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  1. He must be the oldest player ever to have played for the under 20's. There will be guys in that team who won't even know he used to be white.
  2. Whataboutery sickens me it really does. Any abuse should be slammed without the need to point out anything else. Torbet is just scum, same as anyone else who abuses kids in any shape or form.
  3. Is that why it was removed?? I can see their point as the link had pictures of youngsters. It really is disgusting that they would stoop to this level of bullying.
  4. Why? A post about Rangers fans bullying their young players online should stay. It's an important issue that needs discussed and addressed.
  5. *** BREAKING NEWS *** The Rangers have put in an appeal to UEFA as they believe one of the Progres Niederkorn players wasn't properly registered. Apparently the Gers discovered that the Luxembourg sides midfielder who is Gas Engineer is not CORGI REGISTERED
  6. That ban on the green boots has worked wonders for that shower of morons hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha ha ha ha
  7. Thanks. I mean how dare I comment on a ridiculous ban being enforced at the dobbery.
  8. Aye well I couldn't even remember yer original name. It's been a while.
  9. You say pathetic I say bolt. You don't own the place.
  10. My oh my, you're a lovely yin you eh! What other names have you went by on here as I recognise the tone.
  11. So. Discussing a story that's appeared on the news online, the telly, and in print is pathetic? What's pathetic is your manager banning green boots purely to pander to the bigots in the crowd and boardroom.
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