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  1. I'd take a point, Killie are a very tough side to beat. I don't expect there to many goals (if any).
  2. Obviously a hive of Tory villainy, Dingwall Academy.
  3. Just found out a school mate is running as a Tory candidate this year. Confused more than anything else.
  4. This game is absolutely hilarious. Rangers have been by far the better side but Forster is having a worldie.
  5. If people think Joshua is similar to Fury but ignore Fury's far superior feet and head movement...
  6. I had Joshua 9-3. But god, he didn't want to engage. He used his huge height difference effectively and jabbed to a win. I think he'll find Wilder and Fury challenges he'll struggle to find answers for.
  7. How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming My flatmate made plenty of high pitched noises when the baby dragons were on screen so I guess they hit their target audience. 6.5/10
  8. Only one I have had so far is a Brexit Party one, which barely mentions the candidate. My flatmate has had Tory, SNP and Lib Dem leaflets.
  9. The flyers on the Millburn Road in Inverness for the Tories don't even mention the candidate, just "Stop IndyRef2" and the party name.
  10. All is Lost Considering this starts only Robert Redford on a small boat this is surprisingly good. I find it's an allegory for man struggling against the unknown possibilities of life and Reford's performance is what keeps it together. The ending is a bit, meh, but up to that point it's pretty good. 7/10
  11. I've given Kelly a slagging in the past but so far he's been alright this season.
  12. The Hibs defending for our second is absolutely awful. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/50667141
  13. Brora have no interest in getting out of the Highland League at all. The guy who pumped money into them has cut back, but any money at all in the HL makes you a world beater at that level, basically. It just doesn't tend to last long.
  14. Ross Stewart is the best developmental fee we've ever paid.
  15. Will Hibs ever sign a decent keeper?
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