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  1. Valdano is the one guy from the rest of their attack I would say is world class- the others to me, appeared to be good, solid pros. I was only 2 when 86 happened so I doubt I watched any of it.
  2. Finished 6th, well pleased with that even if about 25% of my answers were utter guesses.
  3. Golf club near me is open for business but there's nobody (that I can see) on the course. Utter fannies.
  4. Passarella played in 78, 82 and 86. He'd been stripped of the captaincy I think so maybe he had been pumping someone's wife.
  5. Would argue that while the Argentina team Maradona had probably didn't have the attacking options Messi's era has, that Argentina team with Ruggiero and Passarella was a mean, mean defence. Maybe it's easier to compare them to Portugal with Ronaldo- a good, not overly creative side blessed with an incredible game changer.
  6. Appears to have gone full on fanny, agreed.
  7. Organizer insisting Darkness Guides Us is going ahead, with no line up changes but with a reduced attendance of 450. Not convinced this will happen.
  8. Would Hearts staying up on a technicality be worth the amount of seethe from United fans? Probably.
  9. Well, this means I don't have to sit through a County game this weekend, which is probably a bonus.
  10. Make or break for both of us, most likely and it is confirmed as on, so.... County win, then there's a significant buffer between ourselves and Accies/Hearts that we'll no doubt do our best to throw away. Accies win and they'll most likely consign us to 11th. Our record at home to Accies is generally pretty good, so I'm hopeful we actually go for it. In actuality, Stewart wide left, Cowie and Vigurs in the middle and a scrappy, turgid 0-0 draw where we don't make substitutions til it's too late.
  11. Wonder if St. Mirren are going to do a run like Jim McIntyre's County side did a few years back when we ended up 7th? They won't finish 7th, but reeling Kilmarnock in is very possible.
  12. There was a spell in the second half where Rangers were really bad other than just bad. It ended just before Jones came on.
  13. Thinking back there was a twenty minute spell when Rangers completely went to pieces, could barely pass the ball, their players body language was all over the place and we completely shat it. Feels more and more like points dropped.
  14. Was talking to a boy who used to play for Clach in the gym on Friday who said that the Fort boys were gobbing on opposition fans to goad them into fights. How true this is I don't know. Nasty as hell if it is.
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