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  1. It's as if Neil Lennon is a terrible football manager.
  2. Getting to the FA Cup Final with Preston North End on FM13 with a midfield three of Richie Brittain, Rocco Quinn and Stuart Kettlewell. My star player was flying wing back James Tavernier. Lost to Man City. Late goal from Yaya Toure. Devastating but it was a hell of a run with my laddies Best ever game was my Hearts save on FM12. Got to about 2030 and finally gave up when I was strolling the league every season but got knocked out of the Champions League semi finals every year by Real Madrid or Barcelona (one of the Barca defeats came after a player that played 18 times and scored twice for me on loan from Man United scored a hat-trick against me after being sold to them). Stalwarts included Danny Wilson, who I signed from Derby County, Scott Robinson, who became absolute amazing for some reason - went on to have a swansong in the Premiership with QPR when he was about 32 - and Hibs captain David Gray. Favourite player of all time though was a long haired, sauve, Czech playmaker called Pavel Dolezal. Signed him when he was 16 and he was the club captain for 15 years. Get emotional thinking about his cheeky wee regen face.
  3. Have airfix model style decals bearing quotes with absolutely no substance stuck to their living room walls.
  4. Clear case of the midwife throwing away the baby and keeping the afterbirth, in this poster's humble opinion.
  5. Rugby match. John McGinn is the horizontal champion. Never seen a football player more inclined to fling themselves on to the ground.
  6. Would take a 1-0 win. Would also take a giant sinkhole opening in the ground and Marvin Bartley, Neil Lennon and the Roseburn stand being sucked into it but that's probably asking too much.
  7. 5 the day after the game. Usually less though. Definitely less if there's Colombian nose candy flying about.
  8. Seen them a few times. Absolutely class at the Barrowlands a few years ago. New album just dropped.
  9. American Football next month. Will get tickets for Brand New on the tour for their new album as well.
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