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  1. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    But the EU still needs us more than we need them, right? Right?
  2. The Metalhead thread

    I'm not a huge AN fan. That one's okay, nothing more.
  3. The Metalhead thread

    I'd never even heard of those two festivals. I'll try and get to Lord of the Land in 2019 if there are tickets available. Living in the boonies isn't fun sometimes.
  4. Kieran Tierney

    Both Tierney and Robertson are taller than that crap, overrated centre back Fabio Cannavaro.
  5. Kieran Tierney

    Tierney and Robertson are both around 5'10".
  6. Kieran Tierney

    Robertson has played over 100 games more than Tierney so Robertson is far more experienced.
  7. League Cup 18/19 Group A

    United used to give me the fear in cups as no matter how well we played, they'd always beat us. Feels strange today, seeing a Dow assist for a Lindsay winner. Missed the game due to work but I heard United missed a penalty as well.
  8. A Dow assist for the winner- I'm living in some dreamland where Owen Coyle is a an almost forgotten nightmare, surely?
  9. Extreme Rules 2018

    I'm not watching but the way Asuka has gone post call up gives me little to no hope for Io.
  10. Best Away Experiences.

    In Scotland out of the top flight teams, Hibs and Hearts are the best away days. Two great stadiums, plenty of cracking boozers in Edinburgh as well. Outside the top flight, Elgin is a great away for the grassy bank in the sun and I have a real soft spot for Somerset Park even if Ayr is a dump.
  11. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Doesn't matter about jobs, the economy, the future of the UK (or the individual countries) as long as the Brexiteers can get muh borders and get those foreigners out. Sticking fingers in their ears, screaming inaudibly to drown out all the evidence that it's a terrible, terrible decision we are going to regret massively.
  12. Still annoying to think fourth tier clubs can get highlights for fans who live abroad/elsewhere and we can't. Looks like McManus was just onside, the lad with the ponytail (3 I think) played him on.
  13. There was someone in the West Stand with a camera on a tripod so someone was recording it. It looked like a lassie was fiddling around with it at half time and I'm pretty sure Elgin TV is run by a girl named Louise.
  14. Best Match You've Seen Live

    ZSJ vs Okada, SSEUK earlier this month. Was incredible seeing Okada in the flesh.
  15. The Final - BBC or ITV

    BBC for no adverts, ITV for Bilic.