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  1. SJFA AGM Perth 15/06/19

    2009. Just messaged him when he came back. He couldn’t remember hard to believe it was as long ago as that. Time flies. Anyway, this is getting off topic - sorry for that.
  2. SJFA AGM Perth 15/06/19

    I have a lot of respect for Talbot, they agreed to play a Testimonial about 7 years ago at our old ground for our player/manager (who is still our manager), brought the Junior Cup with them and made it a great day. Nothing but respect for the club, I paid a visit a few years back to your place as a neutral and enjoyed it. A few roasters on Pie and Bovril doesn't change that. Must’ve been 2011 or 2013 as we hadn’t won the cup in 2012 I enjoyed the day tbh, weather apart. Also the day John Boyle cane back to the Talbot.
  3. Where's the Talbot crumble thread?

    Gone. Maybe because of the spat between a Glenafton fan and a Cumnock one?
  4. Talbot Crumble/biscuits

    Hopefully they’re paying Talbot for use of the badge?
  5. Last game of the season?

    There is now no reason for it to be so late in the season Just as there is now no reason to be playing next Monday and Wednesday - the game v Cambuslang could be held over until after the Junior cup final
  6. Abbey park end of an era

    The older chap looked to me like he was almost pension age back then and I'm going back over 20 years. He was never malicious just liked annoying opposition fans. Harmless old guy. Sorry to hear of the passing of the character "big Moose" - football needs guys like him (and Lochee's 118 fan)
  7. Abbey park end of an era

    The guy who used to shout "Tora, tora, tora - attack, attack, attack" was brilliant And there was an older guy who walked round the pitch with - what is now known as a manbag - a satchel who'd wind up opposition fans. Liked going to Abbey Park - was always a tough place to go and you always knew Talbot had been in a game after 90 minutes. Couldn't single out any particular game there though
  8. Tonights scores 24/4

    Talbot v pollok at beechwood was abandoned after 15-20 minutes (I think) a few years ago.
  9. West Region Fixture Update for rest of season

    To be fair Talbot have played a league game 2 days after a Junior Cup final (when we beat Pollok at Beechwood to hand Irvine Meadow the league title) so there is a precedent there. And I am quite sure the Talbot players would prefer to play fewer games before this season's Junior Cup final and take their chances of playing Cambuslang midweek before what is, at the moment, only the potential of a West of Scotland cup final. However, I will reiterate that I fully believe Kennie has done a great job in his first season as fixtures secretary - the difference is night and day between him and the previous incumbent. The decision has been taken and the fixtures are up so we will get on with it. I'm just trying to stick up for my team and I'm sure fans of other teams would - probably - be doing the same too.
  10. West Region Fixture Update for rest of season

    Thank you for taking the time to reply, much appreciated.
  11. West Region Fixture Update for rest of season

    Agree that it's been great having the fixtures out. And, tbh, I was a bit worried about the last ones being crammed in - needlessly as it turned out. However, if the Junior cup final isn't to be the last game of the season (as some mooted it would be) then why are Talbot playing 11th, 13th, 15th and 18th of May? The game v Cambuslang could, quite easily, be played the Tuesday after the Junior cup final or even the Friday after it if we don't get through to the Ardagh west of Scotland cup final.
  12. Bankies v Talbot tonight

    Doesn't the new law of the game mean that the ref won't red card a player if he gives a penalty unless it's for serious foul play? I don't think either of the 2 penalties given away by the keepers could be classed as that, hence no red card? Double-jeopardy or some such wordplay?
  13. Bankies v Talbot tonight

    You can’t tar the whole Talbot support for the shouts of the minority can you?

    Dougie Cameron is the player you are talking about. Aye, I have literally just spotted his picture in today's match programme Thanks

    No, not him. Will try and find the team lines from last year. The guy was probably the best player on the park in both games and made one mistake and that led to our first goal.