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  1. Hearts v Hibernian

    Decent goal to win it but we really should have got a draw minimum but we never took our chances.
  2. Hearts v Hibernian

    Ooft never seen that coming. Game on
  3. Hearts v Hibernian

  4. Hearts v Hibernian

    Seen that 🤣
  5. Hearts v Hibernian

  6. Obviously they're connected to a certain type of music and if you've never been on that scene the chance of coming across them is massively reduced. I see it a lot due to the music I'm into which is soul,funk,disco and house. I would say drugs have always prevalent in certain music scones. A lot wouldn't still continue without them tbh. Anyway off topic. I would say hangover to me is the worst of all drug comedowns. I think the hangover is what keeps my drinking down. Well that and being a shandy pants.
  7. Hearts v Hibernian

    We'll probably win by a single goal. This thread will get an utter battering of IRA/Irish heritage/Catholic patter . I'm away to iron my Union flag in readiness
  8. Heart of Midlothian Season 2018/2019

    We'll soon sort that out
  9. Rangers vs Hearts 3rd April

    Thank f**k that's over, now to pap that lot on Saturday. Normal service resumed and all is forgiven.
  10. Rangers vs Hearts 3rd April

  11. Used to have probably going on for 15 on a day sesh about 30 years ago. Now it's nearer 7 pints. And that's just cooking lager, strong stuff and 4 packs a punch.
  12. Chameleon bigotry is a difficult balance so fair play to your mob
  13. I thought you lot were staunch as well now?
  14. Hearts vs Aberdeen

    Try again
  15. Hearts vs Aberdeen

    Interesting photograph. Looks like Uche never dived after all. Can the yellow be rescinded? I had thought it couldn't.