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  1. Our soft underbelly really shows when he's at centre half.
  2. Albania vs Scotland

    A headbutt and an over the ball tackle, about right for these cloggers.
  3. Starting XI v Albania

    Good goal, took that very well. Hopefully we don't fall apart like in Israel now.
  4. Fraser, Draper, Cowie and Lindsay are usually in the starting line up (admittedly Draper is out of position). Grivosti and Munro are young lads out of the youth side. Tony Dingwall is rubbish. Stelios, McManus, Graham and Stewart are usually on the bench. It was a decent County side.
  5. Queens v Inverness

    Jesus, Caley just don't want to lose in the league this season.
  6. People seemed to think we'd batter the Colts, but it's only 2-1 (Even with 'well down to 10). Pity I missed this, should be back to away games next month hopefully.
  7. I'd be happy to see Morris and Watson at centre half with Grivosti as back up.
  8. Queens v Inverness

    My brother in law is an AFC Wimbledon fan and was very surprised that Caley took him, but from what I've seen of him, he looks a solid second tier player.
  9. That's really bad news. Looks like Draper/Watson/Grivosti will be the options at centre half until the window, at least.
  10. I hadn't realised Quinn had been at Dundee United. Whoops.
  11. Paul Quinn would do a more than adequate job at this level.
  12. Not an encouraging performance in many regards against United. Seems like harrying us in the park with any degree of ability absolutely throws our passing off.
  13. Yellow card. He wasn't going to beat DKD so he chanced it and got away with it.
  14. Fort William tomorrow

    Getting a point off Clach not that long ago was a decent result, though Clach are not a great side at the minute.
  15. Only two issues: Edjenguélé should have conceded a penalty for his shoulder/elbow on DKD and should have been booked for it, before being sent off for a wild one on Mullins (I think) by the West Stand. Referee/assistants were awful in general, some head scratching decisions. Including one where the Dundee United player was about three yards onside and given off. I think it was Aird? Other than that, that wasn't a bad County performance. That's been about our general level this season so far, with the odd period of serious quality. Draper played well, McManus made a big difference when he came on but Vigurs had an off day and DKD was absolutely rotten. Repeatedly shown the outside by Aird and Watson, who robbed him every time he went inside. We are so predictable. Other than Mckay's fluffed header in the first half, I'm struggling to think of anything we created of quality. United used all of Neilson's time wasting tricks in the second half but over the piece probably deserved it as we did so, so little.