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  1. It's easy seal clubbing this silly little league but someone has to do it.
  2. Declan Gallagher - good at bashing people's heads in, bad at football.
  3. You'd have to say an 11th placed finish and win the playoffs would be good for a club of their size. Good luck to them.
  4. St Mirren lost the game but Andy Halliday fell over, so really a victory.
  5. Some sour grapes from Paisley Celtic Supporters Club.
  6. Those kids have no idea whatsoever of what went on at Stalingrad. Although I can in no way compare my struggle reading it with that of the Red Army, it has been a very big read.
  7. The festival is great, it’s just far too busy now. Weird being in Edinburgh during August without it though.
  8. Always found it weird as f**k that the bird in Big shags Tom Hanks even though she knows he’s a 9 year old.
  9. Don't think it should be the responsibility of Hearts to stop shite wee clubs like St Mirren going bust but I suppose Mrs Budge knows best.
  10. Every Hibs fan on here is obsessed and seething. Can't go 3 posts in a Hearts thread without some water on the brain Hibs simpleton posting a shitey wee picture of Jack Ross.
  11. Adolf Eichmann, Sirhan Sirhan and Harvey Weinstein. Esteemed company indeed.
  12. He was pish and would never have scored goals at this level. Should be thanking his lucky stars he got 1 appearance, never mind 17.
  13. Dunno why you wouldn't post about your personal life on here. There's folk that will have known each other through P&B for well over a decade. Roasting f**k out each other about football and other stuff is fine but slagging someone off about losing their child/addiction is sociopath behaviour.
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