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  1. When he wasn't made of paper mache in his third season, 100% agreed.
  2. A View From The Terrace.

    Martin Woods is a total fanny, would probably run up from behind Sked and try and boot him one.
  3. If this wasn't for Kyle Benedictus throwing himself at every ball, Queens could be 3-0 up.
  4. Can't fault the effort Raith are putting into this, but they're totally shite.
  5. Not sure what the Queens boy was thinking, he's gotten away with that.
  6. I misread his wiki page, he was only about 20/21 when he signed for you so fair enough as a developmental player.
  7. Raith are game again but I just don't see where the goals are going to come from.
  8. Martin looks absolutely all over the place, not what you want to see after twenty minutes of a game from your keeper.
  9. Looks like Rovers want to put some crosses in, if they score early it'll be game on.
  10. How can it stand for developmental player when Dykes is 25 though?
  11. No Wedderburn for Raith is a bonus, he looked absolutely stinking in the first leg.
  12. Hamilton stay up, reactions live from big team fans:
  13. ICTFC 18/19

    Pretty sure Caley signed White on a two year deal. I don't rate him as a footballer in terms of skill, but he's a big wrecking machine when on form and a decent weapon in the Championship.
  14. A View From The Terrace.

    There's nothing like waking up still half cut on Saturday morning, rolling out of my bed onto my computer and watching it via the BBC iplayer. the chat about football stickers made me remember when I was one sticker short of completing the album in 1994/1995 season. Sent of to Panini for the one I just couldn't get (Tosh McKinlay) only to get Peter Grant instead. I never completed the book and to this day I've never forgiven them.
  15. Hamilton doing what Hamilton do best- stay up and annoy supporters of "big" teams.