 0-0 draw, but Shankland will be odds on to score against Iacovitti,
  7. Astonishing how McGregor never got a second yellow for that, as cynical as possible. Some result for Aberdeen, Celtic really looing vulnerable right now.
  8. Better side for about 25 minutes. As soon as Motherwell scored it was basically "how many goals do you want?"
  9. We still cannot defend. Motherwell have been clinical.
  10. Jesus christ, that's a sitter. I need more beer.
  11. Deserved that. Utter shitebag defending, just throwing yourself at a player in the box. At fault for both goals.
  12. County have been the better side, but haven't really created much. We do this every week. We're trying to Tiki-Taka the ball into the net like peak Barca. Motherwell look dangerous when they attack but I'm not sure the formation is working. Long is a headcase.
  13. Against the run of play, off a terrible Paton touch. Sigh.
  14. All this time I'd been living without paying drug dealers in Fray Bentos pies.
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