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  1. He dodge the vote on giving children free dinners during school holidays after giving a speech saving no child should go hungry. Every other Scottish tory voted for the gov. Seem Angela Rayner was right what she said in parliament.
  2. Running the line at the Luxembourg v Cyprus game. Also did the England v Wales game on thursday. How on earth can he find the time to be a MP and also be leader of the Scottish Tories [emoji848]
  3. Due to Utd orange tops, they didn't know what team to support
  4. After watching a few times, i think the ball would have hit the post if Tait has not cleared it. Where it would have went after hitting the post i have no idea.
  5. I was since i noticed in the highlights of your games he had hit the woodwork often. A wee bit of luck from him and he would be around top scorer for the league. 1 of Stubbs f**k up giving him to yous for pennies.
  6. How many times now has Stewart hit woodwork this season ?
  7. Decide to just to pop down here and see what the prices are for auld guys like myself. Very surprise to see a number of clubs charging more than what i pay to watch Saints. £143 for me as an OAP for 19 home games. £7.53 a game
  8. "I enjoy the game and playing for St Mirren. They are a fine club". And i enjoyed watching BJ playing for the saints.
  9. He was head of personel where I used to work. Known to all the workforce as billy liar and you couldn't trust a word that came out of his mouth.
  10. Alex Salmond was a MP and a MSP at the same time. Think he gave all/some of his MP wages to local charities. Douglas Ross mention this about Salmond during an interview when he was ask about being a MP and MSP.
  11. I would have got rid of Tony before Gus. Yes i know how much the fans love him, but i just feel Gus is a better person to have at the club than Tony.
  12. Assuming Celtic will announce the crowd as 56000 or so as normal
  13. If it is the Jeff Holmes i know, he used to work for the PDE as a sport reporter.
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