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  1. Playpark in the village I live in was chained shut by P&K council, seemed a bit overkill to me! As an aside, my 88 year old grandfather was admitted to hospital on Xmas eve with a pretty severe urine infection, and now has covid. Symptom-less so far afaik, but he'll be a "in hospital with covid" statistic now.
  2. Kermode's Secrets of Cinema on BBC4, enjoyable as always.
  3. I was there in October 2018 and it was great for roller coasters, it was so quiet we practically had the park to ourselves, never waited any longer than the next carriage to arrive at the station for any of the rides. Probably not much to do with younger kids though. Plus it is a fairly long drive from the Kissimmee area, but it's not a difficult drive, mostly on the freeway. From memory it was about an hour and a half from our villa.
  4. Transferred through Schiphol to Atlanta last year, you don't have to go through passport control/security again. You do have to go for a interview thing with a security person who asks you questions like "What is the purpose of your visit to the USA?" etc, and they will ask to see your passport and put a sticker on it. Between getting off the KLM plane and the interview thing and getting to the gate for the Delta flight to Atlanta took about 40 mins or so.
  5. Have flown to Belgium with Brussels Airlines before, not sure on prices, but they do fly to City of Brussels direct.
  6. Was with Delta to Orlando in October, was decent enough, food was fairly good and alcohol was free on the trans Atlantic flight, think it was charged on the domestic flights though. Good selection on the in flight entertainment as well. Much better than United Airlines in my experience.
  7. On the subject of Liam's band; bring back Bonehead, Guigsy and Alan
  8. Need to buy a ticket at the ticket office for the Derry, no pay at the gate there unfortunately
  9. I average 15 hours a week between April and October. Some weeks I do almost none and others I do 40+ hours. Got to take the rough with the smooth in agriculture. I like having the extra spending money, but I could manage without it.
  10. Booked flights to the US with Delta last week without realising they did a "four class" system now, so have ended up with no pre bought hold baggage. Pain in the hoop. Good price though!
  11. Was the same in the Derry today, 90% of those around me couldn't wait to get stuck into anyone today. The atmosphere was toxic even before Inverness scored, and didn't improve even after we were in front. Can't imagine it helps, even if we are absolutely horrid to watch occasionally.
  12. People who rush out of a junction to get ahead of you only to drive at a snails pace for the next 10 miles. c***s.
  13. Waters is the King's Landing b*****d name iirc
  14. Saw Kosta in riverside tesco last night - clearly been taking fashion tips from Haber.
  15. A gif of Stewart scything Dixon down in front of the Derry would be nice right about now.
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