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  1. Tbh I would rather the juniors were pro-active and just wrote this season off without waiting on anyone else making a decision - as harsh as that may be to some teams.
  2. Did Cambuslang ever produce the sicklines?
  3. It would appear that, albeit after playing 8 games more, our near neighbours have conceded 3 times as many goals and scored about a third fewer. Must be those pesky referees again.
  4. I thought so but G claiming it according to Mark and him on the social club after the game.
  5. To be fair to Rossvale they had by far the better of the first half. Can’t see them being anywhere near the relegation places if they keep that form up.
  6. I've totally had a nightmare here tbh
  7. I will take pelters from a couple of Beith fans for not mentioning him first
  8. Henderson at Glenafton? They won a treble after all
  9. Yep I agree hes experienced but always a but he did relegate a team regardless how many months or matches he had with them also yes he did beat talbot in the Scottish but how many games did talbot have to catch up with till the final if it was played fair and square at the time talbot would have won but the amount of games talbot had in the lead up to that final doesn't justify and if ur honest a decent final Pretty sure Shotts had an horrendous run of fixtures up to, and after, the Junior cup final - probably played more games than Talbot that season.
  10. Rossvale seem to be down to okay Beith on 18th January in the west of Scotland cup.
  11. near the end. Pollok had used their subs so finished the game with 10 men.
  12. Superb thing to do. More power to the clubs for doing this.
  13. Aye. If it wasn’t for those pesky referees making Cumnock lose most weeks, eh? Is that still your excuse? Or have you conveniently forgotten that gem?
  14. Sorry, hadn’t read through the page. Just looked - at the time of posting - an obvious solution
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