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  1. All four loanees gone. I'd take Hjelde and Lakin back of we could, but Kelly can f**k off. And Hilton never played, so impossible to judge him.
  2. Joe Hilton has gone back to Blackburn as well- I'd forgotten we even had him to be honest.
  3. Charlie Lakin is away back to Birmingham from County. Assume Hjelde will be too, though I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the SPL or League One in England next season.
  4. The Den/Foxes is the place to be if you want to see a random County/Caley player pished and acting like a fud. Clach players can't afford that level of luxury.
  5. Hearts fans assessing their strikers when resign 57 year old Lafferty.
  6. Almost like when we somehow turned into Bayern Munich that one season under McIntyre where we went from last to seventh.
  7. He dragged/tripped a Motherwell player who had beaten him. It wasn't nasty, but it was cynical.
  8. Vigurs should be off and I am astonished Watson has not been booked yet.
  9. Good bit of play to open us up, but that finish sums up our season. Foley knew nothing about it and it still went in.
  10. White so far has had two distinct types of game for County- one where he's an effective focal point and the other, where he stands around and does f**k all. Hard to tell which one will turn up.
  11. As stated, the big issue is who do we get in? With out wages no longer as big as they were under McIntyre, the lure of the yacht on the Cromarty Firth has been replaced by a bonus burn on the boating pond in Peff Park.
  12. I wasn't keen on Yogi getting the job, but with the awful squad Ketts left him, the difficulties Covid gave him in terms of signing and the fact the purse strings are much, much tighter now he's done a job somewhat similar to Jimmy Calderwood when he came in. The football is generally awful, but we're in with a shot of 10th which looked unlikely for long spells. Is he the man to bring in the reams of new players we need for next season? Previous evidence says no. Still on the fence.
  13. I think Midge might get offered a one year deal and I would possibly expect it to be his last at the club. He's been a fantastic servant over the years and is still by far our most technically gifted player but he's past 35 and can no longer play every week for 90 minutes. I really wish he could but time waits for no player.
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