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  1. Getting a little nervous now. Like others have said, on paper we've got a great squad, but on the pitch we've rarely gotten into any form of real menace- the 3-1 win away to Dunfermline was as much of them being sloppy at the back as it was Mullins' wonderstrike and Midge's run and finish. I don't see there being many goals in this.
  2. Can we no build a wall round Alness instead?
  3. Sportsound operate under the same rules as most courier firms coming to the Highlands- different country altogether, not interested.
  4. I thought that was locker room nonsense- just Effiong being daft enough to upload it. About the only thing of note he did at County, right enough.
  5. Queens v Ross County

    I recognise a mate's dad and his wife (with two friends) who were holidaying in Cumbria that week, but as said, they're almost all from the central belt.
  6. Is Trafford fit? Him running into Draper may cause an earthquake or two.
  7. I would think they've got a songbook already in place for it. I hope Ketts and Fergie stick with something the players are comfortable with, we are chopping and changing the side and formation every week at the minute it seems. Having Fraser injured is giving us a serious issue in terms of balance down the right- he's much more effective going forward than Steliou is as he is completely one footed.
  8. If you come out and try to play against us, I don't think it'll go well.
  9. Think Caley will come, sit deep and play to spoil with a 0-0. We'll most likely struggle to break them down but will score late and nab a 1-0.
  10. Queens v Ross County

    Called the 0-0. Both the Graham and Dobbie expresses stalling.
  11. Was starting to show a few glimpses of what he could do, doing well for Peterhead might lead to an offer for him I guess.
  12. No bus this weekend. Will be glued to open and mics instead, not even a Clach home game to entertain me.
  13. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Happy with Montrose at home. One paper a weaker side than Raith, who didn't cause us that much trouble. Wonder if Bolo will get a chance to play at Victoria Park?