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  1. Alpha: The Right to Kill A propaganda piece backing the Duterte war on drugs in the Philiphines. You can almost feel the boot on the director's neck as he films the documentary style film about a raid on a drug baron where money goes missing. It's well shot but left a foul taste in my mouth. 4/10
  2. I'm getting Djebi-Zadi vibes off him, which is worrying.
  3. Didn't expect a red for that, was cynical, but on a replay I'm no so sure.
  4. Seedorf has Reid absolutely done for pace, he's sticking to it as best he can though.
  5. The County feed only has crowd noise. I hate that Sky pish.
  6. Not having both Draper and Vigurs in midfield means we're far more mobile as well, closing Motherwell down more effectively than Draper can do. He's a man mountain but he's not the quickest. Motherwell starting to press now. Good stop by Laidlaw.
  7. Would you use a three of Polworth/Campbell/Turnbull or punt Polworth onto the bench?
  8. Been pretty even for me so far. Motherwell still well in this.
  9. If Motherwell are going to get anything it's going to come from Turnbull, he looks easily Motherwell's biggest threat.
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