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  1. Declan Gallagher - good at bashing people's heads in, bad at football.
  2. You'd have to say an 11th placed finish and win the playoffs would be good for a club of their size. Good luck to them.
  3. St Mirren lost the game but Andy Halliday fell over, so really a victory.
  4. Some sour grapes from Paisley Celtic Supporters Club.
  5. Those kids have no idea whatsoever of what went on at Stalingrad. Although I can in no way compare my struggle reading it with that of the Red Army, it has been a very big read.
  6. The festival is great, it’s just far too busy now. Weird being in Edinburgh during August without it though.
  7. Always found it weird as f**k that the bird in Big shags Tom Hanks even though she knows he’s a 9 year old.
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