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  1. £30 for a game that's live on BBC is pish
  2. Tinder

    My faith in P&B has been restored
  3. Tinder

    Nobody has said wid yet!
  4. Accies v Hearts (Edinburgh’s good guys)

    Jeez, thankfully no stream on Hertz TV so I haven't seen any of it [emoji4] But I can still safely say we are mince.
  5. Lucca, Italy

    [emoji122] [emoji16]
  6. Lucca, Italy

    Aye we'll probably catch the train from Pisa to Lucca
  7. Lucca, Italy

    Booked accommodation here. Just the 4 nights. It's my honeymoon so don't know how much we'll see outside of our apartment but in case we do looking for some hints or maybe hidden gems. We will be making trips to Florence and probably Pisa. Cheers
  8. Christchurch Mosque Shootings

    FFS [emoji34]
  9. Accies v Hearts (Edinburgh’s good guys)

    Have the points lads. You deserve it for that marvelous relegation party . We're concentrating on shitehousing the cup.
  10. Are they allowed to do cut price tickets or some kind of offer? Maybe a £5 for kids with an adult. It would make sense to try and be a bit creative with the pricing seeing as it's on the TV. Or is there some sort of crap contractual reason they can't?
  11. Bring something to catch all that coinage. It's expensive in the big city [emoji106]
  12. No need to ask the question then [emoji1]