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  1. Both Grindlay and Ewings have made a number of blunders this season, so I wouldn't be surprised if Murray is looking for a replacement/replacements in the summer. That said, they have both put in some good performances throughout this season and are decent goalkeepers, so I wouldn't be surprised to see one of them retained, to battle with someone else for the number one jersey.
  2. Soapy David W Craig Mark Fudge Smurph Callum Dave
  3. Any advance on the solitary one grafter? Not looking good at this stage...
  4. If we don't have the numbers by I think Friday, I'll need to cancel it because they need a certain amount of notice before you're liable to pay.
  5. Still three more grafters required, it's booked for 8.30pm on Monday.
  6. Can't make the next two weeks, hopefully make a return after that. That's seven for next week, I'll get it booked tomorrow, for 8pm or 8.30pm hopefully.
  7. I can't make next week, but who's in and I'll try and get this booked at a decent time for you guys. I'd probably have enjoyed tonight more had the teams been more balanced and had I not been so grumpy about almost everything. Hey ho, I didn't hoof the ball out of the park tonight, so that's a good thing.
  8. Cool, ten grafters. Try and pick teams now or wait until the big event?
  9. None available at 8pm or 8.30pm, so this is booked for 9pm again. Who's in for the week after, so that we can hopefully get numbers earlier and manage to get an earlier time.
  10. Who are the extra two since the last count? Adam and?... If we've got nine, I'll phone and book this tomorrow, and try and get an earlier time if possible.
  11. Ok, we've got six just now. David, can you text Fraz and see if he's in? Let's try and get the numbers so I can book this before the weekend, and hopefully get a park for before 9pm this week.
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