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  1. There was a guy pushing a pram about in the carpark behind the west stand mins before the kick off, wearing a blue bigot top on. Ask a steward to throw him out but he said he would like to but wasn't allowed
  2. Pish, they don't just ruin it for their fellow bigots, they ruin it for every normal human being at the game. Why should the rules and laws be different depending on what colour of top you have on. Surprise no saint fan who ever been removed from the ground when playing the bigots for standing, haven't sues the club/stewards/police for discrimination.
  3. Pretty much the same as what happen at Airdrie then.
  4. It was a good read and i liked the way a worker won his bet with his gaffer
  5. Think the problem with Tanser as well as Brophy is when they get injured, nobody is usually near them. Can't remember how he got injured last week so i may well be talking pish
  6. Won't happen. Most clubs would rather make as much money as possible from the teams with the large support, rather than worry about their own away support.
  7. I would say Livingston and St Johnstone would disagree with you since they over most of their ground to Celtic, Rangers, Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen. Motherwell and Kilmarnock also makes plenty from the away support due to the size of the away stand.
  8. Forgot all about them Need a Don supporter to tell us since i have no idea of what they had last season.
  9. Thought about them but with them being a charity and get public money, would they be allowed to loan us that much money.
  10. If the million plus number was right and i don't think it can be, who would it be owned to ? Believe we don't have an overdraft facility at the bank to it won't be them.
  11. By the reply on here, it appeared that most, if not all the clubs managed to equals or increased last season numbers. St Johnstone and Livingston are the 2 clubs that i am not sure about. Buddies managed to equal last year number. Well done to all considering how the cost of living must be effecting a good numbers of supporters.
  12. I know plenty myself who doesn't live in the town, myself included. Chances are most lived in Paisley in their earlier years, but moved for different reasons as they got older. It is still an impressive amount by Kilmarnock and i wish it was us.
  13. The benefit of being a wee bit further away from Glasgow but an excellent amount. Saints ground would be sold out for every game is we had 10% of Paisley holding a ticket
  14. Fair comment, but hopefully they would stop being arseholes if supporting their local diddy teams.
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