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  1. From regular bench player at County to scoring in Europe against Roma. Some career path.
  2. Watching County for years probably has driven me nuts, yes.
  3. Clach got beat 3-2 with a late goal after being 1-0 and 2-1 up so not a good day overall.
  4. ...and that explains the lack of a streaming service?
  5. Getting shot of Shaw for two guys who are worse in front of goal than him looks a bad decision so far.
  6. Clarke is our best defender by a huge distance. He's levels above the rest. RCC looks like he's maybe found some confidence. He looks sharper. I honestly expected an utter hammering off Celtic and unless our arse falls out now, they've never really threatened it despite being the better side.
  7. We've defended fairly solidly for the most part. RCC looks bright. Our decision making in the final third has been fucking awful.
  8. Astonishingly shit finish from Samuel six yards out and puts it straight at Joe Hart...then Celtic go up the park and make it 2-0. Oh well.
  9. We've generally defended pretty well today. Celtic (the goal aside) haven't created as much as I thought they would. RCC has done well down the right.
  10. That goal, fucking hell. A spawny hit and hope that looped over Laidlaw, who had no chance.
  11. absolute banger one of my favourite manics tunes
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