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  1. Decent goal to win it but we really should have got a draw minimum but we never took our chances.
  2. Obviously they're connected to a certain type of music and if you've never been on that scene the chance of coming across them is massively reduced. I see it a lot due to the music I'm into which is soul,funk,disco and house. I would say drugs have always prevalent in certain music scones. A lot wouldn't still continue without them tbh. Anyway off topic. I would say hangover to me is the worst of all drug comedowns. I think the hangover is what keeps my drinking down. Well that and being a shandy pants.
  3. We'll probably win by a single goal. This thread will get an utter battering of IRA/Irish heritage/Catholic patter . I'm away to iron my Union flag in readiness
  4. Thank f**k that's over, now to pap that lot on Saturday. Normal service resumed and all is forgiven.
  5. Used to have probably going on for 15 on a day sesh about 30 years ago. Now it's nearer 7 pints. And that's just cooking lager, strong stuff and 4 packs a punch.
  6. Chameleon bigotry is a difficult balance so fair play to your mob
  7. Interesting photograph. Looks like Uche never dived after all. Can the yellow be rescinded? I had thought it couldn't.
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